No Foot, No Horse….

I would like to take the time to say a thank you to our farrier, Tim Whittington from The Priory Forge. Working alongside Tim is Jo Hosie, between them it is without fail they meet the needs of all our horses.

One main quality of trimming is seeing the horses walk before and after a trim, a well-balanced foot is key to not only soundness but movement and performance. It is the small things that matter, Tim and Jo’s dedication to “get to know” our horses is only ever an advantage for all parties.

They have a quiet and gentle approach to the foals education. Each session, the foals come into the stable with their dams. Even at four weeks old, meeting the foals and just picking up their feet (a stranger) is a fabulous grounding for their future relationship.

Regent and Reality are in for the farrier for the 5th time, they are so content and well-behaved, thanks to Tim and his team for all your efforts.