Reus Meets The Girls……

Princesse Pascale and Peyres Catori Cat are now in their own paddock, bonding with their newborns. This has left Caricks Redheart (Myka), Redheart Regal (Blanc) and Redheart Pascalius (Evee) alone. This has meant a new pecking order, of course, it would be Evee!

Since Reus’s castration, he has been in his own paddock next to Blu. We have left it a month ensuring any semen left in him, has died. It will be a while before he loses the stallion mentality but this weekend we have moved him parallel to the girls.

His fear of the electric fence is far greater than the real strength of the fence and sure enough, he greeted the girls with a few “screams” before they ignored him.

Reus meets Myka

Reus meets Evee

Reus meets Blanc

Reus meets the girls but prefers the grass…….

Redheart Reality is Born….

When PP started walking the box and snatching her hay, we knew foaling was imminent.

Photos speak louder than words….


We are unbelievably relieved to witness the safe delivery of one health colt, beautifully marked.

We are extremely proud to have created our first foal by our homebred stallion.

Princesse Pascale x Redheart Catorrius / Hevans EV Catorrius aka Reus


DFR Patahas Redheart – A Licensed Appaloosa Stallion…..

Today, our imported colt from the Double Forest Ranch in Switzerland passed his 5 stage vetting.

Organized and attended by two of the British Appaloosa Society Directors at Oakhill Veterinary Cente

He is now a triple registered licensed stallion.

Foundation Appaloosa Horse Registry (FAHR) # 1042 92.9687%.

British Appaloosa Society (BApS) GRADE B.

The Appaloosa Club UK (ApHC UK) ‘A’ register.

Already a registered stallion with the ApHC 100% FPD & GAP 5.

Black (EE aa) homozygous LP & PATN1 stallion who is 5-panel negative.

This is a huge milestone for Redheart Appaloosas, breeding forward for Foundation Blood and many other qualities.

DFR Patahas Redheart – A Licensed Appaloosa Stallion

Redheart Regent is Born….

Peyres Catori Cat x Kiss My Finest Heart 97% FPD Colt

Full sibling to our stallion, Reus.

Our Vet, John Campbell at Three Counties Equine Hospital who sex scanned Catori was right, a COLT!

Although Catori was uncomfortable for 12 hours before giving birth, veterinary examination either end of the day confirmed the foals knees were situated high in Catori’s pelvis. After the foal had repositioned himself, Catori’s foaling was very straight forward at 11.45 pm on the 21st April!!!!

By 3 am, she had cleansed, passing a fully intact placenta and Regent was up nursing.

Mother Nature, is wonderful and Catori is a wonderful mother herself.

Redheart Regent is Born….

The Build Up To Foaling…..

Princesse Pascale and Peyres Catori Cat are now carrying low and are slowly showing all the right signs of foaling.

We have our new sensor motion camera, I receive instant image updates sent to my phone and can view the mares live at any time, anywhere. Modern technology is great but it can become quite addictive….

The mares, keeping their legs crossed!


The broodmares at 344 days.

Foaling is far from imminent but The Build Up is exciting….

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag PP…..

13th April 2009

 The Derflinger Appaloosa Stud in Austria produced this wonderful foal.

14th February 2010

 A wonderful trip to Austria to collect our new family member!

7th August 2010

The ApHC UK National show gave her, UK & USA yearling filly titles.

As a yearling, PP’s début outing at County level achieved her a third place.


At two years old, PP accomplished her first Championship.


At three years, she won three Reserve Championships under the British Appaloosa Society.

Finishing her in hand young stock days, she was inseminated with semen from Kiss My Finest Heart.


PP became a superior broodmare.

April 21st saw the safe delivery of Redheart Pascalius.

Unfortunately, mother nature decided against her insemination for a 2014 pregnancy


She enjoyed being a broodmare and confirmed in foal with semen from RDF Ti Khi Atta Rain.


PP gave birth to a gorgeous colt and continued as an excellent mother.

9th May 2016

PP was inseminated with frozen semen from Hevans EV Catorrius / Redheart Catorrius.

13th April 2017

Today, PP is 339 days pregnant and looking absolutely gorgeous.

Happy Birthday PP

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag PP…..

335 Days – 2017 Foaling Count Down…..

It’s one week until Princess Pascale and Peyres Catori Cat reach their 342 (average) foaling date.

We are under no illusion they will foal next Sunday, we are not expecting them to foal on the same day just because they were inseminated on the same day. What we’re hoping for, is two safe deliveries this month or even next month?

Both mares have been in their new day and night routine for over a month, they are very much set in their new routine.

I am sure if they could open doors and gates they would walk themselves in and out!

Both mares are bagging up.

At the end of the day, the foal will decide the day.

The mares will decide the time.

2017 Foaling Count Down…..