As You Would Expect To Buy A Horse….

So, we have created a foal by choosing a sire and mare that compliment each other.

Reus & PP have created Reality.

He was born alive and healthy so we are off to a good start.

The Vet completed the passport ID form and the microchip implanted.

Following a recently published veterinary paper, we have started a new worming protocol for our foals.

The passport photos submitted and the registration form completed.

From birth, Reality has encountered the farrier several times, socialized within the herd and humans.

He accepts his head collar and will lead and recently been weaned and undergone castration.

The vaccination course has started and yet in my book he is still not ready to sell!!!

How about loading and traveling?

Well, our lorry is being utilized for storage and until I can teach Reality to load and travel he’s not going anywhere!

Reality is registered with the British Appaloosa Society within their Main Stud Book. He is registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club UK within their main “A” register. He has 30/30 Appaloosa’s in his 5 generation pedigree which makes him 100% Foundation Pedigree Designated within the Appaloosa Horse Club.

A stunning, correct gelding that should make 16hh. Both Dam and Sire can be seen here at the Stud and Reality would sure welcome a visit…



Reus Meets The Girls……

Princesse Pascale and Peyres Catori Cat are now in their own paddock, bonding with their newborns. This has left Caricks Redheart (Myka), Redheart Regal (Blanc) and Redheart Pascalius (Evee) alone. This has meant a new pecking order, of course, it would be Evee!

Since Reus’s castration, he has been in his own paddock next to Blu. We have left it a month ensuring any semen left in him, has died. It will be a while before he loses the stallion mentality but this weekend we have moved him parallel to the girls.

His fear of the electric fence is far greater than the real strength of the fence and sure enough, he greeted the girls with a few “screams” before they ignored him.

Reus meets Myka

Reus meets Evee

Reus meets Blanc

Reus meets the girls but prefers the grass…….

Redheart Reality is Born….

When PP started walking the box and snatching her hay, we knew foaling was imminent.

Photos speak louder than words….


We are unbelievably relieved to witness the safe delivery of one health colt, beautifully marked.

We are extremely proud to have created our first foal by our homebred stallion.

Princesse Pascale x Redheart Catorrius / Hevans EV Catorrius aka Reus


Redheart Regent is Born….

Peyres Catori Cat x Kiss My Finest Heart 97% FPD Colt

Full sibling to our stallion, Reus.

Our Vet, John Campbell at Three Counties Equine Hospital who sex scanned Catori was right, a COLT!

Although Catori was uncomfortable for 12 hours before giving birth, veterinary examination either end of the day confirmed the foals knees were situated high in Catori’s pelvis. After the foal had repositioned himself, Catori’s foaling was very straight forward at 11.45 pm on the 21st April!!!!

By 3 am, she had cleansed, passing a fully intact placenta and Regent was up nursing.

Mother Nature, is wonderful and Catori is a wonderful mother herself.

Redheart Regent is Born….

The Build Up To Foaling…..

Princesse Pascale and Peyres Catori Cat are now carrying low and are slowly showing all the right signs of foaling.

We have our new sensor motion camera, I receive instant image updates sent to my phone and can view the mares live at any time, anywhere. Modern technology is great but it can become quite addictive….

The mares, keeping their legs crossed!


The broodmares at 344 days.

Foaling is far from imminent but The Build Up is exciting….

335 Days – 2017 Foaling Count Down…..

It’s one week until Princess Pascale and Peyres Catori Cat reach their 342 (average) foaling date.

We are under no illusion they will foal next Sunday, we are not expecting them to foal on the same day just because they were inseminated on the same day. What we’re hoping for, is two safe deliveries this month or even next month?

Both mares have been in their new day and night routine for over a month, they are very much set in their new routine.

I am sure if they could open doors and gates they would walk themselves in and out!

Both mares are bagging up.

At the end of the day, the foal will decide the day.

The mares will decide the time.

2017 Foaling Count Down…..


Castrating Reus – Job Done!

After storing frozen semen from Reus it was always my intention to castrate him. Things were a little crazy last year when we planned to castrate him but this spring the opportunity arose.

Mr. Andrew Harrison BVSc CertEP CertVA MRCVS, one of the course organizers for “Practical Sedation and Field Anaesthesia – the essentials”. The aim of the course was to equip delegates with the practical techniques and theoretical understanding needed to confidently and competently provide sedation and anesthesia for ‘field’ surgery and diagnosis.

