Every day they look the same …..

Having a horse, you develop a routine, the way you work and handle a horse, the way you muck it out, feed it, groom it and everything in between is your personal preference that works for you and your horse.

Here at Redheart Appaloosas I am also set in my ways, there is no right or wrong way or order but a horse needs 365 days attention and commitment.

Seeing a horse every day you do not notice their development. It’s a time period that “one day” stops you in your tracks and you say “I can’t believe it”! I guess this is why I like photography so much, a picture cannot lie……

The developmental growth of the 2015 foals have snuck upon me, today these two photos show how big and strong they actually are when stood alongside their dams.



They have grown so much but Every day they look the same …..

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