Castrating Reus – Job Done!

After storing frozen semen from Reus it was always my intention to castrate him. Things were a little crazy last year when we planned to castrate him but this spring the opportunity arose.

Mr. Andrew Harrison BVSc CertEP CertVA MRCVS, one of the course organizers for “Practical Sedation and Field Anaesthesia – the essentials”. The aim of the course was to equip delegates with the practical techniques and theoretical understanding needed to confidently and competently provide sedation and anesthesia for ‘field’ surgery and diagnosis.

Because Reus has covered mares and is an older stallion, it was advised for him to have a closed castration under general anesthetic. This method of castration involves suturing, sealing off the blood vessels that supply the testicles and seals off the vaginal tunic covering the testicle, minimizing the risk of post-operative herniation.

Other two-year-old colts had open castration’s, completed outside “in the field” under general anesthetic, this method does not involve suturing, the wound is left open and allowed to drain naturally.

Neil Townsend MSc BVSc Cert ES (Soft Tissue) DipECVS DipEVDC (Equine) MRCVS RCVS Specialist in Equine Surgery European Specialist in Equine Dentistry was Reus’s surgeon.  With Andrew and Neil at Reus’s side, I had no doubt he was in the most capable hands, although it didn’t stop me stressing!

The day….

It was the most glorious day and the course was well attended, here are a few pictures of Reus’s day. Many thanks to those who very kindly provided the footage, there was no way with my “heart-strings” attached to this horse could I participate.

Reus at the Three Counties Equine Hospital, the night before.

Once anesthetized, the surgery began.

One of my colleagues named Annie gave Reus a good scrub with a smile….

Neil did a very neat job of cutting the scrotum away.

The spermatic cords and blood vessels, cut and crushed using a pair of emasculators.

All sutured up.

The general anesthetic, the surgery, and his recovery had all gone to plan.

Reus back in his stable, albeit looking a little confused!

Returning home, out in his paddock for a little self-exercising, very settled and comfortable.

I hope Reus proved an asset for the course and its delegates.

A huge thank you to Andrew and Neil for completing the successful operation.

Also, many thanks to all the supporting staff at Three Counties Equine Hospital.

Job done!

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