Because Reus has covered mares and is an older stallion, it was advised for him to have a closed castration under general anesthetic. This method of castration involves suturing, sealing off the blood vessels that supply the testicles and seals off the vaginal tunic covering the testicle, minimizing the risk of post-operative herniation.

Other two-year-old colts had open castration’s, completed outside “in the field” under general anesthetic, this method does not involve suturing, the wound is left open and allowed to drain naturally.

Neil Townsend MSc BVSc Cert ES (Soft Tissue) DipECVS DipEVDC (Equine) MRCVS RCVS Specialist in Equine Surgery European Specialist in Equine Dentistry was Reus’s surgeon.  With Andrew and Neil at Reus’s side, I had no doubt he was in the most capable hands, although it didn’t stop me stressing!

The day….

It was the most glorious day and the course was well attended, here are a few pictures of Reus’s day. Many thanks to those who very kindly provided the footage, there was no way with my “heart-strings” attached to this horse could I participate.

Reus at the Three Counties Equine Hospital, the night before.

Once anesthetized, the surgery began.

One of my colleagues named Annie gave Reus a good scrub with a smile….

Neil did a very neat job of cutting the scrotum away.

The spermatic cords and blood vessels, cut and crushed using a pair of emasculators.

All sutured up.

The general anesthetic, the surgery, and his recovery had all gone to plan.

Reus back in his stable, albeit looking a little confused!

Returning home, out in his paddock for a little self-exercising, very settled and comfortable.

I hope Reus proved an asset for the course and its delegates.

A huge thank you to Andrew and Neil for completing the successful operation.

Also, many thanks to all the supporting staff at Three Counties Equine Hospital.

Job done!

Appaloosas in Black & White…..

Something lovely about black and white photographs, especially when they have Appaloosas in them! Many thanks to Ben Lovegrove (our neighbour) who very kindly took some of the following photographs. A talented future photographer…

The beginning of 2017 has been the same as every New Year. Dark mornings, early dark evenings and a range of temperatures from minus 5 to 8 degrees.

The horses are out 24/7, as we seek approval on our planning application for a stable barn. They have thick muddy coats yet have a healthy shine, well they do say wellbeing comes from within!!

My Christmas present from my other half was a quad bike, feeding the horses has never been easier and it didn’t take long for them to realise the noise of the quad means food! Surprisingly the children show great willingness to help now.

Our newest addition to the herd, Myka has settled extremely well. At the bottom of the pecking order, she stays out the way of the older mares, very sensible filly although she plays a lot with Blanc which is lovely to see.

Our Swiss import, Blu is as quiet and friendly as the day he arrived, an absolute credit to the Foundation Appaloosa breed. We’re very satisfied to have him at the stud for our future breeding plan.


Our two-year-old filly Blanc is developing a cheeky yet adorable funny character. She makes a lot of funny faces and always seems very happy. She is very slowly maturing and until she grows out of this “unfurnished” state she won’t be entering the show ring anytime soon……

Ben….we adore Ben. Such a sweet kind colt yet quite insecure. He should mature over 16hh, therefore it’s going to take time for him to fill out but at the present moment in time, he’s looking rather well and conditioned.


Evee, after completing three years in the ring she now resides with the broodmares.  She is a very big strong mare,  with a leg in each corner. We aim to cover her with Blu later this year, planning on a black GAP 6 foal in 2018.


The main man…Reus. Full of character, highly intelligent, brave and very forward going since birth. I am looking forward to getting back on this boy! We finished riding him away as the nights drew in last year but hopefully we will find more time for him this year.


Our lovely PP, absolutely adorable in every way. In foal to Reus for an April colt? Let’s hope she passes on her LP gene because this boy will be for sale. Although if the sex scan was wrong, we would appreciate a non-characteristic filly!!!! Seriously, we only ever pray for healthy foals.


The best till last…Catori, a gorgeous horse inside and out. This mare understands me and our bond is strong. She’s current in foal, due April to Kiss My Finest Heart. This will be a full sibling to Reus and the late Easter. The suspense is unbearable as her sex scan proved 60% in favour of a colt, which will be for sale!


Foundations Appaloosas are very straight forward, Black & White……