16 Months With Redheart Reality

April 2017 – Redheart Reality imprinted at birth 27/04/17

May 2017 – Redheart Reality and his dam join the heard

June 2017 – Redheart Reality happily enjoying his own feed bowl

July 2017 – Redheart Reality poses for his passport photos

August 2017 – Redheart Reality loses his foal coat and we witness the huge colour change


September 2017 – Redheart Reality developing very nicely

October 2017 – Redheart Reality is weaned

November 2017 – Redheart Reality is castrated

December 2017 – Redheart Reality content to be stabled during the bad weather

January 2018 – Redheart Reality accepts restricted turn out during the winter months

February 2018 – Redheart Reality winters well and re-joins the herd

March 2018 – Redheart Reality experiences the first snowfall

April 2018 – Redheart Reality becomes 1 year old and loses his winter coat

May 2018 – Redheart Reality wins the In Hand Reserve Champion award at Royal Windsor

June 2018 – Redheart Reality is trained from the field and enjoys his rest

July 2018 – Redheart Reality learning the ways within a herd

August 2018 – Redheart Reality attends the ApHC UK National Show, taking Reserve Champion Most Colourful, Reserve Champion Gelding and Reserve Champion Youngstock.

August 2018 – Redheart Reality attends the BApS National Show, taking Reserve Champion Youngstock, Reserve Male Champion and the Reserve Supreme Champion.

September 2018 – Redheart Reality ?

Redheart Regal & Redheart Ru Images…

When a person requires images and video’s of a horse, that is never a problem. Nothing better on a nice day waiting to capture that perfect stride with the ears forward. However, it’s rather difficult when you have an inquisitive 5-month-old foal who wanted to be in on the action!

We achieved a few shots of Redheart Regal and then snapped away at Baby Ru who got quite upset as I kept asking her to move out of my way but how could I not take pictures of this stunning filly.


Redheart Owners…

What a wonderful feeling, seeing owners with their Redhearts.

Wendy came to visit Ru and we delivered Regent to Jane.

After a nice shower, our journey with Regent was very easy, he loads and travels very well and we all were delighted to see how chilled he was at his new home.

Video link to Redheart Regent checking out his new boundary and meeting his new neighbours with his new owner Jane Tull.


Happy horses and happy owners!

The Appaloosa Horse Club UK National Show 2018

A flat-out week preparing three horses for the Appaloosa Horse Club UK National Show and then the weekend was no different as we helped celebrate their 18th anniversary at Moreton Morrell College in Warwickshire.

We took three Redhearts, our Stallion Blu who excelled in his presence, standing quietly in the warm-up and ring even with the mares, such a sweet boy. Guilty as charged, he made an awful sound by grinding his teeth for his two first classes but this thankfully disappeared after he had a wee  He competed in a variety of classes, always in the ribbons but his highlight was winning the UK Stallion Class and taking the Championship, awarded the Tiptoe Stud Shield, this was the only class I managed to stop him grabbing his chain in the trot up which was very frustrating!!

The only Redheart under saddle is Reus, the Western classes were Trails and we progressed nicely. Reus was scared of the bridge and the blue sparkly rope to the gate but we completed the course…eventually! We then changed to English and although we need to work on our “up and down” transitions he rode willingly in our Equitation classes, winning his first class and being placed second in the Open. I really could not have asked any more from this chap.

But, the day was stolen by Reus’s son Redheart Reality. For his second show and the first time in an indoor arena, he didn’t disappoint us. Winning the Most Colourful UK and the USA being awarded the Rhodes Appaloosa Trophy, then taking Reserve Champion. He then won his age group in UK and USA gelding, taking the Reserve Champion and finally completing his day with Reserve Champion Youngstock. He’s such an awesome yearling, a delight to be around and so easy to deal with.

All three Redhearts excelled themselves, I couldn’t be more pleased.


A very special thank you to my neighbour Abbie Lovegrove, who was an A* groom for me on Saturday, so very much appreciated.


The National shows take months even a year to organise and I write on behalf of the ApCH UK members, thank you to ALL the hard-working stewards, supporting volunteers, the ApHC UK directors and the Judges for organising such a wonderful event x

Redheart Yearling Wins Royal Windsor 2018

Let the show season begin…

Well not quite, our plans to spend the season with Redheart Regal certainly stopped a month ago when she gave birth to Ru. Our three-year-old stallion should be having his last year in-hand in the ring but is now otherwise occupied with the breeding season, more about that next week. So, although we will be concentrating on competing Reus under saddle, who will attend the next in-hand event? The first horse to the gate I guess!

For those that follow us, you will know we adore the County shows, a perfect opportunity for a family day out and this year our first event was Royal Windsor. The lucky horse chosen to come with us this year was our yearling Redheart Reality aka Tally.

Such a huge event for any horse never mind a yearling, Tally took the day in his stride, he gave an amazing performance in the ring taking the first place in the young stock class and then Reserve Champion to Megan Share and her gorgeous horse Desired Edition.

