Making 2021 Redheart Appaloosa Foals by Artifical Insemination (AI)

Frisky February

Artificial Insemination (AI) – A process that involves depositing good quality semen into the mare’s uterus at the right time, taking all necessary precaution to reduce infection.


There are many reasons why I decided to plan my barn the way I did, there are many reasons why I decided to complete an Artificial Insemination course and there are many reasons why I choose to try for early foals but all my reasons are due to my own personal thoughts on breeding and what suits me.

I’m employed full-time, up at 6am and home at 6pm, the work load I complete on my own and would never complain, breeding is a passion, every day is a school day and everything must work for me as an individual. Therefore, the stallion and mares must be cooperative in all manners, you can’t have a mare trying to get out of the stocks when you have fresh semen ready to be inserted.

To start at the beginning we needed to control our mares estrous cycle which is affected by light, turning the barn lights on at 6am and off at 10pm has given the mares 16 hours of “artificial light” and sure enough come February the 5th we saw our first mare “show” to our stallion.

This year we have 4 seasoned mares and 1 maiden, the seasoned mares are faultless with AI but we certainly prepared our maiden well in advance, washing her vagina, bandaging her tail and teaching her to stand quietly in the stocks well before AI could take place.

We invested last year in a set of stocks, a dummy mare and an AI “kit”, we successfully inseminated 4 mares, the mares were not a problem but teaching our stallion was certainly a challenge. The aim is for the stallion is to “flower” or “called belling” (which basically means he reaches the point of no return before ejaculation), I won’t go into detail, but our stallion went from being unbelievably shy to being obsessed and overly keen with the dummy! All his actions have been noted for future reference as his mating behaviour certainly changes with individual mares (such as he flowers and ejaculates within seconds with one of our mares but takes 4 or 5 minutes to even get aroused by another one of our mares). His sexual response (libido) certainly has increased this year with a very mature and sensible attitude.

AI takes less than 5 minutes to complete, from collection to insemination but preparation takes nearly an hour…
Many factors affect collecting from a stallion with an AV, temperature, the tightness or pressure that surrounds the AV, some like it loose whilst others like it tight, we have not experienced a “non-collection” from our stallion so I guess either we are doing what he likes or he really isn’t fussy? The last reason is the amount of lubrication (Ky jelly) used, remember, you are trying to mimic a vagina, if the AV is too slippery or too dry many stallions won’t ejaculate, I think we have this lube sorted 😉

As soon as our stallion sees the AV, the screaming starts, to an inexperienced person the noise is quite frightening but to a breeder its music! We are ready, hard hat on, steel toe capped boots, mare ready and stallion ready. The stallion’s stable is opposite the dummy and we put the mare in the stable parallel to him, her stable is opposite the stocks. We watch and wait for the stallion to become aroused and just as we see the flowering, we open the stable door, timed to perfection within a few strides he’s on the dummy making love to the AV like it’s his right and duty!

Our stallion likes to have what I call “his cigar moment”, after ejaculation, he always turns his head to the right, as if he’s looking at the mare – “was that good for you?”. He climbs off the dummy in a daze and he’s returned to the stable! The mare is then walked into the stocks and inseminated…

We have collected many times during February, we are convinced we have at least three mares pregnant but two just didn’t feel right, we’ll soon find out at their 16-day scan. At this first scan we gain vital information, first a positive pregnancy, secondly the detection of twins and thirdly by the size of the oocyte (egg) we can work out when ovulation took place and therefore predict the foaling date.

As a qualified AI technician, I can only use fresh and chilled semen, I can not use frozen. I am only allowed to use my certificate within the UK as per the Veterinary Surgeons Act 2010 No 2059. I must adhere to all limitations of disease control, for this reason I do not stand my stallion at public stud and do not have boarding mares here at Redheart Appaloosas, it’s just too impractical.

It will be wonderful to have all mares confirmed in foal earlier in the season to enable our stallion to compete back under saddle for the 2020 show season without him loosing weight fretting over in season mares…

Redheart Appaloosa Foals – Registered – Apaloosa Horse Club (ApHC)

All done…

We have 1 x 97% FPD, 3 X 100% FPD, 1 x GAP 5 and 1 x GAP 6 registered foals.

