Redheart Regent is Born….

Peyres Catori Cat x Kiss My Finest Heart 97% FPD Colt

Full sibling to our stallion, Reus.

Our Vet, John Campbell at Three Counties Equine Hospital who sex scanned Catori was right, a COLT!

Although Catori was uncomfortable for 12 hours before giving birth, veterinary examination either end of the day confirmed the foals knees were situated high in Catori’s pelvis. After the foal had repositioned himself, Catori’s foaling was very straight forward at 11.45 pm on the 21st April!!!!

By 3 am, she had cleansed, passing a fully intact placenta and Regent was up nursing.

Mother Nature, is wonderful and Catori is a wonderful mother herself.

Redheart Regent is Born….

The Build Up To Foaling…..

Princesse Pascale and Peyres Catori Cat are now carrying low and are slowly showing all the right signs of foaling.

We have our new sensor motion camera, I receive instant image updates sent to my phone and can view the mares live at any time, anywhere. Modern technology is great but it can become quite addictive….

The mares, keeping their legs crossed!


The broodmares at 344 days.

Foaling is far from imminent but The Build Up is exciting….

335 Days – 2017 Foaling Count Down…..

It’s one week until Princess Pascale and Peyres Catori Cat reach their 342 (average) foaling date.

We are under no illusion they will foal next Sunday, we are not expecting them to foal on the same day just because they were inseminated on the same day. What we’re hoping for, is two safe deliveries this month or even next month?

Both mares have been in their new day and night routine for over a month, they are very much set in their new routine.

I am sure if they could open doors and gates they would walk themselves in and out!

Both mares are bagging up.

At the end of the day, the foal will decide the day.

The mares will decide the time.

2017 Foaling Count Down…..


Colts or Fillies – 60 Day Sex Scans…….

Knowing the gender of a foal before it is born will help us manage several different aspects of our breeding program. In particular, we would like two non-characteristic (NC negative for the LP (Leopard Complex gene)) fillies to continue our breeding programme.

NC fillies will be perfect for our recent imported Stallion DFR Patahas Redheart (Blu) who is homozygous (LP/LP) for the Leopard Complex gene. Thus giving us a characteristic foal (LP/lp) 100% of the time with the advantage of his pedigree and statue.

The mares had their 60 day scans…..

Peyres Catori Cat (Catori) has been inseminated with Kiss My Finest Heart’s (Heart) semen.


Catori and Heart are both LP/lp for the Leopard Complex gene, therefore we have 50% chance of a characteristic foal (LP/lp), 25% chance of few spot or snow cap foal (LP/LP) and 25% chance of a non-characteristic (lp/lp).

Princess Pascale (PP) has been inseminated with Hevans EV Catorrius’s (Reus) semen.


PP is LP/lp and Reus is lp/lp for the Leopard Complex gene, therefore we have 50% chance of a non-characteristic foal (lp/lp) and 50% chance of a characteristic foal (LP/lp).

We have purposely increased our chances of non-characteristic foals this year by not using an LP/LP stallion but we have no control over the gender, it will always be 50 / 50!

The 60-day ultrasound identified both mares are carrying single live fetus which is obviously fantastic news. Eventually, the genital tubercle was located (both mares fetus were quite lively and it took a while to find the view required) didn’t help that both mare’s bladders were full either. The genital tubercle (which eventually will become the penis in a colt and the clitoris in a filly) develops on the midline of the fetus, between the hind legs. At around 55 days, the structure moves toward the umbilicus in a colt and toward the anus in a filly.

So, our wonderful Vet John Campbell (JC) gave us the news we didn’t want to hear….COLT’S!

On a serious note, we are grateful both mares are in foal, we are very grateful both fetus are “single” and “alive” and we only pray the gestation and births follow suit!

The advantage of knowing we might have colts (nothing is 100% guaranteed) is we can prepare to advertise and sell our Stallion (Reus) full brother and his first 100% FPD progeny out of PP. We also are able to either make plans for our NC filly foals in 2018 with the same mating’s or use Blu to create a GAP 6 with 100% success for characteristic foals to sell? Mmmmmm…..

