On a High………..

Our last event for 2014 showing season,

High Horse Showing Society Championship Gala at Rodbaston Equestrian Centre.

Being the third lorry to enter the show ground, we soon got our bearings of this well-organized event. There were three rings running, delighted to find our ring outside far from the novice area, with so many children and ponies around it was a huge relief to know Reus and I would be out of their way.

Waiting quietly for our first class….

The morning was dry and sunny, all the horses were gleaming and Reus was no exception, starting with a 4th in the Best Turned Out and the Open Young Stock any breed. Obtaining  2nd place in the Best Stallion / Colt qualified us into the Evening Championship.


With eight or so classes to go before our next class The Appaloosa / Spotted, we put Reus back on the lorry.

As we sat back to relax, we watched my children entertain us, an idea taken from “A” another……horse!


By the time we entered the Appaloosa class, Reus was an absolute dream to handle.

He had urinated on the lorry which I have noticed at the previous two shows makes a huge difference to his concentration and performance.

This proved to be an asset for the next two classes, winning the Appaloosa / Spotted and the Hunter Type Horse / Pony.


Absolutely delighted and very proud of his performance.

With hours prior to the evening Championship, Reus was grazed in hand as a reward!

Winner of Hunter Type Class

Winner of Appaloosa Class

As it got dark we headed over to the warm up ring, everyone who had qualified were dressed up with their top hats and evening wear.

 After taking his rug off, one thing Reus was quite keen to do……….get down and roll!

Quite amusing for the spectators as he got himself into some entertaining shapes.

The loud music is always enough to lift the spirits late at night, over 60 competitors headed into the evening performance.



Champion Appaloosa 2014

 It had been a very long day and to be awarded Champion Appaloosa left me On a high……..