Redheart Foals Date with Castration…

Regent and Reality have now been successfully castrated.

We worked night and day to complete two of our ten box’s, the date made and the deed complete.

It is never taken for granted the complications that can occur after castration, thankfully Regent and Reality recovered very well from the procedure and hopefully will grow slightly taller as their growth plates will now take longer to close. One reason for castrating these boys early!

Redheart Appaloosas / G Herbert Banks

For those that follow the news, you will remember the Stud being granted permission for an agricultural barn, an equestrian barn, and manège. None of this would have been possible without the expertise from Eleni Randle at G Herbert Banks.

We are absolutely delighted to read, Eleni used the Redheart Stud development as her case study in the publication of the G Herbert Banks – Property View November 2017.