Both mares were inseminated on the 6th May 2016 (“normal” gestation is 335 – 360 days, 342 days average) due date being April 16th 2017.

Let’s hope our news is wrong and those fetus were too quick for JC to accurately identify?


The Herd are Happy……..

The Bank Holiday weekend gave me time to capture some up to date pictures of the Herd…

Peyres Catori Cat aka Catori, confirmed in foal to Kiss My Finest Heart!

Catori and her 2015 foal are happy and confident to be separated but a great mates within the herd!

There is no doubt Catori remains at the top of the pecking order!

Redheart Regal aka Blanc is out of Peyres Catori Cat by  RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain, developing in to a fine filly!

Princesse Pascale aka PP, confirmed in foal to Hevans EV Catorrius!

 Redheart Royale aka Ben is out of Princesse Pascale by RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain, quite a character!


 Our imported future Stud DFR Patahas Redheart aka Blu is our DREAM!



Ben & Blanc

The Herd are HAPPY!


Since our mares Peyres Catori Cat and Princesse Pascale were imported at 6 months of age they have been inseparable. Their connection / bond was quickly noted as a problem when they were at the same show. The lack of concentration in the ring whilst the other mare was calling was frustrating. None the less we dealt with it, keeping them well apart or taking them to different shows.

Since being brood mares their concentration has solely been focused on their foals and nothing else until weaning, only then do they reunite their bonds. After a year off from foaling, something they both deserved their “closeness” had brought about something quite rare…..synchronised seasons!



Whether this is nature working at its best, whether this is something mares (like human females) living together do or whether it’s just coincidence I don’t know….they have made my life easier this year and if I could show them my gratitude I would….

Both mare’s were admitted to Three Counties Equine Hospital on Friday 6th May for Artificial insemination, I had notification on Sunday 8th May to say both mares were coming along nicely and they would be looking to inseminate the next day. As it happens both mares ovulated between 9am and 1pm the next day and were artificially inseminated. RESUT!

Our breeding plan…. So both mares have great conformation, blood lines, and gaits backed up by their  show records but there is always room for improvement, no horse is 100% perfect…..

Being registered with Appaloosa Horse Club, Appaloosa Horse Club UK and British Appaloosa Society it is with complete intention we ensure the stallions used enable the foals to also be eligible for the same registrations.

Peyres Catori Cat  x  Kiss My Finest Heart

Catori is an intelligent, spirited and precocious well-built mare, we have used Heart’s semen again (imported from Spain) because the foals from this pairing (Hevans EV Catorrius and the late Redheart Cateaster) proved to be fine animals.


Princesse Pascale  x  Hevans EV Catorrius

PP is a very quiet reserved mare with an adorable personality, she is very well-built and stands over 16hh. Hevans EV Catorrius should complement the foal with a more compact build and pass on his outstanding intelligence, scope and bravery. Keeping the 100% FPD in mind and keeping the correct confirmation is a high priority.



On Monday 23rd May,  we saw the result of their 14 day scans, we can confirm that both mares have been successfully scanned and are both in foal.

Princesse Pascale X Hevans EV Catorrius

Princesse Pascale X Hevans EV Catorrius

Peyres Catori Cat X Kiss My Finest Heart

Peyres Catori Cat X Kiss My Finest Heart





We are always striving for our desired goals,  to get there we would appreciate two more fillies, any colt’s will defiantly be for sale but the fillies we will keep for our future breeding plan using our imported future stallion DFR Patahas Redheart.

We all know breeding is a gamble and there are no guarantees but the end result is always a surprise with Appaloosas, let’s see what arrives in 2017?

They really are TWO OF A KIND……

Foundation Appaloosas “GET” in the UK…….

I really notice the work load getting three ready for a show and Friday night was a very late finish. As the sun came up Saturday morning the day started to unfold with an awe of excitement as Katie and Crystal turned up and we headed off too the Appaloosa Horse Club UK annual National Breed Show at Moreton Morrel. A two-day show full of APPALOOSAS, run exceptionally well by the ApHC UK directors who exceed themselves organising the whole event including a social evening with line dancing and silent auction to raise funds for the Club and maintain their Grass Roots Database.

