Foundation Appaloosa Horse Registry At Redheart Appaloosas

Foundation Appaloosas registered with the Foundation Appaloosa Horse Registry (FAHR) are exceptionally high in numbers in the USA (140 registered in Washington alone) compared to other Countries…

Redheart Appaloosas are very proud to have put the Foundation Appaloosa on the map here in the UK.

FAHR #1079 Redheart Rookie 83.0077%


FAHR #1080 Redheart Revelation 82.0312%


FAHR #1073 Talisman Redheart 95.0195%


FAHR #1068 Redheart Ru Chubarry 79.7851%


FAHR #1042 DFR Patahas Redheart 92.9687%


FAHR #1033 Redheart Royale 78.1249%

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