Our breeding plan is slowly getting there, 10 years later 🙂



Redheart Broodmares – Mothers Day…

No reason why we shouldn’t celebrate our wonderful broodmares past foals this Mothers Day!

 Princesse Pascale, 328 days gestation today.

Princesse Pascale (middle), her two-year-old gelding Redheart Reality (right) and her six-year-old daughter Redheart Pascalius (left).


Peyres Catori Cat, 329 days gestation today.

Peyres Catori Cat (middle), her two-year-old gelding Redheart Regent (right) and her seven-year-old gelding Redheart Catorrius (left).

Princesse Pascale and Redheart Pascalius.

AI took place and ovulation occurred 1st May 2012.

Redheart Pascalius was born 21st April 2013 at 336 days gestation.

Princesse Pascale and Redheart Royal.

AI took place and ovulation occurred 11th May 2014.


Redheart Royal was born 21st April 2015 at 346-days gestation.

Princesse Pascale and Redheart Reality.

AI took place and ovulation occurred 9th May 2016.


Redheart Reality was born 28th April at 355 days gestation.



Peyres Catori Cat and Redheart Catorrius.

AI took place and ovulation occurred 21st July 2011.

Redheart Catorrius was born 13th June 2012 at 329 days gestation.

Peyres Catori Cat and Redheart Cateaster.

AI took place and ovulation occurred 15th May 2013.


Redheart Cateaster was born 21st April 2015 at 342 days gestation.

Peyres Catori Cat and Redheart Regal.

AI took place and ovulation occurred 11th June 2014.

Redheart Regal was born 13th May at 337 days gestation.

Peyres Catori Cat and Redheart Regent.

AI took place and ovulation occurred 9th May 2016.

Redheart Regent was born 21st April at 348 days gestation.



Well, I’m enjoying my Bailey’s (Strawberry & Cream limited edition), my chocolates and admiring the beautiful flowers whilst my mares are heavily in foal and bagging up…











Winter 2017/18 At Redheart Appaloosa Stud

The Winter With The Redheart Appaloosas

At 6 am the stable lights go on and at 6 pm I’ll straighten the bed

Without a doubt, come rain or snow, out in the corral they must go

Stretching their legs and keeping their head, it’s never long before they’re fed

Our stallion likes to smell the air and our broodmares like to stand and stare

The yearlings love to buck and run, they really have so much fun

The rest are easily pleased as we wait for spring it seems

There’s always one that loves to roll, the one by the gate see’s the feed bowel

The night-blind horses can see in the day but in the dark, only the light shows the way

They follow me with never a doubt, they trust me when they go out

The days are stolen and I want them back, never time for cleaning tack

I used the camera and as you can see, the horses are posers, just like thee

Peyres Catori Cat

Redheart Catorrius / Hevans EV Catorrius

Redheart Regal

Redheart Regent

Princesse Pascale

Redheart Pascalius

Redheart Reality

DFR Patahas Redheart

Caricks Redheart

ONE mare, two progeny with International status……

Peyres Catori Cat

There is no doubt Peyres Catori Cat has a special place at Redheart Appaloosa Stud, not only my very first Appaloosa but a correct mare with an outstanding amount of intelligence.

In 2012 her first born, Hevans Ev Catorrius or Redheart Catorrius aka Reus. He won his first Top 5 International status as a two-year old colt.

We are delighted to announce his full sister Redheart Cateaster aka Easter is on the score board in 3rd place for the Top 5  International Yearling Fillies……

The Appaloosa Journal, November 2015

What an accolade this is….

I must give a special THANK YOU to my Mother, Katie Lynch, Crystal Radford and Margaret Lawrence who also played their part in showing Easter in her début showing season of 2015.


Taking a first place at each venue of her four shows, our little Easter has an International status from One mare who has two international progeny at Redheart Appaloosas.



  This is the deer that lives around here…..a wild beautiful creature that we see quite often. It’s never that close to the horses but if she see’s you she’s gone! My daughter captured this gorgeous photo a few weeks back and as you can see she fits in quite well with the Appaloosa’s, although she does have more spots than most of the Redheart Appaloosa’s!





