The Redhearts Meet & Greet……

After weaning Evee and Easter were back with their dams with no problems, the pecking order was established and each horse respected the others place. Since the birth of Ben and Blanc earlier this year, Evee and Easter have been in an adjacent field.

Now the show season has come to an end, it’s time for Evee and Easter to re-join the herd, they will be turned away for the next six months to mature mentally and physically.

A mares bond with her foal is strong and I question the reaction of the mares when they are re-introduced to their previous foals? Although all the horses have talked over the fence the surprise to see them in the same field was extraordinary….Camera ready!


Catori, Blanc, Ben and PP watched the new arrivals enter their “territory”.

 Evee and Easter stayed together in their comfort zone…until Catori chased them, exercising her dominant trait, as head of the “herd”.   It was PP who was the first to say hello to Easter, Catori was having nothing to do with the new arrivals and was determined to keep her foal Blanc well away.


PP immediately greeted Evee, her 2013 foal and their affections for each other confused Ben her 2015 foal…

Then the fun began….the 2015 foals became excited and started to show off….



 It was no surprise, Ben would be the first to approach the girls, so submissive yet so brave…



It wasn’t long before they all settled, lovely to see the “herd” establishing and learning their social skills. Catori keeping her herd in order and having nothing to do with her previous foal? Everyone knows their status in the pecking order and they happily graze….





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