Frozen Appaloosa Semen

There are many reasons for storing your stallions semen but our main reason, to make sure if anything should happen to our Stallion DFR Patahas Redheart (God forbid), then his blood line will live on. We plan to take more than required to enable us to offer his frozen semen for sale within the UK and Europe, after all his GAP 5 pedigree and genetics – homozygous black (with a copy of cream), homozygous pattern and homozygous leopard pattern gene make him surely a desirable stallion prospect,  not exceeding his adorable personality.

Blu is already dummy trained and accepts the artificial vagina so all we needed to do is comply with the paper work involved.

We made contact with Stallion AI early last month to get the ball rolling, this establishment is familiar to us, not only from an educational point of view but also business. We experienced an exceptional service when Hevans EV Catorrius arrived there in 2016, we have his semen stored there and we’ve also enjoyed a few CPD events since 2016.

We arranged all the relevant appointments with our vets to comply with the EU Pre-Entry health tests, EIA, EVA, strangles, Flu and CEM. All test are negative and Blu’s holiday confirmed!

On arrival, Blu was professionally examined from ears to tail and instantly settled in his grand stable, we completed the paper work and said our good byes!

When the required amount of semen is stored, Blu will return home and again be subject to the Post-Collection Testing before we can confirm his semen will be for sale.

Blu at Stallion AI



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