Redheart Rookie (Yearling Appaloosa) – FOR SALE

Redheart Rookie


You may have noticed Redheart Rookie (our 2019 buckskin GAP 5 filly) has been moved from our Mares Page to our Sales Page?

Sometimes you need to take another look at your future breeding plan, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Rookie and sometimes you must to let your best breeding stock go! So, why have we decided to sell her?

Rookie was a planned future breeding mare for Reus, not only do the genetics work but her dam Princesse Pascale is our biggest mare at 16hh, so Rookie’s height and quality stamp from her sire DRF Patahas Redheart meant she was perfect.

Reus is gelded, we only have frozen semen available and we certainly didn’t want to deplete his stock (also we believe frozen semen is wasted on maiden mares) so we have decided to try and create a future breeding mare BY REUS with Princesse Pascale.

This filly will be a full sibling to Redheart Reality, 100% FPD, 16hh, ApHC UK, ApHC and BApS Stud Book registered. We are not bothered about coat pattern / colour, the result will be a quality filly who we would aim to prove in the ring and then hopefully become broodmare with our Stallion Blu…

Thus, creating GAP 5 foals by Blu instead of 100% FPD foals by retaining Rookie and using Reus. We can then continue our Peyres Catori Cat, Hevans EV Catorrious blood lines.


Redheart Rookie


Plan B 🙂


Appaloosa Stallion Semen Collection – DFR Patahas Redheart

We can confidently put the Artificial Insemination (AI) kit away as our last mare scanned in foal. We pray all mares to carry full term and wish them a safe delivery resulting in five healthy mares and foals for 2021.

Here is a little clip of our 2020 Stallion Semen Collection – Made easy by DFR Patahas Redheart

All five mares are confirmed pregnant, looks like January, February, and March 2021 will be busy and exciting. Due to current government guidelines, it is not essential for us to have the mares sexed scanned although we seem to have orders for fillies!!

Princesse Pascale is our first mare due, from the size of her embryo we can work out she ovulated on the 12th February, this means her estimated foaling date for 2021 is between January 8th and January 23rd (330 – to 345 days).

Peyres Catori Cat, from the size of her embryo we can work out she ovulated on the 15th of February, this means her estimated foaling date for 2021 is between January 11th and January 26th (330 – to 345 days).

Caricks Redheart, from the size of the embryo we can work out she ovulated on the 16th of February, this means her estimated foaling date for 2021 is between January 12th and January 27th (330 – to 345 days).

Talismans Redheart, from the size of her embryo we can work out she ovulated on the 17th March, this means her estimated foaling date for 2021 is between February 10th and February 25th (330 – to 345 days).

And, our last mare Redheart Pascalius,  from the size of her embryo we can work out she ovulated on the 10th April, this means her estimated foaling date for 2021 is between 7th and 22 March (330 – to 345 days).

There are many ways Studs collect from their stallions, there is no rule. Most studs comply with what suits the stallion, what facilities are available, and depending on help available. The main criteria for collection are health, safety, and all measures in place to limit disease control.

We have found training our stallion very easy, he’s a sensible horse and we “read” him well. Once he has reached the point of “no return”, there is only one objective for him – mount the dummy mare and ejaculate. For this reason, we have been able to safely collect from him and successfully AI our mares.


April Showers – First Bath 2020 For Appaloosa Yearlings

April 2020 is certainly a bit different from April 2019…Despite the sad news that surrounds the world with COVID-19 we are very much in a happy safe place here at Redheart Appaloosas, for which we are thankful for!

