Redheart Regent – New Home…

21st April 2017 we saw the birth of Redheart Regent, from this day he has been given the best possible start in life at Redheart Appaloosas. At 15 months, it is time for him to move on and start a new chapter in his life, an exciting loving home in Gloucestershire where he has already become one person’s dream horse!

It’s the prospective purchaser that vets the horse and it is us who vet the prospective purchaser.

It’s wonderful to see this new partnership already bonding, we are confident your journey in life together will be meaningful and fulfilling and Regent will give you everything you have ever wished for and more!

We shall keep his page open and follow his journey.

Redheart Yearlings – February 2018

Its been a few months since our Redheart Yearlings were weaned and castrated, they are growing and looking very well. They have become independent and adapting to short education lessons without knowing.

The horses are still wintering in the barn and every day they’re turned out for short periods in an all-weather corral.

Today Redheart Regent and Redheart Reality our 11-month-old gelding’s were turned out within a spacious 10-acre paddock. They certainly needed each other, calling and running around looking for what they once knew – the herd.

The main advantage at this time is they want to come in, one call from me and they were waiting at the gate, a perfect opportunity to start educating the yearlings on a one to one basis.

Regent and Reality’s first turn out in 2018…

Best mates…

Winter 2017/18 At Redheart Appaloosa Stud

The Winter With The Redheart Appaloosas

At 6 am the stable lights go on and at 6 pm I’ll straighten the bed

Without a doubt, come rain or snow, out in the corral they must go

Stretching their legs and keeping their head, it’s never long before they’re fed

Our stallion likes to smell the air and our broodmares like to stand and stare

The yearlings love to buck and run, they really have so much fun

The rest are easily pleased as we wait for spring it seems

There’s always one that loves to roll, the one by the gate see’s the feed bowel

The night-blind horses can see in the day but in the dark, only the light shows the way

They follow me with never a doubt, they trust me when they go out

The days are stolen and I want them back, never time for cleaning tack

I used the camera and as you can see, the horses are posers, just like thee

Peyres Catori Cat

Redheart Catorrius / Hevans EV Catorrius

Redheart Regal

Redheart Regent

Princesse Pascale

Redheart Pascalius

Redheart Reality

DFR Patahas Redheart

Caricks Redheart

Redheart Foals Date with Castration…

Regent and Reality have now been successfully castrated.

We worked night and day to complete two of our ten box’s, the date made and the deed complete.

It is never taken for granted the complications that can occur after castration, thankfully Regent and Reality recovered very well from the procedure and hopefully will grow slightly taller as their growth plates will now take longer to close. One reason for castrating these boys early!

No Foot, No Horse….

I would like to take the time to say a thank you to our farrier, Tim Whittington from The Priory Forge. Working alongside Tim is Jo Hosie, between them it is without fail they meet the needs of all our horses.

One main quality of trimming is seeing the horses walk before and after a trim, a well-balanced foot is key to not only soundness but movement and performance. It is the small things that matter, Tim and Jo’s dedication to “get to know” our horses is only ever an advantage for all parties.

They have a quiet and gentle approach to the foals education. Each session, the foals come into the stable with their dams. Even at four weeks old, meeting the foals and just picking up their feet (a stranger) is a fabulous grounding for their future relationship.

Regent and Reality are in for the farrier for the 5th time, they are so content and well-behaved, thanks to Tim and his team for all your efforts.



The Apron Strings – Between Mare & Foal……

A mare and foal have a very strong bond. Princesse Pascale and Peyres Catori Cat have both displayed the normal reactions to their foals and kept them close.


It’s also very normal for the foals to venture away from their dams, not too far, generally running around them. Regent and Reality have passed close to each other a few times and today they met!

As each day passes, the foals start to socialize, it’s a beautiful sight. One minute Regent is playing the dominant foal and the next minute its Reality’s turn.

Here are a few pictures, when they met for the first time.

I’m not sure if it’s the mare or the foal who “release” The Apron String?