Another huge relief…..

  Awaiting the following cycle after her foal heat, Peyres Catori Cat was booked in at Three Counties Equine Hospital LLP for an Artificial Insemination (AI) package with the semen from RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain.


Peyres Catori Cat - 14Day 2014Princesse Pascale - Heartbeat

     Peyres Catori Cat had her 1st pregnancy scan today,

    which proved to be positive!



                    Princesse Pascale also had a scan to  confirm a

                    heartbeat and healthy maintained pregnancy  !  






As I look out across the field I see the mares happy and content, pregnant for 2015 and my two Kiss My Finest Heart fillies growing and enjoying life……ALL THE GIRLS


What a relief, very excited about the new arrivals out of Peyres Catori Cat & Princesse Pascale by RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain.


Great Friends…………

Last night Hevans EV Pascalius was prepared for her first show, she is an amazingly quiet yearling, bathed, clipped, dressed over and braided with out a care in the world! Because Hevans EV Catorrius was entered, this meant two trips with the lorry so Evee was booked a stable the night before. She loaded and travelled beautifully and settled in the main barn at the ApHC UK Midland Show at Summer House Equestrian Centre, Gloucester.

Evee was entered in ApHC USA Reg – fillies/mares and Main Reg – Fillies 3 years and under. She won both classes and was awarded a special for the best yearling. This was a wonderful introduction to her showing career, Evee wasn’t naughty but scared. The judge was very obliging, I was allowed to encourage and relax the filly before leaving the ring on a “good note”. Very much appreciated, all the work at home vanished into thin air, there was so much for her to observe and I was relieved when her head started to lower!

2           5


Reus was entered in Best Condition & Turnout 3 years & under, ApHC USA Reg – colts / stallions / geldings and Main Reg – Colts 3 years and under. Again, taking first place qualified both horses into their own class Championships and Young Stock Championship.


1          4


Qualifying a colt and a filly in the Young Stock Championship meant an extra pair of hands!


My mother came to the rescue, as always!

Hevans EV Catorrius took the Championship with Hevans EV Pascalius as Reserve! 

History repeating itself, it was only a few years ago, my Mother and I stood with Princesse Pascale and Peyres Catori Cat, the Dam’s of these young stock!

Such a wonderful experience again to be stood in the ring with my mother!



During the morning, to my delight two very good friends Frank and Crystal who I work with turned up at the show! These two people have years of experience with horses and are more than capable of dealing with any situation……..Evee & Reus were taken from me in turn as one went in the ring, one came out etc…….Frank walked Evee around showing her the sights of the showing world and Crystal ensured Reus was kept occupied out of the way of the fillies!

Phew…….so very much appreciated and so glad to have such GREAT FRIENDS! Thank you both x



Chalk & Cheese…..

Today I received and have loaded on her page, Easter’s Genetic Report.

One of the lovely things about these Appaloosa’s is their colour and coat pattern, very much what the breed is so well recognised for.

If you look at Reus,  you could not say for sure “That’s an Appaloosa”. Look at Easter and it’s obvious she’s an Appaloosa, bearing in mind they are full siblings!

Easter has been confirmed LP/LP – Homozygous for the Leopard Print gene. I can confidently say she is affected by Congenital Stationary Night Blindness (CSNB), therefore her management will be dealt with appropriately.

All my horses are kept in a routine, out during the day and stabled at night. Easter will already be adapting to her condition since birth. Keeping her routine gives her a safe place to eat, drink and sleep during the night. I will adjust my transporting times during her future showing career ensuring I plan the travelling times to and from the events in the daylight, for her own safety and to protect all parties involved.

The advantage of her LP status is she will produce a characteristic foal 100% of the time!


Morning Glory………

I know Hevans EV Catorrius is a hormonal two year old colt, his first show at Windsor he screamed at every horse not knowing if they were male or female.  Achieving his “miles on the clock” he has calmed down and has ignored the surrounding horses unless one has come to close. I am always aware of my own space and am quick to alert any one walking their horse towards me, unaware I have a colt for everyone’s safety!


Today, the lorry that followed us into the show ground at Royal Three Counties Show had on board a beautiful 4yr old Appaloosa gelding. Their lorry parked next to us, Hevans EV Catorrius was “in love”! He followed this loud black and white leopard horse with his eye where ever it went! He didn’t misbehave, It was just a constant whimper with his penis out!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                This situation proved to be a little un-comfortable for Reus to leave the pre-parade ring for our Main Register Young Stock class which he won and was definitely a challenge in the Championship.

