Redheart Rookie (Yearling Appaloosa) – FOR SALE

Redheart Rookie


You may have noticed Redheart Rookie (our 2019 buckskin GAP 5 filly) has been moved from our Mares Page to our Sales Page?

Sometimes you need to take another look at your future breeding plan, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Rookie and sometimes you must to let your best breeding stock go! So, why have we decided to sell her?

Rookie was a planned future breeding mare for Reus, not only do the genetics work but her dam Princesse Pascale is our biggest mare at 16hh, so Rookie’s height and quality stamp from her sire DRF Patahas Redheart meant she was perfect.

Reus is gelded, we only have frozen semen available and we certainly didn’t want to deplete his stock (also we believe frozen semen is wasted on maiden mares) so we have decided to try and create a future breeding mare BY REUS with Princesse Pascale.

This filly will be a full sibling to Redheart Reality, 100% FPD, 16hh, ApHC UK, ApHC and BApS Stud Book registered. We are not bothered about coat pattern / colour, the result will be a quality filly who we would aim to prove in the ring and then hopefully become broodmare with our Stallion Blu…

Thus, creating GAP 5 foals by Blu instead of 100% FPD foals by retaining Rookie and using Reus. We can then continue our Peyres Catori Cat, Hevans EV Catorrious blood lines.


Redheart Rookie


Plan B 🙂


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