Foundation Appaloosa Semen Available 2024 (LP/LP PATN1/PATN1) – ALL MARES


For 2024 ONLY, we will be offering our Stallion, DFR Patahas Redheart (Blu) frozen semen to ALL mares in the UK & Europe.

Blu is a 15.2h, smoky black (EE aa CRcr) Foundation Appaloosa, homozygous for the Leopard Complex gene (LP/LP) and the Pattern gene (PATN1/PATN1).

Certified negative for Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy (PSSM1), Hereditary Equine Regional Dermal Asthenia (HERDA), Glycogen Branching Enzyme Deficiency (GBED), Equine Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis Disease (HYPP), Malignant Hyperthermia (MH), Grey gene and Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC).

A very kind stallion who we have brought on very slowly, he’s successfully competed in the ring (in hand & under saddle) and was lightly introduced to show jumping earlier this year.

He has contributed his share of the genes to some awesome Appaloosa foals here in the UK & Europe.
His details are HERE.

Please email us for a contract and a copy of his Semen Assessment if you are interested – HERE.

ALL mares must be certified 5 panel negative, NO grey mares, NO LP/LP mares and NO inbreeding or linebreeding (see pedigree).

ALL mares will be included on his Stallion Report 2024 with ApHC UK, BApS & ApHC as standard.

Payment of £500 must be received (1 dose (6 straws)) before semen will be released from Stallion AI.

Limited to the first 20 doses being ordered.

A reminder of the quality Blu has produced:


Don’t Forget About The Stallion…

We all know a foal inherits 50% of its genetic make up from the sire and the dam, we constantly post about the foals and occasionally about the mares, I suppose because the foals are funny, unique and very NEW!

But, let us not forget our stallion DFR Patahas Redheart.

We have come a long way with Blu, from Switzerland at 6 months old in fact 🙂

Since his arrival Blu has been so easy to do, he’s kind and gentle, he has the most affectionate personality and that’s just a tiny contribute to his qualities as a stallion. His genetic make up is perfect for breeding and his one copy of cream adds the 50/50 chance of his foals being Buckskin or Smoky Black, not to mention his performance record in the ring!

His 2018 foal Ru has already won her first Championship and his 2019 crop are just quality with the same high level of intelligence with that soppy affectionate trait.

Blu was broken to ride earlier this year, although he turned 4 in January he needed something to focus on after the long winter, he was ridden away and took every day of learning as expected, not a bother or care in the world. None the less that doesn’t mean we are heading off in the ring under saddle, we like to give our horses time and time is what he shall have.

Out by day and in at night Blu is very chilled and enjoying a year off, time to grow mentally and physically.

He’s slightly run up at the moment in my eyes probably due to all the mares recently coming into season, we anticipate this cycle to continue unfortunately, well until our new paddocks are available, its a constant working progress here at Redheart Appaloosa Stud.

We are not breeding with him this year, we are a small stud that breed quality not quantity and we certainly don’t want a herd of young stock while the supply and demand is very unbalanced!

We are not allowed in the orchard with the horses, only for photo shoots 🙂
DRF PATAHAS REDHEART Sunday 23rd June 2019

New pastures, new friends, new life…

At nearly 7 months, Redheart RU Chubarry is up-to-date with worming, vaccinations, and the farrier, she’s microchipped, has a passport and registered with ApHC, ApHC UK and BAps, she ties, leads, loads and is happy to wear a rug which means one thing…time to leave the stud. She loaded in Worcestershire and unloaded in Hertfordshire, at the Chubarry Appaloosa Stud. Ru was introduced to Chubarry Chintz, another filly weanling, they settled well and have become great friends. We are absolutely delighted and proud to have produced this filly, we wish Wendy and Ru all the very best x








Redheart Regal & Redheart Ru Images…

When a person requires images and video’s of a horse, that is never a problem. Nothing better on a nice day waiting to capture that perfect stride with the ears forward. However, it’s rather difficult when you have an inquisitive 5-month-old foal who wanted to be in on the action!

We achieved a few shots of Redheart Regal and then snapped away at Baby Ru who got quite upset as I kept asking her to move out of my way but how could I not take pictures of this stunning filly.


Redheart Owners…

What a wonderful feeling, seeing owners with their Redhearts.

Wendy came to visit Ru and we delivered Regent to Jane.

After a nice shower, our journey with Regent was very easy, he loads and travels very well and we all were delighted to see how chilled he was at his new home.

Video link to Redheart Regent checking out his new boundary and meeting his new neighbours with his new owner Jane Tull.


