Redheart Regent – New Home…

21st April 2017 we saw the birth of Redheart Regent, from this day he has been given the best possible start in life at Redheart Appaloosas. At 15 months, it is time for him to move on and start a new chapter in his life, an exciting loving home in Gloucestershire where he has already become one person’s dream horse!

It’s the prospective purchaser that vets the horse and it is us who vet the prospective purchaser.

It’s wonderful to see this new partnership already bonding, we are confident your journey in life together will be meaningful and fulfilling and Regent will give you everything you have ever wished for and more!

We shall keep his page open and follow his journey.

Where there is H.O.P.E….

DFR Patahas Redheart (Blu) first breeding season, covering mares and being collected from on the dummy mare took its toll. After all the excitement Blu’s condition dropped, we anticipated the inevitable and a month before the breeding season increased his daily feed.

After the mares were confirmed in foal, Blu’s stud duties were officially over and it was time for a light introduction back within the ring, we think he’s looking rather well!

The Horse Owners & Ponies Exhibitors (HOPE) Malvern Festival at Three Counties Showground.

One late afternoon class at our doorstep!

He doesn’t need credit for winning the young stock award and overall British Appaloosa Society Champion because there was no competition, but what he does require recognition for was his amazing attitude at his first show in 2018.

He stood impeccably well tied to the lorry in the shade on a very hot day, he was not bothered by the many lorries and horses that passed him and he stood calmly in the collecting ring with no stallion traits observed surrounded by horses and ponies being warmed up.


Very impressive…

Redheart Ru’s Genetic Trait and DNA…

One of many factors involved in breeding is DNA, we submit to the Appaloosa Societies all our horses DNA, a  personal and unique form of genetic identification, a profile that establishes identity.

Animal genetics provide a quick and simple service, submitting a sample is very easy by pulling 30-40 mane and/or tail hairs from the horse, ensuring the actual root of the hair is attached.
Usually, within five working days, you will receive the DNA report.

There are many genetic marker profiles but the labs concentrate on 20.

This is our stallions DFR Patahas Redheart (Blu) DNA profile:

This is our mares Redheart Regal’s (Blanc) DNA profile

And this is Redheart Ru’s DNA profile, the offspring of Blanc x Blu.

All our foals are parentage tested, by cross-referencing the parents DNA. The foal will have one copy from each of its parent’s markers.

For simplicity, here is a copy of our own records for Ru, Blanc’s DNA in red and Ru’s copy from her dam in red. Blu’s DNA in black and Ru’s copy from her sire in black.

One thing Ru inherited from her dam was her white face markings. At the present time, there is no way you could tell that Blanc has/had white face markings because she has coloured out but here is a picture of Blanc as a foal.


Blanc         Ru 

The traits and DNA…

The UK’s First GAP 6 Foal is Created – History in the making!

April 21st,2013, Redheart Pascalius (aka Evee) was born, from this day her destiny was planned, to be proven in the ring and then to join our broodmares. Over the past five years, we have witnessed the amazing colour and pattern change as she’s matured and today we announce she is confirmed in foal to our stallion DFR Patahas Redheart (aka Blu).

Evee 2013


Evee 2014

Evee and Blu are on the American “A” register with the Appaloosa Horse Club UK.

The foal will be “A” register

Both horses are registered with the British Appaloosa Society, Evee GRADE A and Blu GRADE B.

The foal will be registered as GRADE A


Evee 2015

Evee is 100% Foundation Pedigree Designation (FPD), 5 generations of pure Appaloosa x Appaloosa blood lines, Blu is also 100% FPD, therefore the foal will be 100% FPD. Because you cannot get higher than 100%, the Appaloosa Horse Club introduced the Generation Advancement Programme (GAP) which allows the foal of two 100% FPD parents to enter the first level, GAP 5. Evee and Blu are both GAP 5, therefore this foal will be the UK’s first GAP 6.


Evee 2016

Evee is not eligible (75% required) with the Foundation Appaloosa Horse Register, she is

72.0215% but Blu is registered at 92.9687%.

The resulting foal will be registered, with foundation lines traced back to the first 8 Stud Books of the ApHC at 82.4951%.


Evee is genetically black (EE aa) and Blu is (EE aa) so the resulting foal will be definitely (EE aa). Blu carries the cream gene, so there is a 50% chance of a smokey black foal.

