Redheart Ru’s Genetic Trait and DNA…

One of many factors involved in breeding is DNA, we submit to the Appaloosa Societies all our horses DNA, a  personal and unique form of genetic identification, a profile that establishes identity.

Animal genetics provide a quick and simple service, submitting a sample is very easy by pulling 30-40 mane and/or tail hairs from the horse, ensuring the actual root of the hair is attached.
Usually, within five working days, you will receive the DNA report.

There are many genetic marker profiles but the labs concentrate on 20.

This is our stallions DFR Patahas Redheart (Blu) DNA profile:

This is our mares Redheart Regal’s (Blanc) DNA profile

And this is Redheart Ru’s DNA profile, the offspring of Blanc x Blu.

All our foals are parentage tested, by cross-referencing the parents DNA. The foal will have one copy from each of its parent’s markers.

For simplicity, here is a copy of our own records for Ru, Blanc’s DNA in red and Ru’s copy from her dam in red. Blu’s DNA in black and Ru’s copy from her sire in black.

One thing Ru inherited from her dam was her white face markings. At the present time, there is no way you could tell that Blanc has/had white face markings because she has coloured out but here is a picture of Blanc as a foal.


Blanc         Ru 

The traits and DNA…

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