Redheart Appaloosa – Father & Daughter Moment…

It was November 2018 when our stallion DFR Patahas Redheart was in the company of his first-born, Redheart RU Chubarry, now successfully being shown under her new owner Wendy Fitzgerald.

Today was a very special moment, they met at the Appaloosa Horse Club National Show, Wendy and myself could not resist a picture to caption the moment.

Redheart Broodmares – Mothers Day…

No reason why we shouldn’t celebrate our wonderful broodmares past foals this Mothers Day!

 Princesse Pascale, 328 days gestation today.

Princesse Pascale (middle), her two-year-old gelding Redheart Reality (right) and her six-year-old daughter Redheart Pascalius (left).


Peyres Catori Cat, 329 days gestation today.

Peyres Catori Cat (middle), her two-year-old gelding Redheart Regent (right) and her seven-year-old gelding Redheart Catorrius (left).

Princesse Pascale and Redheart Pascalius.

AI took place and ovulation occurred 1st May 2012.

Redheart Pascalius was born 21st April 2013 at 336 days gestation.

Princesse Pascale and Redheart Royal.

AI took place and ovulation occurred 11th May 2014.


Redheart Royal was born 21st April 2015 at 346-days gestation.

Princesse Pascale and Redheart Reality.

AI took place and ovulation occurred 9th May 2016.


Redheart Reality was born 28th April at 355 days gestation.



Peyres Catori Cat and Redheart Catorrius.

AI took place and ovulation occurred 21st July 2011.

Redheart Catorrius was born 13th June 2012 at 329 days gestation.

Peyres Catori Cat and Redheart Cateaster.

AI took place and ovulation occurred 15th May 2013.


Redheart Cateaster was born 21st April 2015 at 342 days gestation.

Peyres Catori Cat and Redheart Regal.

AI took place and ovulation occurred 11th June 2014.

Redheart Regal was born 13th May at 337 days gestation.

Peyres Catori Cat and Redheart Regent.

AI took place and ovulation occurred 9th May 2016.

Redheart Regent was born 21st April at 348 days gestation.



Well, I’m enjoying my Bailey’s (Strawberry & Cream limited edition), my chocolates and admiring the beautiful flowers whilst my mares are heavily in foal and bagging up…











Redhearts Exporting and Importing Appaloosas…

Bonjour Blanc & Good Morning Ghost

One of the aims here at the stud is to improve our blood lines, breeding forward. Sometimes an opportunity cannot be missed!

Meet Ghost, a perfect little filly born from two amazingly bred Appaloosas, the sire RHA Sully Fire Image bred at Red Hills Appaloosa, Oregon, USA (FPD: 100% FAHR: 96% GAP: G-5) and the dam,
CTA Cikla Tahca bred at Caretaker Appaloosa, Indiana, USA (FPD: 100% FAHR: 96.78%). Both parents imported to Talisman Horse in France for their Foundation Breeding Program in 2006 and 2007 respectively.

Ghost should make 15hh+ and is a well-proportioned filly with good conformation with a very quiet and sweet personality. Her phenotype is chocolate-brown now with her winter coat but her genotype is black (Ee aa), she is negative for the Pattern gene and is homozygous for the Leopard gene (LP/LP), 5 panel negative and grey gene. She is eligible for registration with the Foundation Appaloosa Horse Registry at 95%+, she’s registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club on their Foundation Pedigree Designation program at 100% FPD and their Generation Advancement Program at G5. We will overstamp her passport with the Appaloosa Horse Club UK and the British Appaloosa Society.

We hope to get her in the ring as a three-year-old and then she will join our breeding program.

Exporting Blanc

The journey was easily planned as Patricia and Come Hugot, the owners of Talisman Horses were purchasing our three-year-old mare Redheart Regal (Blanc), therefore it made sense to deliver Blanc and collect Ghost.

