The Newest Addition – Talismans Redheart

After Talismans Redheart aka Ghost safely arrived in the UK, after two weeks in isolation, after meeting and greeting the herd and being excepted to some degree, our new filly is content within the herd even though she is consistent in her efforts for a higher place in the pecking order!

Such a sweet curious and affectionate filly, she will be three years old this July.

ApHC – 100% FPD & GAP 5, ApHC UK – A Register, FAHR at 95.0195%, BApS – Pending.

Black (Ee/aa) roan mare, homozygous for Leopard Complex gene (LP/LP) and negative for the PATTERN1 (patn1/patn1) gene.  5-panel and grey gene negative.

Here is a little video of her today Talismans Redheart 17.03.19

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