Regent’s Coming Home…

We sell our horses with a basic contract that merely says we have the first refusal should the resale of the horse be required for any reason at any time.

The Redheart Appaloosas are a rare breed in the UK and we feel it necessary to always know where our horses are, we appreciate people’s circumstances change and sometimes it’s not always possible to keep a horse for many reasons.

When we delivered Regent to his new home he settled very well and Jane his new owner kept us up to date daily with his progress, we appreciated these updates and delighted to know even the tiniest details. From walking to Jane when called to eventually cantering to the sight of his new “mum”!

Then we got the news that due to a personal circumstance which remains confidential, we felt it was in Regent’s best interest to come home. Regent hadn’t done anything wrong and it was agreed he would be collected at the first possible opportunity.

Arriving at his new home it was clear Regent was very settled at very much at home, he didn’t want to leave his new friends but walked straight up into the lorry. Arriving back home, the neighing didn’t stop until Regent was reunited with his family in person, so lovely to see.

I can’t explain why this horse is so special but if I’m right you will soon see why…

Regent coming home

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