Redheart Pascalius – 2016 IN HAND PERFORMANCE RESULTS….

Every year we sign up to and compete in the Inhand Performance under The British Appaloosa Society, Appaloosa Horse Club UK, and the United Saddlebred Association.  

Our home-bred filly, Redheart Pascalius finished her in hand showing campaign last year. We are proud to add these awards to her Performance Record, a credit to her as a young filly and worthy of her joining our broodmares.

A Reserve Champion certificate from the Appaloosa Horse Club UK for their Open Appaloosa Horse Club Performance Awards.

Two beautiful rosettes from The British Appaloosa Society, the Highest Points for Youngstock and the Inhand Section.

From the United Saddlebred Association, she received a Champion certificate for their non-saddle bred Inhand and utility classes along with two gorgeous sashes.

We are aiming to cover her with DFR PATAHAS REDHEART early next year, the resulting foal will be black based (AA ee) with 6 generations of Appaloosa (GAP 6). 

Thank you to the Societies for sending such lovely memorabilia.



Another quality mare for our breeding programme!

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