We applied for the export papers for Blanc from, the form is easy to complete and requires basic information of holding address, destination, date of departure/arrival, route and horse details (our journey was less than 8 hours, therefore a journey log did not need to be submitted). The Animal & Plant Health Agency (Apha) then sent the relevant health papers to your chosen vet and an exporting declaration form to be completed. An appointment must be made with the Vet to examine the horse within 24 hours of departure, Blanc’s health certificate was completed the day before we departed and is valid for 15 days. They also send you an A4 sign to be placed in the windscreen with identifies the lorry is carrying live animals, this ensures priority during transportation at the port, first on the ferry and first off.

Leaving the stud at early Thursday morning, we arrived at Dover port, you can buy an open return ticket up to two weeks in advance however they run a “turn-up-and-go system for freight. The port is 24 hours and there is a crossing every hour so you are never under pressure.



    The only other documents required were our passports and Blanc’s passport, we carry a first aid kit on board but we did need to buy an EU kit, quite basic but mandatory in France.

We like to travel single horses lose in our lorry, especially on long journeys. They have access to hay and water and find themselves a comfortable standing place, funny enough they never travel facing forwards or hearing bone, they always face the rear at an angle. Unless your DFR Patahas Redheart who laid down on his journey from Switzerland!

Being the first to drive on the ferry allowed us time to tender to Blanc and make her comfortable before we left her during the crossing (you can not stay with the horse) which gave us time to dine…

The crossing was very smooth and quick, within less than 90 minutes the announcement was made for all passengers to report to their vehicles. Being one of the first to exit the ferry we were had already planned the sat-nav for Talisman Horses, about 200 miles from Calis. The start of our French journey was somewhat delayed due to the French recent activities, many roads were blocked due to the protesters. Having negotiated a new route, it was very straightforward and we arrived before dusk.

We unloaded Blanc, I walked her around her new pasture, showing her the boundary, the water trough, and the hay feeder before letting her loose. The paddocks next to her were full of beautiful Appaloosas who all wanted to say hello but Blanc was more interested in having a good look around. She settled very quickly as darkness came and the lights were left on for her comfort.

Importing Ghost

We spent time with our hosts which was very enjoyable and once all the paperwork was exchanged we loaded Ghost, a filly who has never loaded or travelled on a lorry she surely displayed a huge amount of bravery and trust.

Arriving at Calais port, we had missed the 10 pm ferry, parked in our lane ready to be called we gained an hour of “shut-eye” as Ghost tucked into her dinner. My self and partner shared the driving which made the journey easy. At check-in and Border Control all our paperwork was inspected, Ghost’s passport against her health export papers and a slight interrogation of our purpose but we were all in the clear and experienced quite a rough journey back across the English Channel, not good for me!!

We arrived safely back home early hours the next day, Ghost was a little shocked coming down the ramp, it took a while but with no pressure, she worked it out within an hour!!!!

All settled, she tucked into her hay and was laid flat-out within hours, tired little filly!

We are absolutely delighted to have found Blanc a 5* home and so too does Ghost.

Ghost 07/12/18 Imported to the UK from Talisman Horses France


Blanc 07.12.18 Exported from Redheart Appaloosas UK to France

Here is a short video link to our export and import within 24 hours.

New pastures, new friends, new life…

At nearly 7 months, Redheart RU Chubarry is up-to-date with worming, vaccinations, and the farrier, she’s microchipped, has a passport and registered with ApHC, ApHC UK and BAps, she ties, leads, loads and is happy to wear a rug which means one thing…time to leave the stud. She loaded in Worcestershire and unloaded in Hertfordshire, at the Chubarry Appaloosa Stud. Ru was introduced to Chubarry Chintz, another filly weanling, they settled well and have become great friends. We are absolutely delighted and proud to have produced this filly, we wish Wendy and Ru all the very best x








LES ROBES DES CHEVAUX – Horse Dresses/Coat Colour – French Publication

There are many assumptions about breeding for colour especially with the increasing availability of equine genetics to the public. More and more “breeders” are certainly breeding for colour, evident by beautifully coloured marked foals with no obvious thought for conformation, pedigree, temperament, registrations or performance and the list can go on…

No horse has perfect conformation, beauty is and always will be in the eye of the beholder, one reason why we prove the Redhearts in the ring, every Judge has their “ideal” type and colour should never come before confirmation. The rules are simply based on 60% conformation and 40% colour in “Most Colourful Class’s”.

