Alles Gute zum Geburtstag PP…..

13th April 2009

 The Derflinger Appaloosa Stud in Austria produced this wonderful foal.

14th February 2010

 A wonderful trip to Austria to collect our new family member!

7th August 2010

The ApHC UK National show gave her, UK & USA yearling filly titles.

As a yearling, PP’s début outing at County level achieved her a third place.


At two years old, PP accomplished her first Championship.


At three years, she won three Reserve Championships under the British Appaloosa Society.

Finishing her in hand young stock days, she was inseminated with semen from Kiss My Finest Heart.


PP became a superior broodmare.

April 21st saw the safe delivery of Redheart Pascalius.

Unfortunately, mother nature decided against her insemination for a 2014 pregnancy


She enjoyed being a broodmare and confirmed in foal with semen from RDF Ti Khi Atta Rain.


PP gave birth to a gorgeous colt and continued as an excellent mother.

9th May 2016

PP was inseminated with frozen semen from Hevans EV Catorrius / Redheart Catorrius.

13th April 2017

Today, PP is 339 days pregnant and looking absolutely gorgeous.

Happy Birthday PP

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag PP…..

Bye, Bye Our Beautiful Ben……

It is with great sadness I write….

Our gorgeous Ben suffered an accident in his paddock which left him with severe signs of ataxia. We are not sure what he did or how it happened, we are absolutely devastated.

The decision was made for us, Ben was put to sleep this evening by the very Vet Ben, who brought him into this world!  Such a painful and upsetting task to complete for us all.
We adored Ben, he was such a handsome colt that oozed presence, he was extremely kind natured, inquisitive and friendly.
This is the last picture of Ben, only two weeks ago…so happy and perfect!

Redheart Royale – R.I.P

A huge loss for the Redheart Appaloosa Stud, Run free with our beautiful Easter…..

They bring us so much joy, yet create so much pain!

Where’s Ben….

Ben’s paddock is at the back of our house, his favorite spot is between two trees where he is able to have a good scratch….he’s in the same place every morning. One call out of the bedroom window and he responds with a neigh, yes I know it means “where’s my breakfast” but none the less he makes me smile.

Redheart Royale

Appaloosas in Black & White…..

Something lovely about black and white photographs, especially when they have Appaloosas in them! Many thanks to Ben Lovegrove (our neighbour) who very kindly took some of the following photographs. A talented future photographer…

The beginning of 2017 has been the same as every New Year. Dark mornings, early dark evenings and a range of temperatures from minus 5 to 8 degrees.

The horses are out 24/7, as we seek approval on our planning application for a stable barn. They have thick muddy coats yet have a healthy shine, well they do say wellbeing comes from within!!

My Christmas present from my other half was a quad bike, feeding the horses has never been easier and it didn’t take long for them to realise the noise of the quad means food! Surprisingly the children show great willingness to help now.

Our newest addition to the herd, Myka has settled extremely well. At the bottom of the pecking order, she stays out the way of the older mares, very sensible filly although she plays a lot with Blanc which is lovely to see.

Our Swiss import, Blu is as quiet and friendly as the day he arrived, an absolute credit to the Foundation Appaloosa breed. We’re very satisfied to have him at the stud for our future breeding plan.


Our two-year-old filly Blanc is developing a cheeky yet adorable funny character. She makes a lot of funny faces and always seems very happy. She is very slowly maturing and until she grows out of this “unfurnished” state she won’t be entering the show ring anytime soon……

Ben….we adore Ben. Such a sweet kind colt yet quite insecure. He should mature over 16hh, therefore it’s going to take time for him to fill out but at the present moment in time, he’s looking rather well and conditioned.


Evee, after completing three years in the ring she now resides with the broodmares.  She is a very big strong mare,  with a leg in each corner. We aim to cover her with Blu later this year, planning on a black GAP 6 foal in 2018.


The main man…Reus. Full of character, highly intelligent, brave and very forward going since birth. I am looking forward to getting back on this boy! We finished riding him away as the nights drew in last year but hopefully we will find more time for him this year.


Our lovely PP, absolutely adorable in every way. In foal to Reus for an April colt? Let’s hope she passes on her LP gene because this boy will be for sale. Although if the sex scan was wrong, we would appreciate a non-characteristic filly!!!! Seriously, we only ever pray for healthy foals.


The best till last…Catori, a gorgeous horse inside and out. This mare understands me and our bond is strong. She’s current in foal, due April to Kiss My Finest Heart. This will be a full sibling to Reus and the late Easter. The suspense is unbearable as her sex scan proved 60% in favour of a colt, which will be for sale!


Foundations Appaloosas are very straight forward, Black & White……

5-Panel Negative To End 2016….

It is my opinion that any Appaloosa entering a breeding programme should be tested for the 5-panel test. This test is for five different genetic diseases found in quarter horses and other stock horse breeds such as the Appaloosa.

Glycogen Branching Enzyme Deficiency (GBED) Recessive

Hereditary Equine Regional Dermal Asthenia (HERDA) Recessive

Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis Disease (HYPP) Incomplete Dominant

Malignant Hyperthermia (MH) Dominant

Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy – Type 1 (PSSM1) Dominant

Read more: UC Davis Veterinary  / Animal Genetics UK 

Although our horses are pure 5 generations of Appaloosa’s, they have horses far back in their pedigrees which are known to have one or more of these genetic diseases.

Just look at Ben’s pedigree; Here.


Stallion “V” Sheep…..

Our licensed stallion Reus has his own paddock next to our two future stallions paddock.

He’s very happy and enjoys watching the young colts play, often seen having a chat over the fence.

When a flock of sheep broke into Reus’s paddock, he jumped in with Blu and Ben for support!

They rounded up the flock and chased them out…. After this ordeal, the three boys settled so well.

A rare sight to see our three boys together and the odds are in favour of our boys when Stallions “V” Sheep….