Supporting The Foreign Breeds Society….

The FOREIGN BREED SOCIETY is a showing society for all Foreign Breeds in the UK.

Their shows cater for many different breeds such as Morgan’s, Percheron, Comtois, Lipizzaner, Fjords, Arab’s, Saddlebred’s, Paso Fino, Andalucian’s, Lusitano’s, Friesian’s, Falabella’s, American Miniatures and Shetlands,  Icelandic, Haflinger and of course the Appaloosa etc. The Society also include part bred’s so in a “nut shell”  the class’s are “open” or can be breed specific and offer something from the inexperienced young stock to the experienced equines covering both in hand or ridden disciplines. 

So you can see why these shows appeal to us here at Redheart Appaloosas, not only do we qualify for more than one class, ensuring we gain any opportunity to improve our young horses experience but we get to meet some very interesting participants with some quite rare breeds.

Today we took Redheart Pascalius to Only Equestrian Complex for the Foreign Breeds Society Championship Horse Show. We were placed in all three classes, Foreign Breeds Youngstock, Home Produced and Appaloosa.

We qualified for the Purebred In Hand Championship and with a strong line up.

The Appaloosa took Reserve Champion behind the well deserved Champion Asalla, a Fjord.

Thank you for the photographs and congratulations to Jayne Bowen. x

Purebred In Hand Champion Asalla

Owned by Jayne Bowen.


A wonderful day Supporting The Foreign Breeds Society……..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Reus, may our journey through life continue together……

13th June 2012 Reus was born, the shock of a non characteristic foal took a while to sink in!

As a late weanling he proved to have an enormous amount of intelligence and was very bold and independent.

As a yearling he proved that confirmation over ruled “colour” as he won his first Appaloosa Horse Club UK Supreme Championship.


As a two-year old, he not only won his first British Appaloosa Society Supreme Championship but gained a 5th place on the Appaloosa Club International points table.

As a three-year old he proved to be healthy, fit, correct and fertile, passing a five stage vetting and obtaining his stallion licences and then successfully storing frozen semen for the UK & Europe.

If he was a human we would be celebrating 20 years but today he is four and I wish him HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thank him for the happiness he has brought us at Redheart Appaloosas!


May our journey through life continue together and continue to exceed all our expectations……

Our Redheart Stallion is still only three years old by birth……

As a three-year old colt Reus obtained his two stallion licenses and this year has frozen semen for sale within the UK and Europe. From the 1st January this year “in the horse world” , he is a four year old and is called a Stallion! In reality “by birth” he is still only three years old…..

After an early start this year, long reining and getting him  “started” he has now been turned away to have another break. This horse is so very special in so many ways and one thing we will not do is rush him!  We also require the time to concentrate on Redheart Pascalius who is coming along nicely in the show ring and time to educate our three yearlings, Ben, Blanc and Blu!

Some recent pictures of Reus…..



Our Redheart Stallion is still only three years old by birth……

Redheart Pascalius is starting to bloom…..

Our fourth show of 2016 gave Redheart Pascalius her first Championship of 2016

The Appaloosa Horse Club UK Spring Show at Merrist Wood Equestrian Centre gave us a few classes to enter. Last years event resulted in Evee getting loose and our early departure with a few minor cuts and bruises. Thankfully this year, it was a different result. We had a “good” day in the ribbons and the highlight was qualifying for the USA Open Championship. With an exceptional level of quality in this Championship we can only be honoured to have won against such competition. We are very delighted with our home-bred filly!



Redheart Pascalius is certainly starting to bloom…..