A Non Characteristic Redheart Mare….

When looking to buy an Appaloosa, there are many factors to consider.

To breed Appaloosas, they need to be registered. We like to triple register our horses with the British Appaloosa Society, the Appaloosa Horse Club, and Appaloosa Horse Club UK.

It takes time, the basic’s are quality ID photographs, DNA, specific clear genetics, and parental verification along with a Veterinary identification form.

Today we received these documents, confirming Caricks Redheart’s registration details and pedigree. The Performance Permit allows her to compete against colorful Appaloosa. As I previously worked out, her Foundation Pedigree Designation is 93%, always good to have it confirmed.

British Appaloosa Society Northern Show 2017

I usually pride myself on organisation and presentation but this weekend I was quite cross with myself…..Arriving at the show late, without my 2017 “right hand” Amelie, taking two horses that are kept well apart from each other due to a two-year-old hormonal colt and a three-year-old filly who seems to spend every day in season….

Despite our best efforts, we missed our first two classes and literally ran DFR Patahas Redheart off the lorry into the ring for the Most Colourful class. Last, to enter the ring, we could see plenty of competitors and thought we have no chance! A well deserved first and gaining the Best Turned Out.

We ran Blu back to the box and ran Myka into the next class the Most Colourful Other. Absolutely delighted to take the first place and again winning the Best Turned Out. I then realised I had two horses qualified for the Championship. Thank you so much to Katey Anne Catcheside who very kindly ran Myka, fabulous job.

Next up, Myka in the 2 & 3 year Old Fillies Class. Not a foot out-of-place, she took a well deserved 2nd place to a very nice filly. After a little break, Blu entered the BApS Licensed Stallion Class, very unsettled he displayed a few “colty” moves, very disappointed in him, it was a small ring, constantly on the turn and I think he got annoyed with me, not letting him have his head? Lesson learnt, we must trot slower….

Myka, received a Reserve Champion in the Youngstock Championship but her performance had no sparkle, head down and slightly reluctant to trot, shame she wasn’t more relaxed to have a wee in the ring, waiting to go once loaded on the lorry?

The Championship Classes ran one into the other, despite my best attempt to swap horses, by the time I returned with Blu for the Male Championship, the class had started and that was that!

The best part of the day was seeing the eyes light up from the breeders of Myka, Carol & Michael Woods.  I felt very proud showing Myka and delighted with her performance. It was a wonderful friendly show,  full of beautiful Appaloosas.




Horse Owners & Pony Exhibitors – H.O.P.E 2017

Back in the City of Worcestershire this weekend, at the Three Counties Show Ground for the Horse Owners & Pony Exhibitors – H.O.P.E 2017 Malvern Festival.

Under the British Appaloosa Society, we entered Carick Redheart (Myka) and DFR Patahas Redheart (Blu) in the Appaloosa Youngstock In Hand class. With only these two in the class the result, Blu first and Myka second then Blu Champion and Myka Reserve Champion. Despite the lack of support in this class, both horses were turned out to the highest possible standard and gave a deserving show. It’s not an accomplishment as such but you have to be in it to win it….

Thankfully the World Breeds In Hand Youngstock class had better support, open to over 37 different breeds we were delighted that the Appaloosa was amongst the most desired. Blu taking a first and Myka third. The Championship was open to all class winners and second places from World Breeds Youngstock, Owner Bred, Stallion, Mares and Gelding under and over 14.2 and Mountain & Moorland any height any age. Delighted to say Blu took a Reserve Champion to a gorgeous Fjord.

I never make excuses for poor performance, on the whole, we have great days on the showing circuit but on this occasion, it is only photographic evidence that enabled me to justify our disappointing show in the Supreme Championship. Unfortunately, I found myself disrupting Blu…..his concentration was elsewhere and his trot was very uncoordinated and disunited! That’s showing…


Royal Three Counties 2017

We adore the County shows, a super day out for the family. This year with DFR Patahas Redheart (Blu) and Caricks Redheart (Myka), both participated in the British Appaloosa Society’s affiliated Youngstock Class.

A very, very hot day where the MC constantly repeated for competitors and horses alike to refresh with water from any of the taps on site, we were also allowed to compete without jackets. Thankfully this show is only ten minutes from home and despite the class running an hour late, we were home within three.

Always a worry entering a ring with jumps in, a bit of a distraction but at least we always walk around the ring a few times first, allowing the horses to see the scary objects.

Amelie and Myka did a beautiful straight show as did DFR Patahas Redheart with myself. The result, Blu first and Myka second, Blu then took the Championship.


Appaloosa Horse Club UK – Spring Show 2017

After Amelie’s trial run last week with Caricks Redheart (Myka), today they put it into practice and represented the Redheart Appaloosa Stud proudly. They have created a lovely bond and today we were at the ApHC UK Spring Show held at Merrist Woods Equestrian Centre.

With Myka and DRF Patahas Redheart (Blu) on the lorry, we set off for Surrey at stupid O’clock as do most equine enthusiasts! Our early arrival enabled me to give Amelie and the horses a tour of the showground whilst allowing the horses to stretch their legs.

Our first class was the Most Colourful (open to ApHC UK A, B & NC) Myka took at 3rd place with Blu taking the first place, a great start to our morning.

Blu then won his Stallion class followed by the Championship. Next on the list was Myka and I, in the fillies class, being awarded a first place, followed by a Reserve Champion Female. This filly does not put a foot wrong, I am sure she will make a splendid broodmare here at the Stud.

