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97% FPD

Hevans EV Catorrius (ApHC UK)

Redheart Catorrius (BApS)

Appaloosa Horse Club #N-673105
Stallion License N-673105

Appaloosa Horse Club UK A/1652
Stallion License 99

British Appaloosa Society #3755 Grade
A Stallion License 303

Foundation Pedigree Designation (FPD) 97%

Foundation Appaloosa Association #003

Sports Horse Breeding of Great Britain #163313

Bay (Ee Aa) non-characteristic (lp/lp)

Heterozygous for the Pattern Gene (PATN1/patn1)

Height 15hh

Certified negative for the 5-panel test, SCC and grey gene.



100% FPD / GAP 5

DFR Patahas Redheart

Appaloosa Horse Club #677770

Appaloosa Horse Club UK A/1781
Stallion Licence # 103

Foundation Pedigree Designation (FPD) 100%

Generation Advancement Program level 5 (GAP 5)

British Appaloosa Society #3861 Grade B
Stallion License # 305

Foundation Appaloosa Horse Registry #1042 (92.9687%)

Foundation Appaloosa Association # 079

Smoky black near few spot (EE/aa/nCr)

Homozygous for Leopard Complex (LP/LP)

Homozygous for PATTERN-1 (PATN1/PATN1)

Expected height 15.2hh

Certified negative for the 5-panel test, SCC and grey gene.

Future Prospect Stallion Eagles Fire Illusion AKA – FIRE

Frozen Semen Used From Outside Stallions

Kiss My Finest Heart

Kiss My Finest Heart

100% FPD
RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain

RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain

100% FPD