Redheart Reality

Redheart Reality

Redheart Reality

A fabulous day for us and an outstanding start to Tally’s future, whatever that might be?

He is for sale, please see his page HERE and contact us if he meets ALL of your requirements.


Welcome Redheart Rumours to the Stud…

Friday 13th..

As expected, Redheart Regal’s (Blanc) udder and vulva proved correct in their progress. There is no way these are typical pictures of a mare that is close to foaling never mind 6 hours away! I guess you know your mare and the changes that occur and these developments were huge in comparison to the previous days. Notice that one tiny bead of wax on the right nipple!


Although Blanc didn’t have a “baby belly”, hiding the foal so well the inevitable happened!

At 2.45pm, watching her on the camera, linked to my mobile seeing her looking anxious, walking the box and lying down ‘belly watching’, it was time to get in the car!

From work, I drove home, I really do have the most understanding and supportive employers. Arriving at 3 pm the head and front feet were out and Blanc laid quietly resting, allowing the foal to receive a good blood supply via the umbilical cord, textbook delivery!

From here, I sat quietly, intensively watching as Blanc bonded with her foal, she is a maiden mare and was quite scared/confused by the event, although she did all the right things a mother does, there remained that bit of “not sure”. I read the situation and decided not to interfere until I knew Blanc was content for me to do so! Blanc had cleansed and the placenta was all intact. Within 45 minutes, the foaling had taken place, the mare had cleansed and the foal was up, trying to nurse.

You can view the bonding process and the foal eventually standing here.

It proved a big deal for Blanc to allow her foal to nurse, trying many different avenues myself and a vet failed to get the foal to latch on and not through lack of patience! Ensuring a good start, we collected the colostrum and stomach tubed the foal, the foal knew exactly what to do but Blanc was having none of it. Persevering, During Friday night and all day Saturday, I held Blanc every two hours to allow the foal to nurse and then as my alarm went off Sunday morning at 4 am I saw on the camera Blanc standing allowing the foal to nurse….such a relief, job done!

A stunning homozygous (LP/LP) buckskin FILLY! Redheart Rumours AKA Ru.

Redheart Regal x DFR Patahas Redheart 100% FPD

Rumour Has It – A foal is due April 2018

May 2017 the contractors arrived here at the stud to erect a fence creating two paddocks. Once the fence was up Blu our stallion enjoyed his new paddock parallel with the mare’s field.

Then came that dreaded phone call, “Mum, Blu’s in with the girls”…. My first worry was for the safety of the horses, my daughter Jasmin gave me an exact account of the events she saw which did include Blu jumping on Blanc’s head!!! Despite Evee taking charge and keeping Blu away from all the mares and foals, I guess she didn’t look after Blanc!!!!

I was home within minutes, caught one very sweaty Blu and checked him all over, all OK, returning to the paddock I found no damage to any of the mares or foals, just Evee slightly out of breath and a bit sweaty. Then checking the fence I realised no electric on,  for whatever reason? I was very relieved of the situation and never thought about it again.

During the last six months, Blanc has been looking good for the show season ahead.

Then, Saturday 21st March Blanc changed shape, worrying so. Her topline and hindquarters had sunk and her belly enlarged. No temperature, eating, drinking and a stable with plenty of droppings not to bring about a concern for a Vet to visit. I examined her all over and nothing to note, just confusion. A few days later a very slight change in her vulva and a slightly filled udder, surely this could only mean one thing?

I had completely forgotten about Blu jumping into the mare’s field and I’m positive I’ve seen Blanc showing to Blu over the fence? As a process of elimination, I scanned back through the stud info to find the date the contractors came, 18th May 2017. The estimated foaling date should be anything from 14th to the 29th April 2018, this fits with what I’m seeing at the moment. Would be bizarre, very bizarre if we see our 5th foal arrive on the 21st April?

As a maiden, it’s always difficult to witness normal gestation signs especially because Blanc doesn’t have a “baby belly” but all the other signs are 100% convincing. The foaling box is ready, the camera is up and we’re looking forward to meeting the result of this new mating.

So for those who have messaged me “do you have any foals due this year” the answer is now YES!

We are expecting a black or bay, homozygous LP/LP foal with 5 generations of pure Appaloosa bloodline, 100% Foundation Pedigree Designation with 79.78515% foundation lines traced back to the first 8 Stud Books of the Appaloosa Horse Club.

Most definitely a breeding prospect and will be FOR SALE £3,500

Redheart Yearlings – February 2018

Its been a few months since our Redheart Yearlings were weaned and castrated, they are growing and looking very well. They have become independent and adapting to short education lessons without knowing.

The horses are still wintering in the barn and every day they’re turned out for short periods in an all-weather corral.

Today Redheart Regent and Redheart Reality our 11-month-old gelding’s were turned out within a spacious 10-acre paddock. They certainly needed each other, calling and running around looking for what they once knew – the herd.

The main advantage at this time is they want to come in, one call from me and they were waiting at the gate, a perfect opportunity to start educating the yearlings on a one to one basis.

Regent and Reality’s first turn out in 2018…

Best mates…