Here is a few pictures of our yearlings after their April Shower

Redheart Rookie

Redheart Reflection

Redheart Relentless

Redheart Revelation



Appaloosa Stallion – Frozen Semen For Sale

If you have a mare and want to breed, might we suggest you continue to read
Our semen is stored at Stallion AI, it’s available should you wish to apply
Their stable names are Reus and Blu, they are so diverse its untrue
Their breeding is pure Appaloosa Blood, one good reason why they’re at stud
Reus’s Grandsire is the famous Eagles Thundern Toby, there’s a book published in all his glory
Blu boasts the Nez Perce Tribe, Grandparents from the famous Decker line
Their natures are brave, intelligent and kind, maybe the type you have in mind
With County, National and International awards, they are most definitely treated like Lords
We believe in taking things calm and slow, now under saddle just like pros
Trotting poles, grid work we’ve started, training their minds we don’t take for granted
Their progeny’s have been seen about; we believe their education is paramount
We’ve seen them win their Championship too, the eldest is Reality, the youngest is Ru
Choose a stallion to compliment your mare, we feel it’s important to make you aware
They are registered with all that are mandatory, we’ll file the stallion report as statutory
The LP gene is what you need, for the characteristics to be seen
Don’t get confused with the colour, use the AG calculator to save you an error
What coat pattern you get will be a surprise, it depends on your mare as you’ll soon realise
Contact us with any questions, we’re always happy to make suggestions
We want to share your goal of producing a healthy quality foal.
Paula Cooper
We have a new Face Book page for our frozen semen that’s available for the UK & Europe.

Redheart Appaloosa Public Breeding Page

Redheart Appaloosa Foals – Registered – Apaloosa Horse Club (ApHC)

All done…

We have 1 x 97% FPD, 3 X 100% FPD, 1 x GAP 5 and 1 x GAP 6 registered foals.

Our breeding plan is slowly getting there, 10 years later 🙂



Appaloosa Frozen Semen At Stallion AI

Its been twelve days since our stallion DFR Patahas Redheart entered the Stallion AI centre, they collected from him seven times and he’s averaged 8 doses per collection, his semen is of a small quality being less than 10ml per collection, seriously concentrated!

It is a long process to get the health papers, both pre and post, we have two weeks to wait before he can have his first post collection  CEM swabs taken, a further seven days before the second post CEM swabs and then a further seven days before we have the results. Only then will his frozen semen be validated for sale and shipment for the UK and Europe.

He certainly looks very well, the Stallion AI Team have taken great care of him. We are very happy to have him home although I believe from the staff reports he certainly enjoyed his holiday and behaved impeccably, as expected.

On his arrival home, he certainly had a lot to tell Reus…

Everyone likes a goody bag, such a nice touch 🙂


Relentless – Five Months Old

Education should be fun for foals and what ever we do is slow, repetitive and rewarding. The foals are now learning about pressure with ropes and they’re responding well.

Relentless is the eldest, so he’s the more advanced foal at 5 months old he’s learning to move his hind quarters away from the pressure applied with the rope, quick learner and a well deserved scratch was the reward.


The 2019 Foals – Content to Tie Up

Every day is a school day here at the stud, not only for the foals but me too.. Reading a horse is a gift and I try to read the outcome of a situation before it happens!

Teaching a foal to tie up takes time, we aim for stress free lessons with a positive result.

Here are our four foals at just over 16 weeks old, all happy and content being tied up!

Have a look just how chilled these foals are, videos on our Face Book Page.





 These pictures are before we turned the mares and foals back to their paddock, but what was waiting outside was two air balloons, I don’t think the foals would have tied up after this event, great pictures with the sunset, they soon settled but they were all quite frightened by the noise of the burners!


Frozen Appaloosa Semen

There are many reasons for storing your stallions semen but our main reason, to make sure if anything should happen to our Stallion DFR Patahas Redheart (God forbid), then his blood line will live on. We plan to take more than required to enable us to offer his frozen semen for sale within the UK and Europe, after all his GAP 5 pedigree and genetics – homozygous black (with a copy of cream), homozygous pattern and homozygous leopard pattern gene make him surely a desirable stallion prospect,  not exceeding his adorable personality.

Blu is already dummy trained and accepts the artificial vagina so all we needed to do is comply with the paper work involved.

We made contact with Stallion AI early last month to get the ball rolling, this establishment is familiar to us, not only from an educational point of view but also business. We experienced an exceptional service when Hevans EV Catorrius arrived there in 2016, we have his semen stored there and we’ve also enjoyed a few CPD events since 2016.

We arranged all the relevant appointments with our vets to comply with the EU Pre-Entry health tests, EIA, EVA, strangles, Flu and CEM. All test are negative and Blu’s holiday confirmed!

On arrival, Blu was professionally examined from ears to tail and instantly settled in his grand stable, we completed the paper work and said our good byes!

When the required amount of semen is stored, Blu will return home and again be subject to the Post-Collection Testing before we can confirm his semen will be for sale.

Blu at Stallion AI