Outside, we started the day under the UK judge Theresa Simkins where the three young stock competed in the Non Characteristic and Most Colourful Other class’s. Later the three horses continued to excel in their UK classes relative to their sex and age.

Indoor, Reus started the day under the USA Judge Michelle Pfender in the ApHC USA three-year old colts, FPD Halter for colts and Stallions. Easter and Evee both stepped up to the mark in ApHC USA yearling and two-year old fillies respectively. Later in the FPD Halter mares/fillies a very good friend Margaret Lawrence took Easter with ease giving her a lovely lead as I competed with Evee to comply with the ApHC USA membership requirements.




Throughout the day Reus was very calm and relaxed, he certainly is learning to stand quiet and switch off but he still likes to take advantage of a moment to “show off”. There is no reason other than “look at me male syndrome”. There are times when he grows to 17hh, screams and shouts then when he has everybody’s attention he looks embarrassed!!!! Taking USA and UK Stallion Championships, Young Stock Champion and Reserve Supreme made the day.


The pictures below are of Reus being awarded the M&J Walsh Shield for the Young Stock Championship.

The two small children are Youth members Poppy Spivey and Daisy Williams, they were so very sweet and quiet and gave Reus a kiss. They held a teddy bear named Liberty (aka Bertie). He was on his travels representing a charity called Lighterlife, who are a leading national weight loss company helping individuals to change their lives.

 I think this picture shows clearly the sensitive nature of horses in general with regards to small children and hence why so many unfortunate children with disabilities gain so much happiness from horses. A wonderful moment captured by my mum and Simon Coates Photography.

Champion & Reserve Champion Young Stock.                                                               Margaret Lawrence with her two-year old gelding Teddy Crookberrow




Evee in my opinion is still growing through the “gormless” two-year old stage just like her mum did but her neck is developing and she doesn’t look as bad as she did. Evee is very well in herself and coat but we are experiencing some two year old “tantrums” and “sulking”. One common factor I have experienced,  – BEING TWO YEARS OLD. Just like my children and when showing Peyres Catori Cat, Princesse Pascale, Reus and now Evee at two they just want to see how far they can push you before you lose the plot!!!! Pushing the boundary in the ring where I am 100% sure they know they cannot be reprimanded…… None the less by the end of the day she was tired and gave some beautiful shows, taking the UK Reserve Female Championship with Crystal.









Evee & Easter with Margaret

Eaters’s first show with Evee at the ApHC UK Midlands show was very relaxed. They didn’t even know they were both at the same event. Easter took everything in her stride and relied on Crystal as her security. It’s a bit different now, poor Katie and Crystal had to stay either end of the show ground and whoever was in the ring had a task obtaining the fillies attention. Both horses have bonded too much and Easter’s insecurity shows by consistently shouting for Evee. They got better as the day progressed and Margaret and Easter took the USA Reserve Female Championship.

One lesson we have learnt about the girls, they now need separating from each other, especially before our next event.



Two classes we have never been able to enter, “Get of Sire” and “Produce of Dam” but this year we qualified for both. Having all three young stock (the only three in the UK) by the Stallion Kiss My Finest Heart,  qualified us and brought home a first place.

Peyres Catori Cat the Dam Reus and Easter enabled them to compete in Produce of dam, again bringing home a first place.

For me this was the highlight of the day, competing against other superb breeding stock and to my delight on this day the Redheart young stock were clearly both Judges “type”. Their comments were flattering and very sympathetic towards the fillies performance because during their shows they were frightened from some rather distracting noise from dogs in the gallery but credit where credit is due, Crystal and Katie handled the situation well and there were no loose horses as they attempted a flight reaction…

A huge recognition for us, putting the Foundation Appaloosa Horse on the map in the UK and one moment of tense pressure that brought beaming smiles from ear to ear.

The three Redheart Young Stock taking the Get of Sire – Kiss My Finest Heart

Reus and Easter taking the Produce of Dam – Peyres Catori Cat


A day when the ApHC USA & UK Judges gave the Redheart Young Stock the “GET” in the UK……

Life Event…….To Breed Your First

       To breed your first born is a special moment and will be treasured.

