Redheart Rumours to Redheart RU Chubarry – Appaloosa Ru – SOLD

We are delighted to announce our 2018 purebred bay (Ee Aa) buckskin few spot filly Ru has found herself a 5* home here in the UK. After weaning she will head off to Chubarry Appaloosa Stud in Hertfordshire.

Here, Ru will undertake her new registered name “Redheart RU Chubarry” under the ownership of Wendy Fitzgerald. Ru will commence her show career and eventually join the broodmares, awaiting the mating season with the resident stallion, Chubarry Charlie.

This breeding will be a superb addition to the Appaloosa world, combining excellent conformation, wonderful natured horses with proven show records and unique bloodline here in the UK.
The icing on the cake for Chubayy Appaloosas, their crossing of a bay (EE AA) non-characteristic (lp/lp) PATN1/PATN1 stallion with a homozygous mare (LP/LP) who carries PATN1 and the cream dilute gene will give the stud a superb opportunity to produce 50% bay or 50% bay buckskin characteristic foals 100% of the time.

We wish Ru, Charlie and Wendy all the very best of luck in their new and exciting venture and if anything should change we will have Ru back in a heartbeat! 💓

A picture by Sue Feast (one of the Directors of ApHC UK) Wendy and Charlie, winning one of their many Championship.

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