A Year With Redheart Result

It is not our desire or goal to cross two homozygous LP Appaloosas, we don’t want to 100% create CSNB horses but when you have two exceptional Appaloosas and all you want is a filly then it’s worth taking the chance. Our 50/50 for gender paid off and we were absolutely delighted to see the safe arrival of the filly Redheart Result on the 23rd February 2021.

The name Result is the meaning behind our goal…and what a RESULT she is, she has the most adorable personality, a small (first maiden foal) but well built and compact and seems to be eventually growing in height!

Today she is a year old and here is a little video of her life here at the stud to date…

Her dam, Talismans Redheart (aka Ghost) has been inseminated with semen from Hevans EV Catorrius (aka Reus) and is is currently 336 days gestation, might we see a sibling on this very day?

Firstly we pray for a healthy mare and foal and ideally a filly to retain, it will be Reus’s first FAHR eligible foal and 100% FPD. We don’t care about the colour or pattern, it will 100% be heterozygous for LP but as Ghost doesn’t carry PATN1, it’s 50/50 if Reus passes his copy over, if he does then we will see spots but if he doesn’t we will see Appaloosa characteristics and the foal will become a varnish roan.

We have three possibilities of colour, black, bay or chestnut, how excited are we!

Redheart Remembrance


At 334 days Redheart Pascalius decided to give up her 2022 foal, the foaling was textbook and other than a 3am delivery everything went extremely well.

It just so happens the 19th February is my mother’s birthday (who has sadly passed away), hence the new-born name, Remembrance.

Mum lost her first Appaloosa in 2009, who sustained a tibia/fibula joint break with no conclusion to an accident or injury, very soon after we imported her. Mum was absolutely devastated and not as a replacement but to fulfil a void and continue our quest with Redhearts, Princesse Pascale (aka PP) joined us.

Mum showed PP but did struggle to run fast enough to show off the beautiful stride PP has, mum became the eye behind the camera for mainly all our Redheart images and our right hand lady as we travelled around the UK.

I can laugh now, but her navigation skills were disastrous and her delayed time keeping was expected for every journey (not matter what stupid o’clock we left), so I used to say we were leaving at least an hour before we were actually supposed to ;).

Anyone who knew my mum always knew egg mayo sandwiches, were on the cards as she was always so very  generous with her picnic’s for our days out, always so well prepared.


Later in 2012, Princesse Pascale gave birth to Redheart Pascalius (aka Evee), mums dream baby girl…





To date, Evee has given us three full siblings to our stallion DFR Patahas Redheart, Revelation, Ricochet and now Remembrance.





Today has been very emotional, we are extremely relieved to have a healthy mare and foal.



1954 – 2020 (Far too young)

Miss you so much and Redheart’s is not the same without you xxx

Redheart Merchandise

It’s been a long time in the making but with the support and encouragement of the “Redheart Family” we have now established our own branded merchandise, we are very proud of the embroidered design of our logo. Thank you Equi-BlingUK for your excellent customer care and attention to detail, the logo is perfect.

If you wish to purchase any merchandise, please follow the “CLICK HERE” link on the Merchandise page – HERE.

For us, the Redheart logo symbolises the feathered headdress of one Native Indian from the Nez Perce Indian Tribe called Jesse Redheart.

Each feather is a symbol of trust, honour, strength, wisdom, power, freedom and so much more to the Native American Tribes, it’s truly a very special gift.

If an Indian receives a feather, he earned it for each courageous act he accomplished, a symbol of high respect and a visible display of a warrior’s bravery, honour and standing within his tribe.

Only by completing enough deeds will there be enough feathers to make a headdress, Jesse Redheart certainly had a fabulous headdress with the coloured feathers of Red, Black, and White.

We are unsure what exact bird feathers were used to make his headdress, but the bird embodies the spiritual idea of souls and spirits, their presence believed to guide and help one see the path through life, whilst teaching and in some instances protecting.

The Eagle feathers indicated great strength, courage leadership and prestige, the Crow indicates skill, cunningness and release from past beliefs, the Hummingbird represents love, beauty, and intelligence – A Spirit Messenger and Stopper of Time. The Falcon feathers represent speed, movement and soul healing, the Owl feathers represent wisdom, the ability to see things normally, a creature of the night – silent and swift. The Hawk feathers indicate strength, vision, and guardianship whilst the Raven feathers represent knowledge and creativity. The Bluebird symbolises happiness and fulfilment, the Dove, love, gentleness, and kindness and the Heron’s feather symbolises patience, grace, and confidence. A Kingfisher’s feather symbolises luck, patience, speed, and agility, whilst a feather from a Swallow is recognised with peace and love and the feather of the Turkey symbolises abundance, pride, and fertility. Woodpeckers have the meaning of self-discovery whilst the little Wren’s feather is a symbol of protection.

The Native Americans view different colours as signs from the spirit.

Red usually connects to the root chakra relating to life, force, passion, courage, good fortune, and emotion.


Black can represent growth, protection, and closing a chapter, but a black feather is shimmering means ‘high mystical insight’.


White represents peace, purification, faith, and the heavens among many tribes.

Every bird feather is highly valued, every colour of bird feather has a representative meaning that is deep and meaningful and if you are one to purchase personalised Redheart merchandise, we hope you appreciated the meaning behind our feathered logo.

Paula Cooper

Special thanks to Tracey Jordan @ EQUI-BLINGUK

Redheart Mares – Counting down the foaling days 2022

The 5 Redheart broodmares are looking great, feeling fine and totally relaxed in their routine as we start to count down the days to foaling and pray for the safe arrival of our 2022 foals.

We are expecting two foals from Reus and three foals from Blu, all have full siblings except Reus x Ghost, this will be our first ever Foundation Appaloosa Horse Registry (FAHR) foal from our Catori line. It goes without saying, all we want is a healthy new-born but we would be blessed to see a filly delivered. A filly would be retained for our future breeding plan with Fire or Blu, continuing our path of the UK’s Foundation Appaloosa Stud.

Counting down the foaling days 2022