Happy horses and happy owners!

Redheart Ru’s Genetic Trait and DNA…

One of many factors involved in breeding is DNA, we submit to the Appaloosa Societies all our horses DNA, a  personal and unique form of genetic identification, a profile that establishes identity.

Animal genetics provide a quick and simple service, submitting a sample is very easy by pulling 30-40 mane and/or tail hairs from the horse, ensuring the actual root of the hair is attached.
Usually, within five working days, you will receive the DNA report.

There are many genetic marker profiles but the labs concentrate on 20.

This is our stallions DFR Patahas Redheart (Blu) DNA profile:

This is our mares Redheart Regal’s (Blanc) DNA profile

And this is Redheart Ru’s DNA profile, the offspring of Blanc x Blu.

All our foals are parentage tested, by cross-referencing the parents DNA. The foal will have one copy from each of its parent’s markers.

For simplicity, here is a copy of our own records for Ru, Blanc’s DNA in red and Ru’s copy from her dam in red. Blu’s DNA in black and Ru’s copy from her sire in black.

One thing Ru inherited from her dam was her white face markings. At the present time, there is no way you could tell that Blanc has/had white face markings because she has coloured out but here is a picture of Blanc as a foal.


Blanc         Ru 

The traits and DNA…

Redheart Rumours to Redheart RU Chubarry – Appaloosa Ru – SOLD

We are delighted to announce our 2018 purebred bay (Ee Aa) buckskin few spot filly Ru has found herself a 5* home here in the UK. After weaning she will head off to Chubarry Appaloosa Stud in Hertfordshire.

Here, Ru will undertake her new registered name “Redheart RU Chubarry” under the ownership of Wendy Fitzgerald. Ru will commence her show career and eventually join the broodmares, awaiting the mating season with the resident stallion, Chubarry Charlie.

This breeding will be a superb addition to the Appaloosa world, combining excellent conformation, wonderful natured horses with proven show records and unique bloodline here in the UK.
The icing on the cake for Chubayy Appaloosas, their crossing of a bay (EE AA) non-characteristic (lp/lp) PATN1/PATN1 stallion with a homozygous mare (LP/LP) who carries PATN1 and the cream dilute gene will give the stud a superb opportunity to produce 50% bay or 50% bay buckskin characteristic foals 100% of the time.

We wish Ru, Charlie and Wendy all the very best of luck in their new and exciting venture and if anything should change we will have Ru back in a heartbeat! 💓

A picture by Sue Feast (one of the Directors of ApHC UK) Wendy and Charlie, winning one of their many Championship.

Welcome Redheart Rumours to the Stud…

Friday 13th..

As expected, Redheart Regal’s (Blanc) udder and vulva proved correct in their progress. There is no way these are typical pictures of a mare that is close to foaling never mind 6 hours away! I guess you know your mare and the changes that occur and these developments were huge in comparison to the previous days. Notice that one tiny bead of wax on the right nipple!


Although Blanc didn’t have a “baby belly”, hiding the foal so well the inevitable happened!

At 2.45pm, watching her on the camera, linked to my mobile seeing her looking anxious, walking the box and lying down ‘belly watching’, it was time to get in the car!

From work, I drove home, I really do have the most understanding and supportive employers. Arriving at 3 pm the head and front feet were out and Blanc laid quietly resting, allowing the foal to receive a good blood supply via the umbilical cord, textbook delivery!

From here, I sat quietly, intensively watching as Blanc bonded with her foal, she is a maiden mare and was quite scared/confused by the event, although she did all the right things a mother does, there remained that bit of “not sure”. I read the situation and decided not to interfere until I knew Blanc was content for me to do so! Blanc had cleansed and the placenta was all intact. Within 45 minutes, the foaling had taken place, the mare had cleansed and the foal was up, trying to nurse.

You can view the bonding process and the foal eventually standing here.

It proved a big deal for Blanc to allow her foal to nurse, trying many different avenues myself and a vet failed to get the foal to latch on and not through lack of patience! Ensuring a good start, we collected the colostrum and stomach tubed the foal, the foal knew exactly what to do but Blanc was having none of it. Persevering, During Friday night and all day Saturday, I held Blanc every two hours to allow the foal to nurse and then as my alarm went off Sunday morning at 4 am I saw on the camera Blanc standing allowing the foal to nurse….such a relief, job done!

A stunning homozygous (LP/LP) buckskin FILLY! Redheart Rumours AKA Ru.

Redheart Regal x DFR Patahas Redheart 100% FPD