Evee has one copy of the Leopard Complex gene, LP/lp and Blu is LP/LP. The resulting foal will definitely inherit Appaloosa Characteristics from the LP gene with the result being 50% heterozygous (LP/lp) or (LP/LP) homozygous.

Evee 2017

Evee didn’t inherit the PATTN1 gene (patn1/patn1) and Blu has two copies (PATN1/PATN1), therefore the foal will 100% inherit one copy from Blu and be PATN1/patn1.

Both horses are negative for the 5-panel test and grey gene, by default the foal will also be negative by parentage.


Evee and Blu have excelled in the ring, both have won at County and National level. Between them, they have won Championships and Register of Merit (ROM) certificates with ApHC, Highest Grade Awards with BApS and Performance Awards with ApHC UK.

Evee 2018



History in the making, one reason why we breed forward!

Always Welcome Constructive Feedback…

Our second ridden competition at Merrist Wood, Surry under the Appaloosa Horse Club UK (ApHC UK)

We have supported the ApHC UK Spring shows for many years with all our in-hand young stock and this year we competed under saddle.

We arrived when the Western classes started at noon,  warming Reus up around many other horses was something new to us, Reus is not used to horses being ridden around him and we have a few hurdles to overcome but this is where we start.

We entered the ring for the Walk/Jog Pleasure class with a very positive attitude, Reus warmed up beautifully with his presence acknowledged, achieving an honorable 3rd out of seven.

Our second class Novice Rider, I allowed Reus to drop his head too much, this obviously was immediately picked up by the Judge who explained my placing. Here is a picture of Reus, not carrying himself.

Taking the constructive feedback, I put it to good use in our third class, the Judge praised our efforts, the improvement recognition rewarded with third place.


Although we had practiced our last two classes at home with patterns, I felt it was too much to ask Reus at his first Western event. It was very late and we had a long drive ahead so I decided to leave the day on a positive note. We have plenty of time ahead of us, we are still learning and developing a relationship in our new venture under saddle.

We really enjoyed our first Western event, such lovely competitors with highly trained horses, who were a pleasure to watch.

We always appreciate constructive feedback, whether it’s positive or negative we listen, learn and aim to improve.

Redheart Appaloosa Under Saddle…

United Saddlebred Association’s May Festival 2018

European Championship Show for American Saddlebreds & Foreign Breeds Festival at Moreton Morrell College, Warwickshire.

Under the training of Bruce Lawrence at Valley View Ranch and Equestrian Centre Reus and I have really enjoyed our Saturday group lessons, we have progressed somewhat and in reality what we achieve in a lesson is the same as what’s expected in the ring. Although we haven’t been riding Western long, we can walk, jog, stand, back and we are working on side passes and lope.

Last week I submitted entries for the May Festival, I have felt quite anxious all week but also really excited to ride my first-born under saddle at his first competition.

The May Festival is always an excellent show, very well organised with very warm and friendly competitors. It offers a huge choice of classes, always something for everyone.

Reu’s first class was “Any breed Restricted Walk/Trot”, with three competitors it gave us plenty of room to settle in the ring, look in the mirrors and pass the banners. This class was for horses and riders competing for the first time under saddle, we can never enter this class again because he won!

His second class was “Any Breed Open Walk/Trot” awarded second place, very pleased with his performance and his “reverse” felt wonderful and balanced.

 Reserve Champion from these two classes.

Our third class was the “Foreign Breeds Open Walt/Trot”, a strong class with the beautiful Saddlebreds taking first and second and Reus third.

Our last class “Intermediate Canter Class”, we entered this because we thought it would be a huge advantage to ask Reus to lope under these conditions, I did not expect his transition to being so smooth, straight and relaxed. From strong competition, he won!


Our first competition under saddle was truly an amazing experience….

Photos by Simon Coates Photography

Artificial Insemination & Semen Collection @ Redheart Appaloosa Stud

Our ten-year plan is now well underway, we have imported new Appaloosa blood into the UK, we have shown in-hand all our “foundation” breeding stock and strongly believe our stock have earned their merits to breed, now we begin competing under saddle.

