Meet Myka…..

People and horses alike enter your life for a reason….new friends, new horse, new start!

The loss of Redheart Cateaster left a gap in our breeding plan but we were not actively looking for a filly or broodmare but sometimes “events” are meant to be!

Logging on to Facebook one morning, this stunning face caught my eye with the words,

” Myka enjoying the sun, this two-year-old pure bred Appaloosa BApS Grade B filly is still for sale”

My “tick list” is endless when contemplating purchasing a horse but from this moment the ball started rolling.

Name: CARICKS REDHEART bred by Mr & Mrs Wood

Born: 10th May 2014 Expected height 15.2hh

Pedigree: Here

Sire: DREA YAKIMA FIRSHADO from Haverlands Appaloosas


We patiently awaited all the test results, before the sale took place but the wait was worth it.

5 panel negative (PSSM1, HYPP, HERDA, GBED & MH) and Grey gene negative.

Bay (AA EE) and true non-characteristic (lp/lp) with one copy of pattern (PATN1/patn1).

Registered with the British Appaloosa Society as a Grade B, her pedigree is full of registered Appaloosas. Her dam is the only horse in the pedigree not registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club. As part of Myka’s sale, Mr & Mrs Wood agreed to register Lambrigg Dollar Girl with the ApHC and the ApHC UK, ensuring Myka’s future registration permits her to join our Foundation herd.

All agreed and off I set “Oop North”!

After a good trip up and down the M18, we safely arrived home.

We take no risks introducing new horses to the herd especially when we have pregnant mares, therefore Myka went straight into isolation. She could see all the horses but had no contact!

She really did protest in the round pen but by night checks she was very settled and much quieter.

Meet Myka……….

May I take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to Mick & Carol Wood.

I have made two wonderful new friends and endeavour to do my best by “your Myka”.

Paula x


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