A Trial Run…..

It’s easy to teach a person if they want to learn….meet Amelie, a young horse enthusiast who has helped us behind the scenes at the shows over the past year. She is a confident young lady and owns her own horse, so we are three-quarters of the way to in hand performance.

In the ring it’s a different world, you put on your show hat on and it becomes somewhat serious, competitive and nerve-racking and nine years later I still feel the same!

We have practiced our “ring craft” at home and Amelie has bonded very nicely with Myka. Today I took Amelie and Myka for a trial run in the ring. We had a lovely day at the South Staffs Open Show near Kidderminster.

Amelie showed Myka perfectly, I can not fault Myka, considering it’s her second show they complimented each other nicely.

We are now ready after our Trial Run…..

Redheart APPALOOSA @ The May Festival 2017……

Our second outing this year, Onley Grounds Equestrian Complex, Rugby. The event was held by the United Saddlebred Association-UK and Foreign Breed Society, a European Championship Show with a programme packed with classes to suit ALL Foreign Breeds.

Todays Redheart was DFR Patahas Redheart aka Blu, our two-year-old licensed stallion. After a winter out and the Spring grass just recently, he is looking mighty fine.

The first class was Home Produced, open to pure or partbred Foreign Breeds. This class was indoors and very well supported. Blu was very settled and gave a great performance taking the second place to a beautiful Fjord.

Our second class, open Foreign Breed Youngstock, another well-supported class that resulted in a first place!

These placings qualified us for the Open Foreign Breed In Hand Championship.

Our next two classes were outside, a glorious sunny day and the testosterone certainly kicked in. With two rings running next to each other, Blu was quite interested in the goings on in the next ring? Quite a distraction for him but these things he must get used to and get over…

Our third class, Foreign Breeds with broken coats, what a mixture of beautiful horses, a fantastic second place, and our last class, Appaloosa with a free win as we were the only competitor. Disappointing but we made it our advantage, giving Blu an opportunity to have a proper good look at the ring next door!!!

These placings qualified us for the World Breeds In Hand Championships.

The Open Foreign Breed In Hand Championship & the World Breeds In Hand Championships.

These two Championships consisted of the first and second placed horses in over 16 classes.

Honored, with Reserve Champion in both classes!

Our Reserve Champion positions put us forward to the Supreme In Hand Championship.

We took the Reserve Supreme In Hand, absolutely overwhelmed!

A Redheart APPALOOSA @ The May Festival 2017……



Redheart 2017 Show Season Begins At Royal Windsor…

Our first outing in 2017, a British Appaloosa Society in hand affiliated class at Royal Windsor.

Caricks Redheart début outing was a huge ask! We would normally take our young stock to a smaller local show first time out but our attempt failed, due to life!

Nerves and or anxiety were witnessed, playing with her bit and her reluctance to trot “with me”. Two things she has not done in six months! Despite this, her trot was straight, she stood for the judge and patiently waited in the lineup, with many distractions around her. I can not fault this filly.

A massive thank you to Mr & Mrs. Wood (Myka’s breeders) who not only came to support BApS and Myka but who helped me at the show.

Myka won her young stock class with a straight entry into the Championship, where she became Reserve In-Hand Champion.

Redheart 2017 Show Season..….Has Begun!

The Apron Strings – Between Mare & Foal……

A mare and foal have a very strong bond. Princesse Pascale and Peyres Catori Cat have both displayed the normal reactions to their foals and kept them close.


It’s also very normal for the foals to venture away from their dams, not too far, generally running around them. Regent and Reality have passed close to each other a few times and today they met!

As each day passes, the foals start to socialize, it’s a beautiful sight. One minute Regent is playing the dominant foal and the next minute its Reality’s turn.

Here are a few pictures, when they met for the first time.

I’m not sure if it’s the mare or the foal who “release” The Apron String?