We have tested all the stock’s genes to clarify breeding forward with clear genetics. By definition, breeding negative mares to negative stallions can only result in negative foals. HERDA – Hereditary Equine Regional Dermal Asthenia, GBED – Glycogen Branching Enzyme Deficiency, HYPP – Equine Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis Disease and MH – Malignant Hyperthermia and of course the two most important here in the UK as Appaloosa registration default, the Grey gene, and PSSM1 – Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy.

For our own interest, we have tested the “foundation” stock for their colour and Appaloosa genetic makeup. It’s good to know what percentage of chance you have for specific color and coat patterns. One definite result we will never know is the gender, although saying that, our 2016 sex scans were correct.

The British Appaloosa Society (BApS) and the Appaloosa Horse Club UK (ApHC UK) have very strict guidelines for breeding registered purebred Appaloosas. We make sure our paperwork is fault free with DNA on file, genetic tests, stallion licensing and of course pedigree percentages. Redheart Appaloosa Stud pride themselves on not only ensuring completed registration certificates but the highest of the grades possible from each mating, being 100% Foundation Pedigree Designation (FPD), Generation Advancement Programme (GAP 5 or GAP 6) with Appaloosa Horse Club and GRADE A or STUD BOOK with the British Appaloosa Society. Our horses are overstamped with the Sports Horse Society and all foals are eligible.

We treat our mares like “princesses”, they are very important and are not breeding machines. We believe in quality, not quantity. The current supply of “Appaloosa’s” is high and the demand is low and if you’re looking for a spotty horse, then the market is plentiful, it is only through education will people understand the history of a Purebred Appaloosa, albeit BApS or ApHC UK registered.  The current market offers some wonderful spotty horses, but beware and ask the right questions, not every spotty horse is an Appaloosa. The realisation that the purebred Appaloosa is a rare breed in the UK with less than twelve 100% FPD horses, less than six GAP 5 horses, not one GAP 6 and there are less than ten British Appaloosa Society Stud Book registered horses. (These figures might have increased to date).

We treasure our stallion, DFR Patahas Redheart, his age is a huge advantage to the longevity of the stud and his colour test confirmed homozygous black with a cream gene and homozygous PATN1 with foundation lines traced back to the first 8 Stud Books of the ApHC at 92.9687%. We know we have something quite unique, a very rare find in the Appaloosa world and one of a kind here in the UK.

Many studs and stallion owners allow their stallion to run with mares, some cover in hand and it works perfectly fine. On the other hand, some owners have seen and experienced detrimental damage to their stallions and mares under these conditions. Trying to limit the damage of such accidents we have stored frozen semen from our stallion Reus before castrating him, allowing him to have a rich life among his relations. Planning ahead with our stallion Blu, we have established a small AI unit, consisting of stocks, a basic lab, and a dummy mare. Certified by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) as a UK AI technician I have the certificate of competence in AI of equines.

We are delighted to announce Princess Pascale, Caricks Redheart and Peyres Catori Cat are scanned in foal, due early April 2019.

We await Redheart Pascalius to come into season, looks like we will be busy next year!.


Redheart Yearling Wins Royal Windsor 2018

Let the show season begin…

Well not quite, our plans to spend the season with Redheart Regal certainly stopped a month ago when she gave birth to Ru. Our three-year-old stallion should be having his last year in-hand in the ring but is now otherwise occupied with the breeding season, more about that next week. So, although we will be concentrating on competing Reus under saddle, who will attend the next in-hand event? The first horse to the gate I guess!

For those that follow us, you will know we adore the County shows, a perfect opportunity for a family day out and this year our first event was Royal Windsor. The lucky horse chosen to come with us this year was our yearling Redheart Reality aka Tally.

Such a huge event for any horse never mind a yearling, Tally took the day in his stride, he gave an amazing performance in the ring taking the first place in the young stock class and then Reserve Champion to Megan Share and her gorgeous horse Desired Edition.

Redheart Reality

Redheart Reality

Redheart Reality

A fabulous day for us and an outstanding start to Tally’s future, whatever that might be?

He is for sale, please see his page HERE and contact us if he meets ALL of your requirements.


The Appaloosa Mares are out in the pasture..

After a long winter, the ground has certainly dried and the spring grass is coming through.

Over the last week, our mares have joined our two yearlings, Regent and Reality in the pasture. Slowly increasing the amount of time spent grazing, they haven’t come up for air!


Heads Down


And then…waking up to this view!