Foundation Appaloosa Semen Available 2024 (LP/LP PATN1/PATN1) – ALL MARES


For 2024 ONLY, we will be offering our Stallion, DFR Patahas Redheart (Blu) frozen semen to ALL mares in the UK & Europe.

Blu is a 15.2h, smoky black (EE aa CRcr) Foundation Appaloosa, homozygous for the Leopard Complex gene (LP/LP) and the Pattern gene (PATN1/PATN1).

Certified negative for Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy (PSSM1), Hereditary Equine Regional Dermal Asthenia (HERDA), Glycogen Branching Enzyme Deficiency (GBED), Equine Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis Disease (HYPP), Malignant Hyperthermia (MH), Grey gene and Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC).

A very kind stallion who we have brought on very slowly, he’s successfully competed in the ring (in hand & under saddle) and was lightly introduced to show jumping earlier this year.

He has contributed his share of the genes to some awesome Appaloosa foals here in the UK & Europe.
His details are HERE.

Please email us for a contract and a copy of his Semen Assessment if you are interested – HERE.

ALL mares must be certified 5 panel negative, NO grey mares, NO LP/LP mares and NO inbreeding or linebreeding (see pedigree).

ALL mares will be included on his Stallion Report 2024 with ApHC UK, BApS & ApHC as standard.

Payment of £500 must be received (1 dose (6 straws)) before semen will be released from Stallion AI.

Limited to the first 20 doses being ordered.

A reminder of the quality Blu has produced:


The Redheart Stallions Receive Appaloosa Horse Club UK (ApHC UK) Accomplishments

Our boys…

We have always believed in proving our stallions in hand and under saddle, this gives a great insight of what the professionals believe and having well-handled and well-mannered stallions make breeding so much easier for us.

This year they all received certificates from the Appaloosa Horse Club UK, acknowledge their accomplishments in 2021, thank you ApHC UK.

2023, DFR Patahas Redheart (Blu) will start his show jumping campaign.




Hevans EV Catorrius (Reus) will continue the Western way!





Eagles Fire Illusion (Fire) will finish his 3rd year showing in hand and hopefully pass his vetting to become a licensed stallion.




The future is exciting with our next 10 year Breeding plan in place, we shall not take anything for granted but having a plan gives us something to aim for.

Having a plan in place helps us focus on the future and not get wrapped up in the sole destroying winter months!









The Redheart Mares are carrying the 2023 Redheart Foals.

Our four broodmares are in for the winter…

Talisman’s Redheart (Ghost) is confirmed in foal to Hevan’s EV Catorrius (Reus).

We store our stallion’s semen mainly as a backup, we are very realistic knowing anything can happen to horses within a blink of an eye.

It is an expensive way to breed and not always successful but using Hevans EV Catorrius frozen semen with Ghost will hopefully give us our Reus filly, one day!

Admitted to Three Counties Equine Hospital this year with her 2022 foal at foot she was as inseminated under the expert eye of Vicky Savage – BVSc MSc CertAVP DipECEIM MRCVS European Specialist in Equine Internal Medicine.

Ghosts first pregnancy scan was positive but showed a double ovulation had occurred, meaning she had twins, one embryo at 16mm and the other at 19mm. It’s not rare for a mare to double ovulated (we wouldn’t intentionally risk any mare to carry twins) but what is rare is she caught again 3 days after insemination. Frozen semen usually will only remain viable inside the mare for 6-12 (or perhaps even 18) hours.


Vicky “pinched” the smaller embryo and Ghost was re-scanned to ensure the embryo was still there, implanted into the uterus and developing, at 34 days another scan ensured a heartbeat was seen.


We are delighted Ghost has been confirmed with a healthy single pregnancy and carries the full sibling to Really.


We REALLY can’t wait to meet this foal!






Redheart Pascallius (Evee) crossed with DFR Patahas Redheart (Blu) can only produce black or smoky black foals, she is confirmed in foal for 2023.

We are very much looking forward to meeting the UK’s next GAP 6 foal.

Redheart Revelation 

Redheart Ricochet

Redheart Remembrance

Evee x Blu 2023 (Heartbeat Scan)


Peyres Catori Cat (Catori) is confirmed in foal to DFR Patahas Redheart for 2023.


Breeding Appaloosa’s is like choose a Random Revel, you just don’t know what you are going to get (although I can confidently say I can pick out the  chocolate buttons and Malteser’s but struggle with the orange cream, coffee cream, caramel and chocolate raisins).

This mare exceeds our expectations every delivery by what she produces, she is our least Foundation mare but her “get” will produce Foundation Appaloosa’s registered with FAHR if crossed to the right FAHR mare/stallion.

One of the most charismatic equines I have ever had the pleasure of owning.


Hevans EV Catorrius

Redheart Cateaster

Redheart Regal

Redheart Regent

Redheart Relentless

Redheart Raven

Redheart Raphiele

Catori x Blu 2023


Caricks Redheart (Myka) is confirmed in foal to DRF Patahas Redheart (Blu) for 2023.

The Appaloosa is a Breed not a colour and the non-Characteristic (lp/lp) horses like our Caricks Redheart is an absolute blessing for producing 100% characteristic Appaloosa foals (LP/lp) when mated with our homozygous (LP/LP) stallion Blu.

Here is Myka with her three foals by Blu, she can only produce spotted bay or buckskin foals.

We look forward to the safe arrival of her fourth full sibling in 2023.



Redheart Reflection 

Redheart River Run

Redheart Romance

2023 Myka x Blu

Everything crossed for the foal’s safe arrival – The Class of 2023.