Early this year we contributed a few images of our Appaloosas to aid the explanation of their genotype for the first French written book of equine genetics and it’s scientific approach to the colours of horses. It’s Author Laure Marandet has created an excellent book which explains the process of colourisation and hair dilution in horses. We are certainly privileged to have contributed to this publication.

LES ROBES DES CHEVAUX:  Approche génétique et scientifique des couleurs des chevaux.



Peyres Catori Cat  

Redheart Pascalius

Redheart Regal


Weaning Redheart RU Chubarry

We’ve noticed the “independence” of Ru over the last month or so and due to adlib hay and sharing her dams feed the demand for milk has reduced, just a few factors that help during weaning.

Because Ru is sold, we would like her to leave the stud when we know she is ready and not before, she has accepted weaning with no fuss at all. Redheart Regal joined the broodmares and only called in reply to Ru’s calls, she was absolutely delighted to be reunited with the herd. Ru, however, was taken into a stable between her sire DFR Patahas Redheart and uncle Redheart Catorrius, she too only called for less than an hour!

So, Redheart Regal is happy, she only upset the herd momentarily!


And our sweet Ru is very content…

At 6 months old, we’re delighted to add her ApHC registration certificate, another 100% FPD foal at the Redheart Appaloosa Stud.

Here is a 4-minute video of Redheart RU Chubarry at 6 months old.

Redheart RU Chubarry @ 6 months old – Here…


Redheart Regal & Redheart Ru Images…

When a person requires images and video’s of a horse, that is never a problem. Nothing better on a nice day waiting to capture that perfect stride with the ears forward. However, it’s rather difficult when you have an inquisitive 5-month-old foal who wanted to be in on the action!

We achieved a few shots of Redheart Regal and then snapped away at Baby Ru who got quite upset as I kept asking her to move out of my way but how could I not take pictures of this stunning filly.


Redheart Owners…

What a wonderful feeling, seeing owners with their Redhearts.

Wendy came to visit Ru and we delivered Regent to Jane.

After a nice shower, our journey with Regent was very easy, he loads and travels very well and we all were delighted to see how chilled he was at his new home.

Video link to Redheart Regent checking out his new boundary and meeting his new neighbours with his new owner Jane Tull.


Happy horses and happy owners!

Redheart Ru’s Genetic Trait and DNA…

One of many factors involved in breeding is DNA, we submit to the Appaloosa Societies all our horses DNA, a  personal and unique form of genetic identification, a profile that establishes identity.

Animal genetics provide a quick and simple service, submitting a sample is very easy by pulling 30-40 mane and/or tail hairs from the horse, ensuring the actual root of the hair is attached.
Usually, within five working days, you will receive the DNA report.

There are many genetic marker profiles but the labs concentrate on 20.

This is our stallions DFR Patahas Redheart (Blu) DNA profile:

This is our mares Redheart Regal’s (Blanc) DNA profile

And this is Redheart Ru’s DNA profile, the offspring of Blanc x Blu.

All our foals are parentage tested, by cross-referencing the parents DNA. The foal will have one copy from each of its parent’s markers.

For simplicity, here is a copy of our own records for Ru, Blanc’s DNA in red and Ru’s copy from her dam in red. Blu’s DNA in black and Ru’s copy from her sire in black.

One thing Ru inherited from her dam was her white face markings. At the present time, there is no way you could tell that Blanc has/had white face markings because she has coloured out but here is a picture of Blanc as a foal.


Blanc         Ru 

The traits and DNA…