Redheart Regal & Redheart Ru Images…

When a person requires images and video’s of a horse, that is never a problem. Nothing better on a nice day waiting to capture that perfect stride with the ears forward. However, it’s rather difficult when you have an inquisitive 5-month-old foal who wanted to be in on the action!

We achieved a few shots of Redheart Regal and then snapped away at Baby Ru who got quite upset as I kept asking her to move out of my way but how could I not take pictures of this stunning filly.


The Herd are Happy……..

The Bank Holiday weekend gave me time to capture some up to date pictures of the Herd…

Peyres Catori Cat aka Catori, confirmed in foal to Kiss My Finest Heart!

Catori and her 2015 foal are happy and confident to be separated but a great mates within the herd!

There is no doubt Catori remains at the top of the pecking order!

Redheart Regal aka Blanc is out of Peyres Catori Cat by  RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain, developing in to a fine filly!

Princesse Pascale aka PP, confirmed in foal to Hevans EV Catorrius!

 Redheart Royale aka Ben is out of Princesse Pascale by RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain, quite a character!


 Our imported future Stud DFR Patahas Redheart aka Blu is our DREAM!



Ben & Blanc

The Herd are HAPPY!

The First Foundation but Not The Last…..

In our aim to breed Foundation Appaloosas we are delighted to announce;

Redheart Royale is the first Foundation Appaloosa to be born within the UK.

Princesse Pascale x RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain


Redheart Royale, aka Ben is the first foal born (April 15) within the UK to be registered with the Foundation Appaloosa Horse Registry, above 75%, he has a GAP 5 status and 100% FPD.

He is confirmed homozygous for the Pattern Gene (PATN1/PATN1) and is bay (EE Aa).

Certified negative for PSSM and the Grey gene.

We love Ben…….he has an adorable personality!

It will be a few years before we achieve another foal of this status but it is in the “PLAN”.

He is the first but certainly not the last……

Time out…….

After a few days in the round pen it was time to venture out into the big field.

Peyres Catori Cat is always a protective mother for the first few days.

By day four she was far more relaxed and was turned out with her new-born Blanc.

Pending registration name – Redheart Regal.





They have been out most days for a few hours but the weather has been unfair for foals….



Foals always find a way to reach the grass.



I don’t think Catori lifted her head during her Time out…….



It’s a filly foal…..

Last night it was very warm and Catori was quite content being out but seemed to be stood close to the entrance to the field on her own which was very unusual.

Early Monday morning, Catori was showing signs of discomfort which subsided. Later, the tell tale sign of her dropped belly meant the foal had presented its self in the canal. At  4.10am this morning we viewed the safe delivery of a healthy few spot filly. Pending registered name Redheart Regal.

As expected, Catori proved to be a very protective mother and it was a challenge to meet the new arrival stable named Blanc. My youngest daughter said its “All Blanc”! (never guess she is learning French).

Given the foal looks all white and Catori was imported from France, the name has justification!

Blanc and Catori have a very strong bond and obviously  LP/LP which makes her a super breeding prospect.

They were taken out into the round pen this evening for 20-30 minutes, here are some photos of them.


We are delighted to see our second healthy Redheart Appaloosa on the ground.








There is a GAP in our Breeding Programme……….

We have many factors involved in our breeding programme, we are only at the beginning. Below (in no particular order) are those factors achievable, parallel to confirmation and a performance record. I consider I have bought a future Stallion and semen from three of the most knowledgeable, trustworthy and respected Appaloosa Breeders within Europe.

Plans can change over night, personnel circumstances can change, accidents can happen but at the present moment we are here…..



When we started breeding we wanted to create a new gene pool within the UK. There are many quality Appaloosas available for sale and at stud within the UK but to enhance a blood line would become a challenge as many are related. Thus the importation of our mares and future stallion.



Having learnt so much about this topic, it is only recently we realise with the development of the PATN1 gene test that we can confidently say moving forward we require a Stallion with LP/LP and PATN1/PATN1 to maximize our chance of producing loudly patterned foals.

We have taken our chances by breeding heterozygous x heterozygous (LP/lp) and bred some fantastic breeding base stock. Because of this we have secured a few years worth of Kiss My Finest Hearts semen to enable us not only to breed full siblings but with a chance of continued quality base stock for breeding purposes only. It is our aim to keep the fillies and sell the  colts, the odds of this we know are 50%/50% !!!!!!

Regarding our colt Hevans EV Catorrius, as a potential Stallion, he is not suitable to cover any of the Redheart mares. Not only is he related but the only female suitable would be Princesse Pascale and I do not want to dilute her blood line despite his outstanding performance record.