Redheart Rain Dancer – First Year in The Ring

Another yearling from the Class of 2021 promoting the Redheart name is Redheart Rain Dancer.
Bought by Michelle a successful 5* eventer which means we have an air of excitement watching this filly develop in such cable hands.
Rain’s first debut outing was at the British Appaloosa Society National Show, taking everything in her stride, a faultless performance, taking a 4th and 5th in Sports Horse and main register respectively.
Her second show, truly finding her feet clearing up in the Classes at the Appaloosa Horse Club UK National Show, taking her forward to receive Most Colourful Champion, UK Champion Mare, UK Reserve Champion Youngstock and UK Reserve Supreme Champion.
To finish off her yearling days, they participated in the British Breeding Futurity Evaluations at The National Training Centre, appointed the highest 9 points under the Vet and receiving an overall 7.85 Silver Award.

Redheart Rain Dancer – BApS National 22


Redheart Rain Dancer – ApHC UK National



Redheart Rain Dancer – British Breeding Futurity


What a fabulous start to their career, we are so proud of you both X

Redheart Appaloosa Stud Wins Horse Breeding Specialists of the Year – Prestige Awards

Redheart Appaloosa Stud Wins Horse Breeding Specialists of the Year – Prestige Awards 2020/21

Some will know I lost my mother Barbara Evans two years ago today… There are no words to describe the emptiness, I feel it most when I’m driving to and from the shows on my own, since I do everything myself at Redhearts and work full time there’s no other time to really think.


There was not a show that Barbara missed even leaving at 4am some mornings, she would be here with her bag full of goodies for the day including the most awesome egg mayo sandwiches.

Not long after she passed, we were notified via email our Stud name had been put forward for an award, don’t get me wrong we receive quite a few spam messages and they get binned but after a bit of research, we accepted it was real and replied with their completed application.

Time went by, I genuinely had forgotten or accepted we were not in the running, until I received another notification to confirm a convenient time to talk, well how excited was I.



For the occasion, I treated myself (I am not one to spend money on myself so a real treat), it arrived late and as requested but now rather urgent, Tracey Jordan at Equi-Blinguk (who deal with our merchandise) completed our logo on the dress within hours…Thank you so very much Tracey, exceeding all expectations as always.


The rest is history, a date was set to arrive at the Moor Hall Hotel & Spa, something exciting to look forward to. It so happened to be the weekend of my daughter’s birthday, so we decided to have family time away to celebrate.


And so, it began…


What a lovely hotel, excellent service, facilities and super food 5*

The day was very well organised, and it was lovely to celebrate with so many other winners, lots of SMILES and drinks had by a few!

Thank you, Prestige Awards, and everyone involved in the process of organising such huge events and congratulations to all the other WINNERS.


There are only a few days in your life that you will truly remember every second, this was one of those days and although I hadn’t prepared a speech, Um…. here’s a little speech 


Words cannot describe such an accolade; I thank you ALL who have made this possible.

First, and most of all, I wish to thank the past & present Vets at Three Counties Equine Hospital at Vet Partners for looking after ME & MY HORSES.

I wish to thank those who entrusted me with their own bred Appaloosa’s to get us started, Mireille Ducarme for Catori, Johann & Romana Derflinger for PP, Franz and Daniela Renggli for Blu, Come & Patricia Hugot for Ghost, The Wood family for Myka, Mel Banfield for Indi and Oskar Reis for Fire.

Thank you to Tracey Parker with Kiss My Finest Heart & Karen Paton with RDF Ti Kha Atta Rain for allowing me to breed forwards with your stallion’s semen.

The Redheart Owners, you keep me going 100%.  The Hugot family with Regal, Jenna with Reality, Charlotte with Regent, Denise with Ru, Alicia with Rookie, Lilly with Revelation, April with Reflection, Lian with Relentless, Naomi with Raven, Karen with River, Michele with Rain, Hayley with Rico, Cain with Remy, Ronnie with Really, Emma with Raphi, Andrea with Robyn and Sophie with Rosella.


A big thank you to these people / companies who have ensued we have stay on the right tracks:

Eleni Randle at Eldnar Consultancy for ensuring my dreams for the Stud were fulfilled.

The Appaloosa Horse Club, The Appaloosa Horse Club UK, The British Appaloosa Society and The Foundation Horse Registry for all the work you do ensuring we Appaloosa enthusiasts are able to keep the Pure Appaloosa Breed alive here in the UK.

Our Farrier, Tim Whittington at Priory Forge, our Veterinary Physician, Tim Bradford at Bradford’s Veterinary Physiotherapy.

Thank you to Pioneer Feed, Nuyard, The Partridge family & The Lovegrove family for the excellent service and quality you ensure for our forage, bedding & hard feed.

Thank you to Stallion AI for looking after my stallions and storing/distributing their semen and Twemlows Stud for the opportunity to allow me to obtain my AI certificate and further my education on your foaling course.

To Tracey, Jess & Mark at Equi-BlingUK for completely undertaking all responsibility for the Redheart merchandise and exceeding my expectations.

To my family, friends, work colleagues and those I have not personally mentioned I thank you for your continued support.

And, of course to everyone at The Prestige Awards, so very much appreciated.

Without you ALL, I at Redhearts would not be HORSE BREEDING SPECIALISTS OF THE YEAR…


Paula Cooper x


Redheart River Run’s First Year in The Ring

What an awesome start to Redheart River Run’s first year in the ring as a yearling, four shows and four first placings.

Hat off to his owner Karen who has produced him, we are so proud of you both ❤

Hanbury Countryside Show

Spotfest, Three Counties Show Ground

British Appaloosa Society National Show

Appaloosa Horse Club National Show