Nature’s natural grooming session………

Rolling in the mud has many benefits for horses, not only acting as a barrier against insects / bugs and the weather (warmth in winter and sun block in summer) it is also an ideal method of natural grooming, removing hair, dead skin and aids relief, from those out of reach itchy spots.

It’s been noted that Catori the “leader” is sometimes the first to start rolling, it’s very contagious! The fields recreational activity requires “order” that allows the other horses (not always) to wait for Catori to finish. They then roll nearby or in the same spot! I do witness the most amazing “herd” traits.

Watching them roll, I am sure its their personal “treatment plan”, a massage that helps stretch out their muscles and joints…..yet us humans can pay a fortune for it?

After yesterday’s rain the herd certainly made the most of it….

Well at least they are consistent with their camouflage!

It’s not just a social event but its “Nature’s natural grooming session”.

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