We trotted on five legs and was placed Reserve Champion to Reus love……



Every Day is a School Day…….


Royal Cornwall Show proved to a long day that won Hevans EV Catorrius 2nd place in the Main Register young stock class and a Reserve Champion in the Championship.

The weather was dry but O’Boy it was windy, our first real experience of blowing banners and flags! Even though Reus walked nicely, I was constantly re checking him because it was obvious he was nervous and uneasy. He stood quiet in the line-up and stood for the judge but under no circumstances was he going to trot in his show, every stride was a bunny hop!

An educational day, these are the sights and sounds he must encounter and become familiar with…..


Knowing your roots…….


When choosing the blood line of any Stallion it is always a good idea to know the history!

Kiss My Finest Heart as an endurance Stallion is wonderful and all that “goes” with him as the father of my present youngstock.  What stands behind him is his Sire Eagles ThundernToby, a resident stallion of Deanna Brown at

It was some time ago when I contacted Deanna to give her the news of Thunders three grandchildren her in the UK. Today I received the most encouraging letter along with a few pictures of Hevans EV Catorrius, Hevans EV Pascalius and Hevans EV Cateasters Grandfather!

I hope you appreciate their website as much as I have. Thunder is a horse that has a beautiful story behind his accomplishments! I have listed his achievements below these photos.

Eagles Thundern TobyEagles Thundern TobyEagles Thundern Toby

Eagles Thundern TobyEagles Thundern Toby

Eagles Thundern TobyEagles Thundern Toby

Eagles Thundern Toby’s Achievements:

  • 2006 ApHC Bronze Medallion in Distance with 355 miles.
  • 2006 ApHC Register of Merit in Distance
  • 2006 Sixth place in AERC Central Region.
  • 2006 8th place in Palmyra, WI at the ApHC National Championship 50 mile Endurance ride. The only stallion to compete.
  • 2006 High Point Appaloosa – Ozark Country Endurance Riders
  • 2006 High mileage Novice Horse – Colorado Ranger Horse.
  • 2006 Jo Ann Tate Memorial Annual Achievement Award for High Point Appaloosa – Ozark Country Endurance Riders.
  • 2006 Colorado Ranger Horse Association Novice Endurance Horse- Bill Wicklund, Rider.
  • 2007 First year working cattle: World Championship Appaloosa Horse show Timed Roping Finalist
  • 2007 Sundance 500 International Open Show Point Program. Second Place, Cattle.
  • Appaloosa Journal: August 2007 Vol 61, No. 8, Page 48, Distance Article
  • 2008 ApHC World Show, Paul Tiernery rider on 2008 World Championship events:
  • Third in Open Senior Judged Heeling. Year end Finalist.
  • 2008 ApHc World Show Sixth in Open Senior Judged Heading
  • 2008 ApHc World Show Fourth in Open Heading and Heeling.
  • 2008 First in the Nation in Steer Daubing.
  • 2008 Year end high point. ApHC Silver Medallion
  • 2008 Sundance 500 International Open Show Point Program. High Point in cattle
  • 2008 ApHc World Show Seventh overall High Point Timed Roping Champion
  • 2008 FOUR ApHC Register of Merits
  • 2008 Sundance 500 International Open Show Point Program. Supreme Champion
  • Appaloosa Journal: August 2008 Vol 62, No. 8, Page 90, On a Loose Rein.

The blood line continues at Redheart Appaloosas……

One under the belt……

As a yearling, Hevans EV Catorrius won 6/11 classes, 4/11 placings, was awarded 4 Championships, 1 Reserve and 1 Supreme. 2014 would require a lot to live up to that! He is a two year old now and with him being so much stronger in body and mind it has been my fear would I be able to achieve the same or better?

Our trip to Royal Bath and West has slightly removed a little of the pressure! He was calm, still screaming at the mares but we were in control. He stood for the judge, his show was perfect and his patience in the line-up was achieved with a handful of grass!

Winning the amalgamated class of stallion, mare or gelding 4 years and over, with colt, filly or gelding 2 or 3 years old with part bred any age, any sex won us 1st place and Champion.

Hevans EV Catorrius - Royal Bath & West 2014

We still have a great season ahead but to win the first Championship is a huge relief and one under the belt!

Hevans EV Catorrius - Royal Bath & West 2014

Hevans EV Catorrius - Royal Bath & West 2014         Hunter Breeding