 The horses are all settled BUT when the deer is hiding in the hedge, then it only takes one horse to convince the other horses there is a lion, tiger, or bear hiding…..




On this occasion it was Evee….




Tail up, snorting and running around the other horses aimlessly until they agreed….run for your life !


It wasn’t long before they were just trotting around wondering what they were running away from?


PP and Ben stayed close…..


So did Catori and Blanc……


I adore seeing the 2015 foals move, it doesn’t happen very often but when it does it’s just lovely!

They show the extent of movement they have, hold them selves and look outstanding.





It’s not long before the adults take charge and set the example, back to grazing thank you Evee.





Easter the yearling was the only one that was either prepared to stay and fight or may be she saw the deer and was confused why Evee was so scared?

Either way, she is so laid back neither a deer or her half sister was going to disrupt her grazing.


Despite the horses seeing the deer most days, they usually don’t bother to even acknowledge it but some times, just sometimes it’s O’deer….

The Redhearts Meet & Greet……

After weaning Evee and Easter were back with their dams with no problems, the pecking order was established and each horse respected the others place. Since the birth of Ben and Blanc earlier this year, Evee and Easter have been in an adjacent field.

Now the show season has come to an end, it’s time for Evee and Easter to re-join the herd, they will be turned away for the next six months to mature mentally and physically.

A mares bond with her foal is strong and I question the reaction of the mares when they are re-introduced to their previous foals? Although all the horses have talked over the fence the surprise to see them in the same field was extraordinary….Camera ready!


Catori, Blanc, Ben and PP watched the new arrivals enter their “territory”.

 Evee and Easter stayed together in their comfort zone…until Catori chased them, exercising her dominant trait, as head of the “herd”.   It was PP who was the first to say hello to Easter, Catori was having nothing to do with the new arrivals and was determined to keep her foal Blanc well away.


PP immediately greeted Evee, her 2013 foal and their affections for each other confused Ben her 2015 foal…

Then the fun began….the 2015 foals became excited and started to show off….



 It was no surprise, Ben would be the first to approach the girls, so submissive yet so brave…



It wasn’t long before they all settled, lovely to see the “herd” establishing and learning their social skills. Catori keeping her herd in order and having nothing to do with her previous foal? Everyone knows their status in the pecking order and they happily graze….





Ending The Season’s Round Up On A Good Note…..

How do you make the decision to end a showing season?

It’s the horses that tell you……

With so many shows still available, the horses still look good in their coats and although experiencing their growth spurts, they have all held their top lines and condition. But last night we decided to make The British Appaloosa Society National Show at Hartpury our last show of 2015.


Redheart Pascalius is experiencing the two- year old tantrums, trying to test and push her handler’s boundaries. We have also experienced a different side to her during her season but sometimes this is just part and parcel of having a filly. Either way a break is exactly what she needs and deserves. Winning the two and three-year old filly class with Margaret Lawrence at our last show of 2015 .





Redhaert Cateaster has completed four local shows in 2015 and pulled another win in her yearling class with my mother leading today. This filly is delightful, nothing phases her, everything is taken in her stride and she always looks professional. A fantastic start to her showing career with so many positive comments from the Judges it is only responsible to turn her away.



























Redhaert Catorrius has now finished his in hand young stock days. He has finished the season with the Champion Young stock tittle and Reserve Champion Male taken from all ages of colts, geldings and Stallions. Reus is at a stage where I can confidently say there is nothing for him to prove, he is a licensed stallion who deserves to move on into the ridden side of showing. His break will be appreciated before we start to ride him away over the winter months / early 2016, after we get his semen tested.




A super show that was attended and supported enormously, I can honestly say the competition was of a high standard exceeded by quality turn out of  horses and handlers alike.


I feel the Redheart young stock have excelled themselves in 2015 and have Ended The Season’s Round Up On A Good Note…..

Foundation Appaloosas “GET” in the UK…….

I really notice the work load getting three ready for a show and Friday night was a very late finish. As the sun came up Saturday morning the day started to unfold with an awe of excitement as Katie and Crystal turned up and we headed off too the Appaloosa Horse Club UK annual National Breed Show at Moreton Morrel. A two-day show full of APPALOOSAS, run exceptionally well by the ApHC UK directors who exceed themselves organising the whole event including a social evening with line dancing and silent auction to raise funds for the Club and maintain their Grass Roots Database.