However, he does have a major role to play here at Redheart Appaloosas with his result from Davis being PATN1/patn1. Pending his Stallion license, we will plan to look for his future wife/s. A possible Few Spot or Snow Cap (LP/LP), PATN1/PATN1 filly/mare. With 100% FPD and a high percentage of FAHR blood line, along with great confirmation and a possible performance record?

Does such filly exist? We await his license before we get excited on this note….



An Appaloosa horse entered in the FPD programme must have 30 out of 30 horses in its first four generations of Appaloosa breeding to qualify at 100% FPD.

Therefore we realise 100% FPD is another goal to continue with. Princesse Pascale and Redheart Pascalius are both 100% FPD. To achieve a standard of producing 100% FPD foals it is vital we continue to proceed with 100% FPD Stallions.

Peyres Catori Cat is 90% FPD, only her grandchildren will meet the 100% FPD status. With her first filly on the ground, Redheart Cateaster at 97% FPD it is possible and in sight. It’s a long journey to obtain another generation of 100% FPD from this blood line but in my eyes it is well worth the wait.

Reus is 97% FPD and will only be crossed with 100% FPD mares to obtain any future foals to be sold as 100% FPD.



Learning about FAHR was a wonderful insight into the history of the Appaloosa. Peyres Catori Cat and Princesse Pascale are not eligible for this registry because their blood lines relating to the original Nez Perce Foundation horses are less than 75%. I feel quite passionate about this blood line, making every effort to enhance the percentage to produce FAHR eligible foals.

We have our first FAHR eligible foal at Redheart Appaloosas named BEN . Pending registration Redheart Royale  out of Princesse Pascale by RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain.

Our future Stallion will consistently produce FAHR eligible foals and we feel another goal has been achieved.


Appaloosa Horse Club USA (APHC)

Appaloosa Horse Club UK (ApHC UK)

British Appaloosa Society (BApS)

When we started showing Peyres Catori Cat and Princesse Pascale we realised the potential of opportunities available in the showing / competing world.

When it comes to young stock the in hand classes are endless, having an Appaloosa that is triple registered opens many doors from National Breed Shows, Regional Show and the Agricultural/County level shows. We are also members of The British Show Horses Association, Western Equestrian Society, Sports Horse Society, United Saddlebred Association and a few more which allow us under one or more of the triple registration to compete in Foreign Breed Classes, Sports Horse, Hunter and many more.

If you wanted to go showing every weekend with an Appaloosa then it’s possible. The future of a Triple registered Appaloosa has huge advantages and another box we like to tick in our breeding programme.



All our base stock have and will undergo a thorough examination under the Judges eye. An accumulation of Class Wins, Reserve Championships, Championships, Supreme Championships, Register of Merits (ROM), National status and Breed Registry Point awards have been achieved.

These horses have proven their selves to be suitable for quality breeding, by their own merits.


This is a programme through the APHC to promote Appaloosa x Appaloosa breeding. It requires two 100% FPD Appaloosas to be breed from. The resulting foal can then enter the programme at G5.

Redheart Pascalius is eligible and will be enrolled. Our future stallion is also eligible, therefore the future with Princesse Pascale’s off spring and Redheart Pascalius’s  blood line will continue with GAP 6 eligible foals.

Ben is also eligible for the GAP 5 status, he will be enrolled and if kept as an entire his progeny will be eligible for GAP 6 if he is crossed with a 100% FPD mare.


In honour of our first GAP 5 foal for sale, we bought Ben a number plate for our horse lorry!


Déjà vu………..

Here we are again anticipating the safe arrival of Redhearts 5th foal!


Peyres Catori Cat is 330 days into her gestation today, although we use 340 days as her “due date” being an average of the average range of 320 – 365 days, we are not expecting her to actually give birth on her due date although that would be appreciated.

The foaling date is decided by the foal, dictating when they are sufficiently developed and ready to be born not by the calendar in the kitchen. At Redheart’s we have experience the earliest delivery at 327 days and the latest being 354 days.

At the present time she continues to be calm and content, looking forward to going out in the mornings and waiting to come in at night…..she seems so very normal in her character but we are seeing a few changes physically.

These broodmares certainly don’t make it easy for us to predict exactly when they are going too foal. The anxiety and sleepless nights are soon forgiven once the new-born has safely arrived, with the desired  “colour & spots” or  NOT?


I am sure I have been here before……….

Finally a foal and it’s a BOY!

Well it was no surprise for Princesse Pascale to be late delivering this foal, mares generally follow their own pattern of gestation and this delay was anticipated.

Princesse Pascale’s ligaments of her hindquarters around the tail head had softened increasingly over the last week, her udder had bagged up but no wax to speak of. We have been monitoring her every hour during the night as she has shown many signs of discomfort recently.

At 6.30am this morning PP was showing signs of restlessness, by 7 she had started foaling. We initially watched her on the CCTV camera, giving her minimal disturbance.