Both young stock went forward for the Youngstock Championship, Blu went Champion and finished his English classes as Supreme Champion. Later he went forward for his USA classes, taking a first in the ApHC USA registered Colts, Stallions and Geldings any age.  Such a wonderful day, it couldn’t get any better then he won his class and went Male Champion USA.

Amelie and Myka continued their partnership in the Potential Sports Horse Youngstock and the Open Sports Horse Type, taking a 3rd and 4th retrospectively.

It was a humid day and very warm indoors, the atmosphere was delightful as always and the horses really fulfilled my dreams. One thing I will always remember this show for….the day when the Judge, Julia Ryde-Rodgers request we all complete our shows, off the cuff. I have never been presented with this situation and quickly reverted to a basic dressage test. Allowing the Judge to see the horse under control at walk, trot and halt on both reins, we added a few tight circles along with a few steps back, it went well. Such good humor and a twist to our day which made the class very, very enjoyable, thanks to a creative Judge.

Here are a few pictures but we have loaded more on the individual horse’s page.




A Trial Run…..

It’s easy to teach a person if they want to learn….meet Amelie, a young horse enthusiast who has helped us behind the scenes at the shows over the past year. She is a confident young lady and owns her own horse, so we are three-quarters of the way to in hand performance.

In the ring it’s a different world, you put on your show hat on and it becomes somewhat serious, competitive and nerve-racking and nine years later I still feel the same!

We have practiced our “ring craft” at home and Amelie has bonded very nicely with Myka. Today I took Amelie and Myka for a trial run in the ring. We had a lovely day at the South Staffs Open Show near Kidderminster.

Amelie showed Myka perfectly, I can not fault Myka, considering it’s her second show they complimented each other nicely.

We are now ready after our Trial Run…..

Redheart 2017 Show Season Begins At Royal Windsor…

Our first outing in 2017, a British Appaloosa Society in hand affiliated class at Royal Windsor.

Caricks Redheart début outing was a huge ask! We would normally take our young stock to a smaller local show first time out but our attempt failed, due to life!

Nerves and or anxiety were witnessed, playing with her bit and her reluctance to trot “with me”. Two things she has not done in six months! Despite this, her trot was straight, she stood for the judge and patiently waited in the lineup, with many distractions around her. I can not fault this filly.

A massive thank you to Mr & Mrs. Wood (Myka’s breeders) who not only came to support BApS and Myka but who helped me at the show.

Myka won her young stock class with a straight entry into the Championship, where she became Reserve In-Hand Champion.

Redheart 2017 Show Season..….Has Begun!

Reus Meets The Girls……

Princesse Pascale and Peyres Catori Cat are now in their own paddock, bonding with their newborns. This has left Caricks Redheart (Myka), Redheart Regal (Blanc) and Redheart Pascalius (Evee) alone. This has meant a new pecking order, of course, it would be Evee!

Since Reus’s castration, he has been in his own paddock next to Blu. We have left it a month ensuring any semen left in him, has died. It will be a while before he loses the stallion mentality but this weekend we have moved him parallel to the girls.

His fear of the electric fence is far greater than the real strength of the fence and sure enough, he greeted the girls with a few “screams” before they ignored him.

Reus meets Myka

Reus meets Evee

Reus meets Blanc

Reus meets the girls but prefers the grass…….

Appaloosas in Black & White…..

Something lovely about black and white photographs, especially when they have Appaloosas in them! Many thanks to Ben Lovegrove (our neighbour) who very kindly took some of the following photographs. A talented future photographer…

The beginning of 2017 has been the same as every New Year. Dark mornings, early dark evenings and a range of temperatures from minus 5 to 8 degrees.

The horses are out 24/7, as we seek approval on our planning application for a stable barn. They have thick muddy coats yet have a healthy shine, well they do say wellbeing comes from within!!

My Christmas present from my other half was a quad bike, feeding the horses has never been easier and it didn’t take long for them to realise the noise of the quad means food! Surprisingly the children show great willingness to help now.

Our newest addition to the herd, Myka has settled extremely well. At the bottom of the pecking order, she stays out the way of the older mares, very sensible filly although she plays a lot with Blanc which is lovely to see.

Our Swiss import, Blu is as quiet and friendly as the day he arrived, an absolute credit to the Foundation Appaloosa breed. We’re very satisfied to have him at the stud for our future breeding plan.


Our two-year-old filly Blanc is developing a cheeky yet adorable funny character. She makes a lot of funny faces and always seems very happy. She is very slowly maturing and until she grows out of this “unfurnished” state she won’t be entering the show ring anytime soon……

Ben….we adore Ben. Such a sweet kind colt yet quite insecure. He should mature over 16hh, therefore it’s going to take time for him to fill out but at the present moment in time, he’s looking rather well and conditioned.


Evee, after completing three years in the ring she now resides with the broodmares.  She is a very big strong mare,  with a leg in each corner. We aim to cover her with Blu later this year, planning on a black GAP 6 foal in 2018.


The main man…Reus. Full of character, highly intelligent, brave and very forward going since birth. I am looking forward to getting back on this boy! We finished riding him away as the nights drew in last year but hopefully we will find more time for him this year.


Our lovely PP, absolutely adorable in every way. In foal to Reus for an April colt? Let’s hope she passes on her LP gene because this boy will be for sale. Although if the sex scan was wrong, we would appreciate a non-characteristic filly!!!! Seriously, we only ever pray for healthy foals.


The best till last…Catori, a gorgeous horse inside and out. This mare understands me and our bond is strong. She’s current in foal, due April to Kiss My Finest Heart. This will be a full sibling to Reus and the late Easter. The suspense is unbearable as her sex scan proved 60% in favour of a colt, which will be for sale!


Foundations Appaloosas are very straight forward, Black & White……