Barbara Evans & Paula CooperAs far back as I can remember, my mother has always said to me “What do you want to do? “Do what makes you happy”, “Have a think and weigh up the pro’s and con’s”, “Don’t rush into it, do a little research”, “Well, as long as your happy” and the best one of all,  “well, it’s your life”!

Therefore, the decisions made in my life have been of my own accord and those words I thought at the time didn’t help me one little bit! On reflection, they were the best words!

Life has been a journey and my mother has helped, supported and encouraged all I have done, wanted to do and now, what I am doing.

Now I am a parent, I understand the privilege and opportunity motherhood brings. Not only would I like to thank my mother Barbara Evans for all her support but thank her dearly for participating in the success of Redheart Appaloosas.

At age 12 my mum was bought a foal called Beauty (below right). He was her love and stayed with the family until his passing in his early 30s. A true character whose memories will stay us!

Barbara Evans & BeautyI remember riding Smokey Joe and my sister Claire riding Beauty around the farm playing Cowboys and Indians, jumping from one horse to another…..O’ such fun days!

2010, Barbara took the UK Yearling Filly award at the Appaloosa Club UK National Breed Show with Princesse Pascale. On the same day, I stood by her side with Peyres Catori Cat, achieving the UK Reserve Female Championship.

In 2012 between us, Peyres Catori Cat achieved the Highest Grade Young Stock Award within The British Appaloosa Society. Princesse Pascale was awarded 3rd place in the Nupafeed Supplement Amateur Points Award, under the British Show Horse Association. To top off the end of her showing days, Princesse Pascale was awarded The Amazing Blue Performance Award in the Open In Hand Champion gaining a Register of Merit (ROM).

A little tribute to say a big thank you x

We have together spread our wings and we have learnt to fly!

Barbara, my soulmate, my best friend and my mum sadly passed away in my arms 17th November 2020, the biggest HEART of Redhearts watches over us now.