Weeping at weaning time….………

Over the last four years, I question myself why am I breeding when it comes to weaning. I feel so much pain for the mare and foal it’s pathetic but perhaps it has something to do with motherhood?

Easter is now six months old and I have observed her very closely over the last few weeks. During the day (out in the field) I have noticed the distance between her and Catori and Easter’s strong bond with Evee has developed considerably. Catori (although five months pregnant) has been content being with her best friend PP, a perfect match for scratching and grazing.

Being one of the most stressful experiences in a horse’s lifetime (never mind the owners)  my aim is to minimise the stress for mare and foal. I have ensured Easter has had a good start in life, she is up to date with her jabs, her feet have been regularly trimmed and she’s carrying enough weight to head into the winter months and cope with the weaning process. She is a greedy little filly and I have no doubt her digestive system is ready.

So I did it, yesterday Catori was loaded into the lorry as a vacancy arose at Will Hunt’s yard, taken away out of ear shot from Easter for a holiday to allow her milk to dry up.

Today is the first day Easter has been without her mum, although a constant neighing last night, the other horses constantly replied to her. I guess, reassuring her they were only next door or telling her to shut up?

Today, the appropriate company was Evee, PP was stabled as I believe three could be a crowd. Evee was so quiet and calm with Easter, no running around, no bossing about, just a quick meet and greet then graze. What a relief and wonderful to see.

Before it got dark, I took Easter for a walk around the yard and made a fuss of her……..

No neighing at this present time.

No more weeping at weaning time.

Calendar Girls…….

What a lovely surprise this morning on the Face Book media page  Appaloosa Calendar,  as I celebrate my birthday I also celebrate seven enjoyable years working at the Three Counties Equine Hospital LLP.

The photo below of my mares Princesse Pascale and Peyres Catori Cat take the 2015 Appaloosa Calendar month of July.



No surprise what close friends and family will be getting for Christmas. Both mares are the back bone to Redheart Appaloosas and mean so very much to me, their progeny seem to be stealing the limelight at present but today it is the Calendar Girls turn.

Taffy at the top………..

Another opportunity to promote Redheart Appaloosa, I took advantage of choosing a Championship at High Horse Championship Gala at Rodbaston Equestrian Centre. Being born and bred in Wales it seemed the right choice to sponsor the Welsh young stock Championship.

Capturing a perfect natural pose of the winner Wise Acer Ruby just outside the ring I think you will agree it is no surprise this horse won.

Andrea Ruth Ormerod Steen & Wise Acer Ruby

Contacting the owner Andrea Ruth Ormerod Steen, Andrea informed me the three-year old Welsh Section D known as “Ruby” but also known as “Asbo”, has done very well in her 2014 showing season. Attending many local shows put them foot perfect at East Shropshire and South Staffordshire obtaining further Championships to add to their performance record.

Andrea has owned Ruby since a yearling and her hard work and dedicated to Asbo’s education has paid off, Andrea’s last comment, “I want her to be happy whatever we do, she means everything to me”, what a wonderful relationship they have.

Very many congratulations to them both and good luck for the future.