Breeding Special – The UK’s Western Riding Magazine……

When it comes to advertising and promoting the Appaloosa, we don’t need much encouragement.

Please note; A typo error for Redheart Regal – 97% not 100% FPD. Apologies.

The Western Horse UK is the UK’s leading Western riding magazine and covers all western breeds and disciplines.

Their February issue is a Breeding Special and as Redheart Appaloosas excel in the pure breed status here in the UK, we were proud to see one of our broodmares, Peyres Catori Cat on their front cover.


A superior read…..

Where’s Ben….

Ben’s paddock is at the back of our house, his favorite spot is between two trees where he is able to have a good scratch….he’s in the same place every morning. One call out of the bedroom window and he responds with a neigh, yes I know it means “where’s my breakfast” but none the less he makes me smile.

Redheart Royale

The Foreign Breed Society 1st Annual……

The very first publication of the Foreign Breed Society annual is out NOW!

If you would like a copy of this interesting booklet then please contact the Foreign Breed Society.


Front cover – Jayne Brown with her Fjord, Asalla. Purebred In Hand Champion

We are very proud to see our Redheart Pascalius on the front cover.

Purebred In Hand Reserve Champion at their Championship show in 2016, a tough competition of six Champions.

The Foreign Breed classes are becoming quite common at County Shows, we are delighted to support and help promote the Society whilst representing the Appaloosa as a rare and foreign breed here in the UK.

Many congratulations to all involved, looking forward to 2017.