A Day in Derbyshire……

We like to arrive at any show at least an hour before our first class. Stretch the horse’s legs, offer them a drink and some kind of forage (grass / hay, depending on the venue) and assess the damage of poo stains from the journey! It doesn’t matter if it’s the same venue as last year, it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the layout and get your bearings.

When we arrived they announced all rings were on time….brilliant! But then one class went over their allocated time and then the knock on affected the rest of the day. That’s Showing! We had plenty of time waiting and chatting to some very nice people who were curious as to our breed of horses, why they were plaited differently, why we didn’t use bridles and our dress code. Talk about promoting the Appaloosa to the general public…..


Redheart Catorrius and Redheart Pascalius were entered in the Rare / Foreign Breeds and later in the Spotted or Appaloosa Horse In Hand. Due to the time delay and the same classes open to ponies, horses in hand and ridden, the clash ended up running parallel. By radio contact, the Judges from both rings obliged by waiting in turn for each class to finish and the entrants to swap rings, enabling all competitors to participate in both classes. This was very much appreciated and was co-ordinated too perfection by Emma Rush the secretary.




It was a very humid day and Reus was amazingly relaxed, his shows were straight and to my delight on a loose rein.

He won both classes and placed Champion from ridden spotted pony and horse’s, spot coloured or spot bred ponies in hand and spotted or Appaloosa horse in hand.



This was Evee’s first show where she was directly amongst a lot of horses and people. It was a lot for her to take in and granted an immense amount of pressure. At first, out side the ring, she did loose the “plot” a few times. Katie kept her walking and reassured her with lots of talking and I think singing!!!

In the ring she gave a super show and both judges commented on how they were torn between the two Redhearts. Evee took a second in both classes and a Reserve Champion. All was well until the Monster Trucks started their display in the main arena. This was directly behind our ring, separated by a hedge. Evee was not impressed and lunged forward away from the noise, Katie held on to her and was given permission to face Evee the wrong way in the ring to enable her to see what ever she thought was going to eat her?  I am so thankful to the judge and Katie, to educate and encourage young stock requires understanding, how will they ever learn otherwise? Not that we would meet a monster truck again? But you never know!





A long enjoyable Day in Derbyshire…….



Redheart Appaloosas at Royal Three Counties….

At the foot at the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire, we always enjoy this wonderful County Show with or without horses.

With Redheart Pascalius and Redheart Catorrius entered, it was a blessing they were still clean and braided from the day before and ready to go. Arriving no more than 15 minutes after leaving home, we arrived an hour before our class.

The horses were unloaded and warmed up.

To our disappointment the ring was already an hour behind but it gave Evee and Reus an excuse to graze.


We had an enjoyable 30 minutes competing in the British Appaloosa Society main register young stock class.

Reus taking a first with Evee in second.



We then took the Championship in the same order.



The wonderful thing about County Shows is the other attractions available for the family.

Again, my children took full advantage of our day out!


Three Redheart’s In The Ring……

When it comes to a yearling’s first show I can only talk of my own experience. At home, trips in the lorry, bathing, in hand leading and being taught to standing correctly, alongside many other educational lessons will ensure a sense of normality on the day. Whilst at the show, the day can unfold either way…

The Regional Appaloosa Club UK show at Summer House, Gloucester was the perfect introductory show for Easter. Crystal gave her an encouraging start, full of praise and reward. Easter amazed us all with her obedience, positive attitude and calmness. Her shows for the Judge were impressive and were rewarded with a first place in the Most Colourful, a second in the main registered fillies and delighted to say the Reserve Championship from the Females.

Easter was then taken to the lorry to enjoy her hay net whilst Katie and Evee continued their classes and myself and Reus stayed out the way until it was our turn in the ring.


Here are a few photos of the Three Redhearts Day Out……..


Crystal with Redheart Cateaster



Katie with Redheart Pascalius


Katie and Evee took a first in the young stock UK and USA fillies.

 Also awarded USA Reserve Champion  and UK Female Champion.

A lovely day spent with Happy Appy friends


 Reus had an educational day, with a fulfilled day of classes.

We took a few firsts and seconds, three Reserve Champions and the USA Championship.

A delightful day spent with delightful people.

The first show where three Redhearts stood in the ring…….




Sunny Southampton……

There are a few shows I look forward to each year and The Festival of Colour is one of them. It’s run by the Cadnam Show Society who produce a calendar of shows at Terry’s Patch, Bartley in Southampton. It holds approximately nine shows a year with a schedule full of classes to suit all. It’s also an amazing show for qualifiers, request a schedule from hazel@cadnamshow.co.uk and have a look!

It is a good 3 hours plus drive in the lorry for us but the atmosphere is adorable and on a sunny day just makes it that more enjoyable. This year we qualified both horses for the SWPA Championships and Royal London. Redheart Catorrius entered and won the British Appaloosa and Appaloosa Horse Club Main registered in-hand young stock but was beaten in the Championship.





Redheart Pascalius entered and won the Open in-hand spotted horse/pony young stock and to my delight claimed the Championship.



A memorable photo from Sunny Southampton……