To be fortunate to breed and keep your  first born is very rewarding.

This Blog is a little insight of Reus’s journey to date, from Catori’s 14 day scan to the arrival of two very important certificates.

9th August 2008 Reu’s Dam was born, Peyres Catori Cat.

February 14th 2009, we imported her and started her in-hand showing career. 

Kiss My Finest Heart

Catori was inseminated 21st July 2011 with the imported semen from Kiss My Finest Heart.

Peyres Catori Cat

17TH August 2011 Catori finished her in hand career.

 Winning the British Appaloosa In Hand Championship at The Royal County Berkshire Show.

   13TH June 2012, we had the most unexpected surprise, with no signs of foaling!

A brown non-characteristic colt, Reus.

Over the next 12 months he was educated and his future planned…..


We started 2013 with a few in-hand shows as a nice introduction. Reus proved to have inherited his mother’s confident traits and it was obvious we had our hands full.

As a two year old, 2014 proved to be a very testing show season. The high level of testosterone alongside his two year old tantrums gave us more determination to prove him. We persevered and happy to say we overcame a few issues, exceeding my expectations towards the end of the season.

1 9 8 7 6  4 3 5 (1)



The start of 2015 has been pleasant so far but the one major event we anticipated was Reus’s third birthday…..



To comply with the British Appaloosa Society and the Appaloosa Horse Club UK stallion licensing requirements,  it was agreed to complete the five stage vetting with the independent vet on the same day for both societies. Reus’s application for his stallion license was organised a while back and booked for Monday 15th June.

After liaising with both societies, completing the necessary documents, tests and fees, I am now very proud to announce, Reus’s is officially recognised as Hevans EV Catorrius with the ApHC UK (Grade A) and Redheart Catorrius with BApS (Grade A) as a registered licensed Stallion.


We will continue his competition career in hand for the remainder of 2015

The plan is to “collect” from him and hope to have semen available for the 2016 breeding season.




What a memorable Life Event….

Three Redheart’s In The Ring……

When it comes to a yearling’s first show I can only talk of my own experience. At home, trips in the lorry, bathing, in hand leading and being taught to standing correctly, alongside many other educational lessons will ensure a sense of normality on the day. Whilst at the show, the day can unfold either way…

The Regional Appaloosa Club UK show at Summer House, Gloucester was the perfect introductory show for Easter. Crystal gave her an encouraging start, full of praise and reward. Easter amazed us all with her obedience, positive attitude and calmness. Her shows for the Judge were impressive and were rewarded with a first place in the Most Colourful, a second in the main registered fillies and delighted to say the Reserve Championship from the Females.

Easter was then taken to the lorry to enjoy her hay net whilst Katie and Evee continued their classes and myself and Reus stayed out the way until it was our turn in the ring.


Here are a few photos of the Three Redhearts Day Out……..


Crystal with Redheart Cateaster



Katie with Redheart Pascalius


Katie and Evee took a first in the young stock UK and USA fillies.

 Also awarded USA Reserve Champion  and UK Female Champion.

A lovely day spent with Happy Appy friends


 Reus had an educational day, with a fulfilled day of classes.

We took a few firsts and seconds, three Reserve Champions and the USA Championship.

A delightful day spent with delightful people.

The first show where three Redhearts stood in the ring…….




There is a GAP in our Breeding Programme……….

We have many factors involved in our breeding programme, we are only at the beginning. Below (in no particular order) are those factors achievable, parallel to confirmation and a performance record. I consider I have bought a future Stallion and semen from three of the most knowledgeable, trustworthy and respected Appaloosa Breeders within Europe.

Plans can change over night, personnel circumstances can change, accidents can happen but at the present moment we are here…..



When we started breeding we wanted to create a new gene pool within the UK. There are many quality Appaloosas available for sale and at stud within the UK but to enhance a blood line would become a challenge as many are related. Thus the importation of our mares and future stallion.



Having learnt so much about this topic, it is only recently we realise with the development of the PATN1 gene test that we can confidently say moving forward we require a Stallion with LP/LP and PATN1/PATN1 to maximize our chance of producing loudly patterned foals.

