Dawn to Dusk………….

 At Redhearts, we are no different to any another horse owner during these winter months, finding the long months a challenge. Irrespective if your horse/s live in and worked or live out or come in during the night, the work load is immense. The commitment to strive through the elements of the weather is the small price you pay for the satisfaction of being a horse owner. Taking on the frozen pipes, the extra manure due to the longer hours spent in the stable and ad lib hay. Not to mention the muddy fields……..I could go on!

None the less I look forward to the winter, “letting the horses down”, letting them get muddy, grow a winter coat and be “horses” is all part of their education, especially for the young stock, I believe this is one factor of many that is key to their future.

Although I find it a challenge, with work, the school runs and general family life, it is only what I know now. The race against the day light hours,I find preparation and organisation at the weekends without compromising the care of the horses makes life easier. Long gone are my days of changing rugs and warming the bit up…..

Today the sun shone and I had time to take some up to date images. It is amazing to see what a bit of sun can do, the young stock certainly had fun……

The broodmares grazed….

The Redheart fillies played……

Reus constantly annoyed the pony……..


Despite a thick  dirty coat, an over grown mane and  splashed with mud, he still looks a “handsome two-year old colt”…..



Who is the Appaloosa?


The cold dry days are far more enjoyable than the wet windy ones and the horses actions support this quite clearly.

The race against the clock from Dawn to Dusk has been captured beautifully by my very patient daughters.


Dawn, the time that marks the beginning of the twilight before the sunrise, time to get those horses out…..in aid of Easter because of her night blindness.

Dusk, during early stages of twilight, there is enough light in the sky under clear-sky conditions to get the horses in without the aid of a torch….


When twilight sets the scene, when the Sun itself is not directly visible because it is below the horizon, it’s the countdown to wash your boots and lock up……