Testing & Pushing the Boundary………

Achieving the “mileage” on the showing circuit with Hevans EV Catorrius, today we attended the APHC UK Southern Show at Pachesham Equestrian Centre in Surry.

Gaining 2nd place in the male under three years and Reserve Champion Young Stock.



Assessing Reus behaviour recently in the ring, it is my assumption he has realised during his “show”, there is an opportunity to play and show off without being reprimanded!

This behaviour is  totally unacceptable especially so late in the season!

SURRY 663    SURRY 819

He has learnt to “switch off” outside the ring, he will walk around the ring with other horses and will stand for the judge.









Being aroused by the ladies and getting his penis out is nature, I only try to distract him, dealing with his behaviour and gaining his concentration is key and seems to be working.

Reus was imprinted at birth and has been educated to a high degree of manners and understanding. There is nothing I cannot do with him at home, he is a very sweet, calm and intelligent natured horse and a very quick learner. Nothing phases him and his inquisitive nature enables me to achieve more in his education than most two year olds I have dealt with. Perhaps this is one trait of the Appaloosa shining through?

It is the testosterone that switches Reus character at the events. The presence of this hormone gives him a thicker “cresty” neck and a more muscular physique. On occasions his presence makes him head strong and hard to handle and sometimes he is unpredictable with his actions.



I am always on my guard for a high leg or a swing from his head, 

aware of the danger and consequence should he get loose in the ring.


It is not in Reus’s character to intentionally misbehave, It is my understand that he is pushing the boundaries and testing me?


Just like “the terrible two’s” of a child!

My aim is to persevere and change his attitude, going back to basics at home. We need to enhance our bond, I need to regain his trust and respect starting with a change of routine. A possible change to future showing maybe to compete English style, this will give us more control in a bridle and the bonus of being allowed to carry a showing cane will help reiterate who’s boss!

We have a few weeks before the Nationals, I hope to achieve a significant difference by this show!

Time will tell….




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