Redheart Reality – Debut Dressage

Redheart Reality (aka Tally) is out of our very precious mare Princesse Pascale (aka PP), he is by our first homebred horse Hevans EV Cataorrius (aka Reus) who has just exceeded all our expectations in every way. We have only used this mating once because Reus is related to our other mares and you can’t cross two non-characteristic Appaloosas so that’s Myka out of the picture. but moving forwards, we now have more options due to our breeding plan.

We were hoping for  Tally to be a filly to retain, to enable us to carry forward the blood line but as Tally was a colt it was his destiny to be sold and it wasn’t long before Jenna found him or he found Jenna?

Jenna unfortunately had an accident (a very nasty break to the leg) which prevented her from continuing Tally’s education but the positive outcome was Tally was turned away after being broken in,  this is by far the best situation for any young horse, enabling them switch off mentally.

Jenna has worked extremely hard to get back into the swing of things (I for one totally understand the fear of riding after breaking your leg, learning to walk again is an achievement in it’s self never mind riding a horse), but she has DONE IT!

Today, we went to support Jenna & Tally in their first debut out competing at Glebe Farm Equestrian Centre competing in the G.F.E.C Dressage & Trailblazers 1st Round.
We have regular contact with Jenna via social media but to see them both in the flesh today was very emotional, Tally looks fabulous and their relationship is strong, we are so very proud of them both, they will and can only continue to go from strength to strength.


We are expecting a full sibling soon, we pray everything goes to plan as a REPLICATION of Tally would just be divine…



Virtual – Appaloosa Shows for 2020

Due to the current situation of COVID 19, it is without doubt social distancing is in place to help prevent the virus spreading and to ensure unnecessary stress on the NHS. This has resulted in ALL social events being cancelled – with good reason and we certainly understand and are not complaining.

Many of the Clubs, Societies and event organisations have taken this opportunity to promote their interests, their breeds and keep all equine enthusiast’s entertained by way of Virtual events and photo competitions.

As Directors of the ApHC UK, its certainly beneficial to notify our members of these events that will promote the APPALOOSA BREED, one very special event that Redheart’s try to attend each year is Royal Windsor. It one of the most prestigious events and is a highlight for us to promoting our Appaloosas, its a well organised event over 5 days and we recommend a visit, especially in 2021.

The actual physical Appaloosa Class at Windsor is restricted to the British Appaloosa Society, however  their “OPEN” Appaloosa Class for  Virtual Windsor 2020 attracted a huge amount of interest… here some of the fantastic entries from Instagram at  #virtualwindsorclass22, including our own.


Royal Windsor Horse Show announced the Top 10 Finalist today from a total of 79 entries. The judging of this class will be streamed on Saturday 16th May, 2020 as part of Virtual Windsor Show Week.

We are extremely proud to see two of the finalists represent Redheart Appaloosas. Redheart Reality, image taken at Royal Windsor when he won his young stock class and took Reserve In Hand Champion in 2018 and the second image is Redheart Reflection owned by April Woods (submitted by her mother – Lian Woods).

Redheart Reality

Redheart Reflection

Here at Redhearts we sincerely wish all competitors in the final the BEST OF LUCK!

Bundle of Dreams – Amelia Storer

Carms Before Dark -Joanne Prestidge-King

Causin A Rumpus – Danielle French

Desired Edition – Megan Share

Hendrefawr Razzamatazz – Jade Oxley

Mont Blanc – Danielle French

Stamford Pride – Penelope Oliver

Taihirion Florida May – Rachel Cutter





Redheart Regent & Reality – Two 16hh 3yr old Appaloosas

Regent & Reality are supposed to spending 2020 in the ring, as 3yr olds it’s their last in hand season. We are in the same boat as everyone else, due to the current situation about COVID 19.

The boys are looking well and certainly showing us exactly the power of the LP gene, beautiful!

We have been utilising our time “starting” them, we are taking every day slowly and calmly, here’s a few pictures after their long-reining session, certainly too much energy!



A Day Showing At Royal Three Counties 2019

We adore agricultural shows, so much to see, so much to do and the prize money is very generous 🙂

Entries for these big shows close months before and as every horse owner knows, anything can happen, one day your horse looks amazing and the next day it looks like a completely different horse!

We entered Redheart Reality in the Main Registered class and Redheart Regent in the Part bred class, but it was the night before the show that Reality was the chosen one.

The Appaloosa Classes at Royal Three Counties are usually affiliated to BApS, the support has slowly declined and with the risk of losing the Appaloosa Classes all together someone did something about it…This year they opened the affiliation to REGISTERED APPALOOSAS (BApS and ApHC UK) & BRITISH SPOTTED PONIES, so we had a right mixture, which was rather a spectacle but a tough one for the Judge!

All the Redheart Appaloosa’s are registered with BApS & ApHC UK so, I get to choose if we go English style (plaited with bridle) or American style (braided with halter). Given the choice, especially at County level its always great to dress up different, we attract a lot of interest from the public and I believe it represents the true history our Appaloosas (it’s also easier and quicker to braid than plait) 🙂

With all the recent rain it was no surprise for a tractor to meet and greet us, credit due, the work force at the show did an exceptional job giving the conditions they were working in. We experienced a slight hick up with our entries, the computer experienced a glitch which messed up my entries but thankfully with the downloaded email confirmation on my phone it was easily rectified and we continued the day, we accept these things happen and is all taken as “A Day Showing”.

