The night before, the night before …………….

Friday 15th August.

There is a lot of preparation the night before a show. Finishing work I collected my girls from their “Kids Club”, got the horses in from their fields, worked Reus, bathed and plaited him. Frank came and worked Evee, I then bathed and plaited her.  A few other jobs completed and all was good to go.

Saturday 16th August.

Fed horses at 5am, loaded and on road for 7am to Hartpury College / Equestrian Centre , it was only a short drive away which meant no pressure. Our arrival was like entering a ghost town.

Not sure how many people have done this but I can confirm I am now one person that has gone to a show a day early, better than a day late I guess.  Thankfully the short journey home was most entertaining as my children thought it was hilarious funny, as I explained it was “a trial run”

Surprised to be un-loaded at home, the horses enjoyed a relaxing walk around the lanes.


Hevans EV Pascalius

Hevans EV Pascalius

Hevans EV Cataorrius

Hevans EV Cataorrius

 “All dressed up and nowhere to go”

The worse thought;

I knew they would need bathing and plaiting the night before (again) the British Appaloosa Society National Breed Show ON Sunday 17th August 2014.


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