Shiny Silver…..

We are all ready for the Appaloosa Club UK National Show tomorrow. Last years silver has been cleaned and engraved.

Looking at the 2013 winnings of Hevans EV Catorrius it was a pleasure to read the previous winners and wonderful to know Reus’s name is engraved along side some outstanding horses.

The Yearling Colt Trophy , The Male Champion, The Spotless Salver and The Yearling Colt Class winner. It seems so long ago, it feels like he’s been a big two year old forever.

 APHC National 2013

The lorry has undergone a little improvement, the addition of an extended partition (full width and extended height, ceiling to floor). This has enabled a colt and a filly to travel together. I am confident (after a few trail runs) we can make the National Show in one trip.

I have great company tomorrow, Crystal is leading Heavans EV Pascalius, Frank is helping with Hevans EV Catorrius (I also heard he’s bringing a picnic – hope its not just the chocolate bar), my mother is meeting us there and will be supervising the children along side their father who is in charge of photography.

Lets see what the day brings us?

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