It wasn’t long before it became apparent PP was having difficulties foaling. A call for the vet was required and before 8 the new arrival was safe on the ground with a little help.


Can you believe this is our third foal born on the 21st April in consecutive years.





He is a big boy with very long legs. His arrival into the world was to say the least not what I expected or wanted but o boy he is “all there”. He really is “full on” for a new-born, cross nursing within 2 hours and running around in the round pen by 5.30pm. Full of life, very inquisitive and friendly.



PP is in very good health, loads of milk and being a fantastic mother again.


We’re relieved to see the safe delivery of 2015 Princesse Pascale

Stable name BEN



Pending registered name REDHEART ROYALE


Watching and waiting……..


The foaling box is ready, a deep, banked up straw bed that is warm and comfortable.

The wireless CCTV camera is linked to the TV in the bedroom.

Princesse Pascale

Princesse Pascale is in her 11mth of gestation, about 18 days pre her due date, true to form she has already started showing signs. Her udder has become distended, before turning her out in the morning it is quite obvious her udder has filled up over night while she is resting. Coming in from the field at night, her udder has shrunk due to her exercising.


Princesse Pascale

At the present time we are looking at a full term delivery, if PP repeats her last foal gestation time with Redheart Pascalius we will be waiting a further two weeks?

Princesse Pascale

Observing her on the camera is quite entertaining, witnessing the foal moving, makes her spots sporadically enlarge.

PP is now a mature six-year-old mare, standing at just over 16hh and extremely well-built. I believe the foal by RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain is going to be big……

Princesse Pascale


For the time being we pray for a safe delivery for PP and a healthy strong foal.


All we can do at the present moment in time is watch and wait!


Heads Up…………

With the day length increasing as the season progresses I believe everyone must be feeling better as we enter the spring months of March, April and May. Welcoming the sun and a general warmer climate, seeing the buds appear and witness the regrowth of the grass gives us all a lift of enthusiasm. More importantly, Spring is the start of reproduction in many animals but there is an awe of excitement here at Redheart Appaloosas as we anticipate the safe arrival of our two 2015 Redheart foals.

Peyres Catori Cat

Peyres Catori Cat


Peyres Catori Cat and Princesse Pascale are in their 9th & 10th months of gestation respectively. They are both in foal to RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain. Both mares are extremely well in themselves, looking very healthy in their coats and very well-conditioned.

Princesse Pascale

Princesse Pascale

Assuming both foals are born healthy, correct and without  complications, these foals will be for sale with the following;

  • An Equine Genetics report. All our horses are free from PSSM & Grey gene.
  • An Equine Parentage Report.
  • A Veterinary Health Check Report.
  • An APHC Certificate of Registration.
  • An APHC pedigree certificate.
  • A passport with the ApHC UK
  • Desensitised at birth, micro chipped, vaccinated, wormed and feet trimmed as required.
  • Insured until agreed day of collection or delivery by prior agreement.
  • Registered with the Foundation Appaloosa Association.
  • Princesse Pascale’s foal will qualify and be registered with the Foundation Appaloosa Horse Registry.
  • Registered and enrolled in the APHC Foundation Pedigree Designation (FPD) programme.

Princesse Pascale’s foal will be enrolled at 100% FPD

Peyres Catori Cat’s foal will be enrolled at 97% FPD

Both foals will be half-siblings to many other proven Atta foals. Please have a look at his NEW website WD Appaloosas.

Both foals due are from two successful mares who have obtained many competitive titles. Please view  their details and achievements Peyres Catori Cat and Princesse Pascale.

Princesse Pascale’s foal will be half-sibling to the 2014 Female Yearling Champion at the BApS National 2014 and multi Reserve Champion yearling, Redheart Pascalius.

Peyres Catori Cat’s foal will be half-sibling to the multi Champion and International Top 5 for 2-year-old colts, Hevans EV Catorrius.

Redheart Pascalius

Redheart Pascalius

Hevans EV Cattorius

Hevans EV Cattorius

Redheart Cateaster

Redheart Cateaster


With the prefix Redheart there is an opportunity for a prospective purchaser to name the foal. Due to the time scale of registration with APHC and the legal obligation to obtain a passport before 6months old. It is recommended your interest be confirmed ASAP for you to secure a name.

I would appreciate Redheart foals will be sold to those who understand and accept the expenses involved and are confident to take on a long-term commitment, valuing the Appaloosa x Appaloosa breeding we have here at Redhearts.

It is my wish that a Redheart foal will be sold to a loving home with the intention and passion to enhance its future by either competing, breeding or both and continue to support the APHC.

A foal is an exceptional opportunity to personally train, starting with a blank canvas is priceless.

 It is the “right” person that develops the “right” horse to build the “right” partnership.

Please contact me and register your interest.

 At the present time we can only give you the “Heads Up” ……..