We have taken our chances by breeding heterozygous x heterozygous (LP/lp) and bred some fantastic breeding base stock. Because of this we have secured a few years worth of Kiss My Finest Hearts semen to enable us not only to breed full siblings but with a chance of continued quality base stock for breeding purposes only. It is our aim to keep the fillies and sell the  colts, the odds of this we know are 50%/50% !!!!!!

Regarding our colt Hevans EV Catorrius, as a potential Stallion, he is not suitable to cover any of the Redheart mares. Not only is he related but the only female suitable would be Princesse Pascale and I do not want to dilute her blood line despite his outstanding performance record.

However, he does have a major role to play here at Redheart Appaloosas with his result from Davis being PATN1/patn1. Pending his Stallion license, we will plan to look for his future wife/s. A possible Few Spot or Snow Cap (LP/LP), PATN1/PATN1 filly/mare. With 100% FPD and a high percentage of FAHR blood line, along with great confirmation and a possible performance record?

Does such filly exist? We await his license before we get excited on this note….



An Appaloosa horse entered in the FPD programme must have 30 out of 30 horses in its first four generations of Appaloosa breeding to qualify at 100% FPD.

Therefore we realise 100% FPD is another goal to continue with. Princesse Pascale and Redheart Pascalius are both 100% FPD. To achieve a standard of producing 100% FPD foals it is vital we continue to proceed with 100% FPD Stallions.

Peyres Catori Cat is 90% FPD, only her grandchildren will meet the 100% FPD status. With her first filly on the ground, Redheart Cateaster at 97% FPD it is possible and in sight. It’s a long journey to obtain another generation of 100% FPD from this blood line but in my eyes it is well worth the wait.

Reus is 97% FPD and will only be crossed with 100% FPD mares to obtain any future foals to be sold as 100% FPD.



Learning about FAHR was a wonderful insight into the history of the Appaloosa. Peyres Catori Cat and Princesse Pascale are not eligible for this registry because their blood lines relating to the original Nez Perce Foundation horses are less than 75%. I feel quite passionate about this blood line, making every effort to enhance the percentage to produce FAHR eligible foals.

We have our first FAHR eligible foal at Redheart Appaloosas named BEN . Pending registration Redheart Royale  out of Princesse Pascale by RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain.

Our future Stallion will consistently produce FAHR eligible foals and we feel another goal has been achieved.


Appaloosa Horse Club USA (APHC)

Appaloosa Horse Club UK (ApHC UK)

British Appaloosa Society (BApS)

When we started showing Peyres Catori Cat and Princesse Pascale we realised the potential of opportunities available in the showing / competing world.

When it comes to young stock the in hand classes are endless, having an Appaloosa that is triple registered opens many doors from National Breed Shows, Regional Show and the Agricultural/County level shows. We are also members of The British Show Horses Association, Western Equestrian Society, Sports Horse Society, United Saddlebred Association and a few more which allow us under one or more of the triple registration to compete in Foreign Breed Classes, Sports Horse, Hunter and many more.

If you wanted to go showing every weekend with an Appaloosa then it’s possible. The future of a Triple registered Appaloosa has huge advantages and another box we like to tick in our breeding programme.



All our base stock have and will undergo a thorough examination under the Judges eye. An accumulation of Class Wins, Reserve Championships, Championships, Supreme Championships, Register of Merits (ROM), National status and Breed Registry Point awards have been achieved.

These horses have proven their selves to be suitable for quality breeding, by their own merits.


This is a programme through the APHC to promote Appaloosa x Appaloosa breeding. It requires two 100% FPD Appaloosas to be breed from. The resulting foal can then enter the programme at G5.

Redheart Pascalius is eligible and will be enrolled. Our future stallion is also eligible, therefore the future with Princesse Pascale’s off spring and Redheart Pascalius’s  blood line will continue with GAP 6 eligible foals.

Ben is also eligible for the GAP 5 status, he will be enrolled and if kept as an entire his progeny will be eligible for GAP 6 if he is crossed with a 100% FPD mare.


In honour of our first GAP 5 foal for sale, we bought Ben a number plate for our horse lorry!