Two Leopard Complex (LP) genes & Congenital stationary Night blindness (CSNB)

A horse with two copies of the Leopard Complex gene, a huge asset in the breeding world of Appaloosas because they will pass on one LP gene 100% of the time, thus their progeny will be Characteristic. Additionally, LP/LP horses without question will be affected by Congenital stationary Night blindness (CSNB).

Over the years, we’ve had four Appaloosas here at the stud, Easter, Blanc, Blu, and Ru. They all have one thing in common, they are homozygous for the Leopard Complex (LP) gene which also means they have Congenital stationary Night blindness. Not a taboo subject for us, knowledge is key for the safety of the horses and their owners.


Redheart Cateaster


Redheart Regal


DFR Patahas Redheart

Redheart RU Chubarry

CSNB doesn’t prevent a normal life at all…

Here is a link to our YouTube video

The Broodmares In Foal To DFR Patahas Redheart…

Two seasoned broodmares and two maidens, all in foal to DFR Patahas Redheart.

Our four broodmares on their way to higher ground.

All in their 7 months of gestation, all looking really well (a little too well) but they will need their reserves to get them through winter…

New pastures, new friends, new life…

At nearly 7 months, Redheart RU Chubarry is up-to-date with worming, vaccinations, and the farrier, she’s microchipped, has a passport and registered with ApHC, ApHC UK and BAps, she ties, leads, loads and is happy to wear a rug which means one thing…time to leave the stud. She loaded in Worcestershire and unloaded in Hertfordshire, at the Chubarry Appaloosa Stud. Ru was introduced to Chubarry Chintz, another filly weanling, they settled well and have become great friends. We are absolutely delighted and proud to have produced this filly, we wish Wendy and Ru all the very best x