Outside, we started the day under the UK judge Theresa Simkins where the three young stock competed in the Non Characteristic and Most Colourful Other class’s. Later the three horses continued to excel in their UK classes relative to their sex and age.

Indoor, Reus started the day under the USA Judge Michelle Pfender in the ApHC USA three-year old colts, FPD Halter for colts and Stallions. Easter and Evee both stepped up to the mark in ApHC USA yearling and two-year old fillies respectively. Later in the FPD Halter mares/fillies a very good friend Margaret Lawrence took Easter with ease giving her a lovely lead as I competed with Evee to comply with the ApHC USA membership requirements.




Throughout the day Reus was very calm and relaxed, he certainly is learning to stand quiet and switch off but he still likes to take advantage of a moment to “show off”. There is no reason other than “look at me male syndrome”. There are times when he grows to 17hh, screams and shouts then when he has everybody’s attention he looks embarrassed!!!! Taking USA and UK Stallion Championships, Young Stock Champion and Reserve Supreme made the day.


The pictures below are of Reus being awarded the M&J Walsh Shield for the Young Stock Championship.

The two small children are Youth members Poppy Spivey and Daisy Williams, they were so very sweet and quiet and gave Reus a kiss. They held a teddy bear named Liberty (aka Bertie). He was on his travels representing a charity called Lighterlife, who are a leading national weight loss company helping individuals to change their lives.

 I think this picture shows clearly the sensitive nature of horses in general with regards to small children and hence why so many unfortunate children with disabilities gain so much happiness from horses. A wonderful moment captured by my mum and Simon Coates Photography.

Champion & Reserve Champion Young Stock.                                                               Margaret Lawrence with her two-year old gelding Teddy Crookberrow




Evee in my opinion is still growing through the “gormless” two-year old stage just like her mum did but her neck is developing and she doesn’t look as bad as she did. Evee is very well in herself and coat but we are experiencing some two year old “tantrums” and “sulking”. One common factor I have experienced,  – BEING TWO YEARS OLD. Just like my children and when showing Peyres Catori Cat, Princesse Pascale, Reus and now Evee at two they just want to see how far they can push you before you lose the plot!!!! Pushing the boundary in the ring where I am 100% sure they know they cannot be reprimanded…… None the less by the end of the day she was tired and gave some beautiful shows, taking the UK Reserve Female Championship with Crystal.









Evee & Easter with Margaret

Eaters’s first show with Evee at the ApHC UK Midlands show was very relaxed. They didn’t even know they were both at the same event. Easter took everything in her stride and relied on Crystal as her security. It’s a bit different now, poor Katie and Crystal had to stay either end of the show ground and whoever was in the ring had a task obtaining the fillies attention. Both horses have bonded too much and Easter’s insecurity shows by consistently shouting for Evee. They got better as the day progressed and Margaret and Easter took the USA Reserve Female Championship.

One lesson we have learnt about the girls, they now need separating from each other, especially before our next event.



Two classes we have never been able to enter, “Get of Sire” and “Produce of Dam” but this year we qualified for both. Having all three young stock (the only three in the UK) by the Stallion Kiss My Finest Heart,  qualified us and brought home a first place.

Peyres Catori Cat the Dam Reus and Easter enabled them to compete in Produce of dam, again bringing home a first place.

For me this was the highlight of the day, competing against other superb breeding stock and to my delight on this day the Redheart young stock were clearly both Judges “type”. Their comments were flattering and very sympathetic towards the fillies performance because during their shows they were frightened from some rather distracting noise from dogs in the gallery but credit where credit is due, Crystal and Katie handled the situation well and there were no loose horses as they attempted a flight reaction…

A huge recognition for us, putting the Foundation Appaloosa Horse on the map in the UK and one moment of tense pressure that brought beaming smiles from ear to ear.

The three Redheart Young Stock taking the Get of Sire – Kiss My Finest Heart

Reus and Easter taking the Produce of Dam – Peyres Catori Cat


A day when the ApHC USA & UK Judges gave the Redheart Young Stock the “GET” in the UK……