Reality was pretty shocked by the donkeys in the ring adjacent, he was pretty scared when a horse flipped over in the ring parallel to us and I struggled to run in the deep conditions but he won his young stock class, his performance was exceptional. This horse could trot around the ring on his own, stop and back up and line up on voice command, I’m sure of it!


The Championship, Redheart Reality put in another outstanding performance, placed as Reserve Champion to Desired Edition and Megan Share,  we have been Reserve to Desired Edition many times and we are proud to stand next to Megan and her beautiful horse.

All In A Day’s Showing…


The Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC) UK Spring Show 2019 – A Father & Son’s Day Out

1st June 2019, will not forget this day in a hurry…

Up at 4 am, bathed and plaited Reus and bathed and braided his son Reality who both had spent the night out.  On the road to Farnham in Surrey, we missed the exit off the M4 and then we got back on track we hit the diversions, annoyed but calm I drove very carefully as we negotiated roundabout after roundabout. I gave in to the fact we may have missed Reality’s in hand classes but we may just make it in time for the ridden with Reus.

Arriving at the showground the wonderful Matt Ayling, the top man for the ApHC UK First Aider very kindly opened the gate, how amazing does such a small gesture make you feel. From this moment the day unfolded remarkably well. Our first sight as I jumped from the lorry was our 2018 filly Ru, we sold Ru to Wendy Fitzgerald and Ru was having her first outing, she looked amazing and as I shouted her name across the car park in that stupid high pitch Ru Ru, her head shot up and a whinny called back to me, well my heart melted.

We quickly got changed, unloaded Reality and went straight into the ring, he had no time to look and never batted an eyelid at his new surroundings. Walk, trot and halt, perfect and so we continued in the soaring heat. He collected the first place in his age class in UK and USA, he went Male Champion, Young-Stock Champion, USA Champion and Supreme In Hand of the Show – What a superior horse he is without question.

Redheart Reality Male Champion

Redheart Reality Young-Stock Champion

Redheart Reality USA Champion

Redheart Reality Supreme Champion

We can not express in words how wonderful it was to see RU do so well, she also took the winning places in the female classes taking the Reserve In-Hand Champion.

Redheart Appaloosas

No sooner had the in hand finished, Reality went back on the lorry and Reus came off, tacked up, quick change and on with the ridden. We didn’t get chance to warm Reus up, I was not going to ask him to make a shape and look like a horse that was ready to compete for a show, we let him walk and trot around, using our first class to our advantage, make no mistake he certainly looked like a horse that had just come straight off the lorry! But, after our second show, I pulled him together, put my legs on and squeezed him up.  Well what a transformation, he carried me, he felt under me and so responsive, we actually did a half pass on both reins to get back to the rail, I felt a sense of happiness and fulfillment even if we hadn’t got placed I would have been satisfied that our transition from Western to English was coming together, albeit slowly.

Hevans EV Catorrius Ridden Champion

And there we go – Ridden Champion, could not believe it but I do believe the judge had seen a huge transformation and credited us with the potential Reus was showing and deserved.

We are not ones to hang around after competing, we have a lot to do at home and getting the horses back is always a top priority. We set off with an eta home of 5.30pm, brilliant I thought, I’ll do this that and the other…It wasn’t meant to be,  as that rumbling noise came we knew a tyre was about to blow, hazards on as we drove a few more miles at 20mph to junction 3 of the M3. With the rescue on its way, we parked on a lane under some trees for shade and gave the horses a haynet and offered them a drink whilst we waited for Mr. Tyre Man.

Reus and Reality without question are true soldiers, it was a few hours before we could set off again, our new eta was now 9.46pm. We arrived safely home, horses turned out, a large G&T for me and bed.

I never take for granted our horse’s success but sometimes it’s not what goes on in the ring but outside the ring that makes me so very proud of them.



Appaloosa Horse Club Register of Merit (R.O.M) 2018

We were presented with a Register of Merit (R.O.M) certificate for Reus and his son Reality at the Appaloosa Horse Club UK Annual General Meeting yesterday.

Hevens EV Catorrius’s (Reus) achievement reflected his success in his first year under saddle for Western Pleasure.


Redheart Reality out of Peyres Catori Cat by Hevans EV Catorrius

Reality’s achievement reflected his success in his first year in hand for Halter.

We are very proud…

The Redheart Boys – PLAY

Redheart Regent and Redheart Reality dam’s were both inseminated and the same day, the boys were born seven days apart April 2017.

They started playing as soon as they were introduced.

As they became colts, they played as colts do.

After castration, their coltish behaviour slowly disappeared.

They are fine apart but they really do enjoy each others company…

They will be two-years-old next month, here’s a short video of them PLAYING March 2019

Redheart Father & Son..

Christmas day 2004 we entertained the “family” for lunch, about 20 of us and the food prep took a very long time, we had purchased the Cat Stevens CD and the songs played continuously.

One favorite song was (and still is) Father and Son, well some of the lyrics are just so fitting here when I see Reus talking with his son Reality…

“Just relax, take it easy”

“There’s so much you have to know”

“I was once like you are now, and I know that it’s not easy”

“But take your time, think a lot”

“Look at me, I am old, but I’m happy”

 As a yearling Reality is looking rather tall against his father Reus who is 6!

Look at the height of that spotty bum!