As Seen Through The Ear’s And Eye’s Of Babes…..

From birth, it is a continuous effort to educate the foal’s, as they develop into weaning’s and yearlings they develop their own character and become stronger both mentally and physically.  We try very hard to keep on top of their education without them knowing it!

As we prepare for their “outings” as yearlings there is so much preparation that “one” owner might take for granted when buying a “ready-made horse”.

They must tie up, wait and stand! Pick all four feet up (not at the same time though)! Have a “bath”, wear a sheet or rug, walk / trot and stand when asked, allow traffic to pass, walk on and off a lorry / trailer and travel, maybe have a trim around the head? Having their manes /tails pulled? The list goes on…….

We have been extremely busy with our three yearling’s, continuously educating them but our début outings for the Redheart “babies”  BEGINS THIS WEEKEND!!!! Are we ready?



We can not see how they view the world, we can only read the signs, encourage and reward when necessary.

Blu is frightened of “nothing”, Blanc’s frightened of “everything” and Ben….well Ben just is happy to have a look!

As seen through my eye’s…….

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