Redheart Yearlings – February 2018

Its been a few months since our Redheart Yearlings were weaned and castrated, they are growing and looking very well. They have become independent and adapting to short education lessons without knowing.

The horses are still wintering in the barn and every day they’re turned out for short periods in an all-weather corral.

Today Redheart Regent and Redheart Reality our 11-month-old gelding’s were turned out within a spacious 10-acre paddock. They certainly needed each other, calling and running around looking for what they once knew – the herd.

The main advantage at this time is they want to come in, one call from me and they were waiting at the gate, a perfect opportunity to start educating the yearlings on a one to one basis.

Regent and Reality’s first turn out in 2018…

Best mates…

Appy Redheart Valentines – Ten Years

Redheart Appaloosa Stud specialises in the breeding, showing and promotion of purebred Appaloosas to achieve what our breed is known for – versatility, athleticism, stamina and the heart to compete in any equine discipline.

Redheart Appaloosas breed purebred Appaloosas (30/30) with a 5 generation pedigree and our horses are a “cocktail” of height, colour, stature and pedigree percentages.

We ensure our mating’s are created to complement each foal, aiming for the perfect Appaloosa.

Redheart Appaloosas provide all registration documents, pedigree, genetics and colour test certificates and all our horses are negative for the 5-panel test and the Grey Gene.

We shall not forget where we started, 14th February 2008 travelling to France and importing Peyres Catori Cat and a year later, travelling to Austria and importing another weanling, Princesse Pascale. Both fillies imported to become our “Foundation” broodmares.

Ten years on both mares have produced seven wonderful foals between them, creating a unique gene pool in the UK and enabling the Stud to expand, continuing on our journey, enhancing the Foundation Appaloosa bloodline.

We created a plan, we have implemented the plan and we have stuck to our plan. Ten years on, we have superior broodmares and an exceptional unrelated stallion.

The future Redheart foals can only exceed our high standards and expectations of breeding PURE Appaloosas.


Princesse Pascale

Princesse Pascal’s sire Akawaio Potawatomi

Peyres Catori Cat


Peyres Catori Cat’s sire – Sully Tomcat Peyres

 Appy Redheart Valentines